Lesbianizing Snow White and Evil Queen Ravenna

i haven't seen Snow White and the Huntsman yet. but there are two major reasons we should! do i have to spell it out girls? charlize theron  (as Evil Queen Ravenna) and kristen stewart (as Snow White) of course!

while they are nemesis on screen, they are totally opposite in real life. and my, sparks in raibow fashion are beaming on shots of them together. charlize to kristen even declared, ""I really, really, really love that girl." isa pa, really! hehehe.

based from the concept i said in degrees of lezeparation post, these two are less one degree in lezeperation. Kristen as lesbian Joan Jett in the film  The Runaways and Charlize in her Oscar best actress performance as lesbian Aileen in Monster.

so to satisfy our lesbian desires for these two hotness, here are their shoots with g2g peg.





and here are the numerous sub text. kilig!

the simple touches

the skin to skin contact

the touch and the stare and the smile. such give away!

obviously, charlize's left hand is doing something naughty on kristen's back. hmm.

the hug that seems too tight bordering groping

looking through the eyes of.... spark! hehe. parang pareho silang kinikilig dito.
look at their fidgety hands. hehe.

the whispers. they look so intimate here, ako ang natetense sa kanila. hehe.

and then the kiss. is charlize nibbling kristen's earlobe? *palpitates*

"I love that girl, like, I would jump off a building for that girl,” Charlize confessed. “She’s amazing, she’s amazing. She’s the real deal… [and] she gives really good back rubs.”
quote source here.

*para-paraan lang. marunong sumimple 'tong si kristen*

uhm,  yeah, the Snow White movie also includes third wheel chris hemsworth as the huntsman.


Anonymous said...

Tamuh! Para-paraan lang yan. Pwede sila ha, In fairnez. -toki

Anonymous said...

hotness!!! i've been wishing miss theron to be one of us really soon :P - pinay

Anonymous said...

Charlize, my evil queen you can take suck my youth anytime!

Koko Tamura (Blogger Bark) said...

I can't blame for Kirsten doing back rubs and all... I would probably do the same LOL

Anonymous said...

dagdag mo na to: http://www.twilightgear.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/kristen-stewart-12.jpg LOL

Anonymous said...

Ayayay! Kinilig ako sa pics! - jide

Anonymous said...

Pochi: y not, i never thought about it...ikaw na talaga nagiisip..goodjob!

Anonymous said...

ayyyeeee, kilig nga sila. Sana SILA. -G

Anonymous said...

LOL! Ohmy. I watched it na. The movie geek in me was disappointed, but not the gay. :)))) And it was on so many levels... GAY! At least the little voice in my head which kept whispering subtexts said so.

P.S. Andun din si Rachel Stirling who played Nan Astley sa Tipping the Velvet. :D *spoilerish* siya ung head nung all women tribe na may scars sa face. Lol. All women tribe. Go figure. ;P -gangrenes

Anonymous said...

Charlize Theron And Kristen Stewart Are Hollywood's Latest BFFs http://www.buzzfeed.com/lyapalater/charlize-theron-and-kristen-stewart-are-hollywood

firewomyn said...

@toki - yeah, kileg nga ko e. :)

@pinay - i think charlize is open-minded about it :)

@Anonymous - basta kahit anong suck game! hahaha

@Koko - hehe, so you're resourceful too ha. :)

@Anonymous - i posted that in my blog post dedicated to Kristen Stewart :)

@jide - thank you for the visit! :)

@pepituh - anong naisip ni pochi mo? hehe

@G - sana nga! :)

@gangrenes - same comment namin ni jowa when we saw the film :) OMG! Rachel Stirling of Tipping the Velvet! I soo love her! it's my ALL-TIME fave! :) thank you!

@Anonoymous - naku! mas comprehensive! hehehe. thank you! sana ndi na ko nagpakahirap, nilink ko na lang yan. hehe.