because geek and gatsby are the new cool :)

After a looong oh-so while, I have this sudden intense itch to exclusive party again. maybe work and family stress has pushed me to that side of the edge. or maybe the influence largely came from watching The Great Gatsby yesterday, last full show with gf.

I didn't realize they are serious party rabid animals back in the 20s. it's beach-pool-floor party in one. there's jazz, pizzazz, dazzle, and all the good z's in the world. :)

back to now seemingly plain 2013, I used to receive lots of those exclusive party SMS. which i used to just dismiss. then I realized I stopped getting any. then i got one a few days ago which I again ignored until I watched The Great Gatsby. I scrambled digging through my sms' of the forgotten and eureka! glad I didn't auto-delete then. hehe. restraint does have value.

I like the theme. SMS blasted friends and tweeted about it. I particularly remember one very good friend, my shofatid who is fond of sporting the nerd look. her checks, specs suit perfectly well with her tatts. she's more of an edgy geek to me. wait, with her full, perky breasts to die for, make that sexy, edgy geek ;)

'hope to see some of you there! =) 

Dress code: best nerd attire
Where: Double KK Dance Club,
#59 Timog Avenue, Quezon City
When: May 18, Saturday. Starts @10pm
Free tequila shots till 12mn.
for details, SMS: