past posts

i temporarily lost my mind for a month.
a lot of thoughts racing in my head, some luckily got recorded in my O2,
others were as fleeting as rainbows, so those bunch probably went to nowhereland. bleh!
while amazingly some tough thoughts managed to survive through my troubled brain cells' chasms. atleast bits and pieces of 'em. i hope they still make sense :D

yep, i attended this one. i've been meaning to go see him the moment i heard of the news. then one sunday, all dressed up to meet a friend for some 'umaatikabong tsikahan and landian', my mom out of nowhere said, are you attending roco's funeral? (truly unexpected. she does this once in a while, surprising me beyond my wits that just makes me pause and utter inside, geez! really haven't figured her out after all these yrs living w/ her). dang! i totally forgot! :( it was his last day in manila then he'll be moved to bicol. since i'm already wearing black racerback sando and black sneakers w/ cutoff jeans and long beaded necklace -- nah, this will do :)

the church was full of mourners, eulogies were being read.
the night was heartwarming despite the evening chill from typhoon gorio.
saw familiar faces from media, politics, UP, film. i must tell you that i don't go to churches (last time was when gf tagged me along), much more funerals i don't even attend relatives'!). but this one, i surprised myself for even going.

ok, what did i learn attending that funeral?
for one, conrado de quiros of phil daily inquirer is a good writer indeed but a poor speaker. atleast we got a sneak of his article the next day :D

a great eulogy read was that of his campaign manager, yoly ong. twas witty! :)
if she had been atleast 5yrs younger i'd probably go after her :D hehehe.

southborder was there for the music. though didn't hear them sing.

roco is my president, my townmate, out of clan's geographic roots. i believed in him and his vision. looking at him inside the casket. he looks so fatherly :) i think i'd have no issue hugging him then. so i did the next best thing, i hugged his wife :) and thanked her for his hubby who made me believe and hope :) -august 9, 2005.