hate makes waste

poor, wretched, one-dimensional being with the brain of an amoeba. oops! mea culpa, amoebas don't have brain. let me repeat, poor, wretched, one-dimensional, uni-cellular amoeba. tsk. i hope am not insulting the amoeba.

*click to enlarge*

i did not approve the above diatribe. but thought i'd share. this is the second hate comment in this blog that i can remember.

the first one was this:

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i don't know what unfortunate event/s happened on these people's lives on the 27th that prompted them to share their hate. no thanks. you can keep your hate to your freaky selves. :D sana magbago na kayo. ayaw ni lord ng ganyan. :)

break from the break.

i wasn't planning to blog until my job application wrapped up.

remember my final interview 5/15, two weeks ago? well it went swell. i was over prepared and our conversation was so nice we went overtime. here's a british guy, who had himself naturalized filipino, married a filipina, has a kid now and loves the philippines. he can also speak some tagalog words. he wonders why filipinos leave the philippines when it's so nice here. he furthered, all countries have problems, traffic, corruption, poverty. it's a matter of creating your own opportunity wherever you are. i couldn't agree more. obviously, we discussed stuff outside the interview questions already. i fell inlove with this guy. he's so amazing  bisexual thoughts entered my mind. hehehe. 

our extended interview got cut because his next appointment arrived. he accompanied me to hr and asked the hr for the next steps for me. hr reluctantly replied, "uhm, did she pass?" i tried to appear deaf that moment and just looked elsewhere as if i couldn't hear they were talking about my future. "yes." hr said again in a low voice, "what about the other applicant?" brit guy: "let's talk about it later". hr, left with no choice, but to face me and advise me to send my recent payslips to her.

i shook brit guy's hand and he noticed my hands were cold. he said, "people with cold hands usually have warm hearts." i could swear he winked after he said that. haha. another guy butt in, "what's this fuss about warm hearts?" then he looked at me and said, "oh, i see..." with a knowing nod. ok, you're kinda cute, but my heart's with brit guy already. sorry. hahaha.

i had to go to work after as i only filed for half day vl. i sent the payslips, clarifications here and there. days after, i was told that the CIO wants a special meeting with me. he's another english guy. i clarified if special meeting means interview. hr said meeting only as the CIO wants to meet me. fine.

a week after, i got a tentative offer and special meeting turned out to be a final, final interview. fiiiine. my excitement was lessened. and i hate it, but i doubted my chances, even though i was given a tentative offer already. told hr that i won't analyze the offer yet as it's tentative. kinda useless to do so. but at home, curiosity got the better of me and i shredded the offer details as if i need to separate the threads from a rope. finance truly excites me. midnight, sent my questions and clarifications about the offer.

it's almost end of the week and the coveted CIO meeting/interview hasn't been scheduled yet. my lessened excitement replaced with sadness already. sigh. then may 24 afternoon, the sms i thought would never come, final, final interview was sealed may 30 after work. yey! finaaaaally!

my initial cockiness from the two other interviews cowered for this one. the CIO has mygawd, a phD in math. why would anyone want to submit oneself to such challenge, must really be ultra analytical. to match this intimidation, my first plan of preparation was, what else, buy new set of interview outfits! hehehe. bought new shoes, top and skirt. yes, am bringing in the big guns and will wear mini skirt and stilletto. they say dress the way you want to be perceived. i want to show that i don't crack under pressure. instead, i turn fashionable under pressure. hehehe. i can bring fresh, colorful yet functional sense to IT infrastructure.

this is super serious business that i decided to do it via single-minded approach, tunnel vision and not blog until after my final, final interview is over. BUT! hr texted me earlier rescheduling the interview to may 31, thu. the almost month-long suspension is not enough to kill me, so they thought tightening my already wrung gut one more day. and that gave me the perfect excuse to blog about my recent job hunting travail.

wish me luck! =)


the break that connects

studying in front of a computer is really proven to be wrong. well, unless you're studying computer-related stuff of course!

with people dying and getting cancer left and right, i have deemed it necessary to finalize my stand on life and death and faith (let's call it ladaf). so that in case it's my turn, i'd know whether to ask people to pray for me or just continue drinking my whatever organic concoction until i cease to exist. to do that, i need to understand first the many thoughts on ladaf. many times, things happen to me by chance. in the office, i chanced upon this Time magazine cover story, Rethinking Heaven.

it provided interesting and contemporary ideas of heaven to the shock and disapproval of the dogmatics am sure. then one fine National Bookstore Day, saw this book.

twas hardbound, therefore pricey. i was torn whether to buy it or just look for a paperback version. i went to the customer service lady and she said it's the LAST copy. mygawd! talk about pressure! so i admit, i am weak, most specially with books (as to some women are into shoes/bags). so with closed eyes and a gulp, i bought it at P595. ouch. ilang meryenda na naman ang iiskip ko. ohwell.

i am now on page 57/192. it is something you don't read in haste. it is something i read carefully and mark specific passages. it has been my recent commute and bedtime pleasurable companion.

okay, at this point you may wonder where my interview preparation/studying comes in. after all, andito ang katuparan ng mga pangarap ko so to speak.  i have the perfect explanation don't worry. hehe. i have inserted in the book my review notes. haha. that's why i have this philo book in front of me while studying for the interview and everywhere i go for that matter. hehe. i don't know with others, but i simply cannot do away not doing the things that give me joy. as they say, love finds a way. hehe. it's involuntary.

i took a break from reading, went online.


clicked then saw this on the sidebar:


another click and whoa! breathtaking. :)

excited, it led me to this:

which is just a treasure chest of love that will leave you  bursting and hoping. :)

this is the first post of the blog http://twobirdsnest.com/

My smoking hot wife Tan and I got hitched on Friday 9th March 2012! Some people questioning why we wanted to do this? Mostly because it’s not legal in Australia!… But to us, it not being legally recognised didn’t mean it wasn’t REAL! Falling in love and wanting to grow old with someone is the same in any relationship – gay, straight, whatever… we all want the same thing, LOVE and COMMITMENT.

what a great coincidence that their wedding day is the same as my birthday.  and that my blah post's last  part was about their first blog post, commitment.

how things unknowingly tie up together. and how connected we all truly are. =)

"Life is not about making others happy.  
Life is about sharing your happiness with others." 

happy sunday! =) now back to studying. hehehe. 


from Tom Gabel to Laura Jane Grace

let's welcome the newest celebrity transgender to come out, Tom Gabel, now Laura Jane Grace. *group hug* =)

Tom Gabel, the lead singer of punk rock band Against Me!, in an interview with Rolling Stone, says he's becoming a woman.

The 31-year-old further tells Rolling Stone that as a kid he felt disconnected from his body and has a condition called gender dysphoria (unhappiness with one's biological sex or its usual gender role, with the desire for the body and role of the opposite sex). He plans to begin the complex transition process from the male to female gender. Will take hormones and undergo electrolysis. He also is considering gender reassignment surgery.

Says Gabel: "Growing up, my experience with transsexualism was nothing but shame."

Gabel says his new name will be Laura Jane Grace. He says he's not attracted to men and will still be married to his wife. They have a 2-year-old daughter.

The hardest part for anyone revealing a major, life-changing ‘secret’ is the reaction of their loved ones, but fortunately for Laura, her wife Heather is an understanding pillar of support.

Like many questioning their sexual identities, Laura has dealt with body dysmorphic order for years, and any Against Me! super fan will know that she immortalized her struggle in the 2007 song The Ocean.

The troubadour sings:

"If I could have chosen, I would have been born a woman / My mother once told me she would have named me Laura / I would grow up to be strong and beautiful like her."

Per PerezHilton.com, "Our heart has SWELLED at this news! It’s wonderful when a person can finally feel comfortable in his/her own skin.

We only hope the transformation will go smoothly and the journey will be chock-filled with love and positivity!"

Against Me! is best known for the song "Thrash Unreal." The group will hit the road for its tour with The Cult later this month.

the look of a happy wo/man :)

sources here:

yahoo news
huffington post


working girl 4

i had my exam this lunch time. hr said it's about behavior and personality, but *as side note* do review on math, percentage, fraction, decimal and english.

it's been two years since i last took a work-related exam. and i've been so used with tools that manual calculation is unheard of already. but, review i did. breezed through some math stuff on my way to work this morning while in the train. then before lunch, freshened up on grammar basics. i never got to really understand the progressive/perfect tenses. i just know the basics, but reviewing, it suddenly made sense. as always, part of the preparation is to look good. hehehe. which i had nicely covered. yey! my thin red belt added to my confidence.

as i was taking the test, the behavioral stuff worn me out. it's like forcing you be either black or white. like you trust people or you don't. outgoing or solitary. which is not really the way life is colored or partitioned. there are similar questions whose intent is to derive consistency and eventually unmask your true nature. it's 182 questions of that. so yeah. i was bordering exhausted and bored and that's just the first part. then the math stuff gave back my excitement, until i can't answer some of the problems already. i am sure of the formula, but after repeated calculation, my answer doesn't match the choices. kakagigil. more math, then series pattern stuff (given this series, what's next kind of stuff) which i got to enjoy. finding patterns and stuff. then more math problems. then english vocabulary. the first few pages were no-brainer, the next ones got harder that am seeing some words for the first time ever. working, your vocabulary kinda gets limited around the area/industry you work for. office-speak. and at work, to be understood rather than be eloquent is the key. so the simpler the words the better. unless maybe you work for a magazine, newsies or those kind of creative stuff.

after 1.5hrs, my brain drained to the size and look of a raisin. i was hungry, my confidence level sub zero, and i was late for a meeting! the whole afternoon, tension and the remote possibility of failure was ravaging me whole. i can't focus at work that i decided to write some stuff to myself to sort of boost my just deflated ego. i told myself, that whatever the result is, i'll be okay, because i gave it my best. no bitterness. *chos! haha*

and then i remembered this. i just watched The Hunger Games this Sunday (i know, i seem to be always late in these stuff, still).

after a few agonizing hours, i got the SMS message. i quietly screamed YES! in my seat. i passed! small victory with an imaginary golden crown! yey! =)

and i can only thank the girl on fire, Katniss Everdeen, for channeling her fierceness and her burning hope to me. :)

next is interview with the Director. if i pass, then the CIO. and if i again passed that, offer.

i am ready! ;)


androgynous is soo in, even kris aquino's riding the wave.  what say you?


50 most influential LGBTs in US for 2012

Out Magazine's 50 most influential LGBTs 
in US for 2012.

source here. the names are clickable for more detail. :)

The Power List


How to measure a person’s power? In a world in which we have inexpensive tools to reach billions, it may seem that the globe truly is flat, and we’re all on an even playing field. But a few exemplary individuals manage to influence the way others live -- either through their public personas, politics, or wealth -- and affect cultural and social attitudes.
1. Tim Cook
CEO, Apple, 51
2. Ellen Degeneres
Spokesperson/Talk-Show Host/Producer, 54
3. Peter Thiel
Venture Capitalist/Hedge Fund Manager, 44
4. Ryan Murphy
Writer/Director/Producer, 46
5. Rachel Maddow
TV Host/Political Commentator, 39
6. Anderson Cooper
Journalist/News Anchor/Talk-Show Host, 44
7. Rich Ross
Former Chairman, The Walt Disney Studios, 49
8. Barry Diller
Chairman, IAC, 70
9. Shepard Smith
News Anchor, 48
10. Andy Cohen
TV Personality/Impresario, 44

11. Neil Patrick Harris
Actor, 38
12. Tammy Baldwin
U.S. Representative, Wisconsin, 50
David Cicilline
U.S. Representative, Rhode Island, 50
Jared Polis
U.S. Representative, Colorado, 36
13. Scott Rudin
Film and Theater Producer, 53
14. Marc Jacobs
Fashion Designer, 49
15. Harvey Levin
TV Producer/TMZ Founder, 61
16. Matt Drudge
Blogger, 45
17. Chris Hughes
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, The New Republic, 28
18. Anthony Romero
Executive Director, ACLU, 46
19. David Geffen
Media Mogul, 69
20. Chad Griffin
Incoming President, HRC, 38
21. Barney Frank
U.S. Representative, Masschusetts, 72
22. Jann Wenner
Publishing Magnate, 66
23. Tim Gill
Software Pioneer/Philanthropist, 58
24. Christine Quinn
New York City Council Speaker, 45
25. Suze Orman
Financial adviser/Talk-show host, 60
26. Tom Ford
Fashion Designer/Film Director, 50
27. Ken Melhman
Businessman, 45
28. Andrew Sullivan
Journalist/Blogger, 48
29. Annise Parker
Mayor of Houston
30. Bryan Lourd & Kevin Huvane
Managing Partners, CAA, 52 & 53
31. Martha Nelson
Editorial Director, Time Inc., 59
32. Chuck Wolfe
CEO, The Victory Fund, 50
33. Mary Kay Henry
International President, SEIU, 53
34. Joe Solmonese
Political Consultant, 47
35. Jeremy Bernard
White House Social Secretary, 50
36. Nick Denton
CEO, Gawker Media, 45
37. Alan Ball
Screenwriter/Producer/Director, 54
38. Richard Berke
Assistant Managing Editor, The New York Times, 53
39. Perez Hilton
Blogger/TV personality, 34
40. Jess Cagle
Managing Editor, Entertainment Weekly, 46
Ariel Foxman
Managing Editor, InStyle, 38
Adam Moss
Editor-in-chief, New York, 54
41. Jenna Lyons
President and Executive Creative Director, J. Crew, 44
42. Adam Rose
CoPresident, Rose Associates, Inc., 52
43. Greg Berlanti
TV Producer/Writer, 39
44. Bryan Singer
Director/Producer, 46
45. Megan Smith
Google Executive
46. Simon Halls & Stephen Huvane
Founders, Slate PR, 48, 51
47. Jane Lynch
48. Dan Savage
Editor/Activist/TV Personality, 47
49. Robert Hanson
CEO, American Eagle Outfitters, 49
50. Evan Wolfson
Founder and President, Freedom to Marry, 55
51. Andre Banks
Cofounder, Executive Director, AllOut.org
52. Bryce Bennett
Montana State Representative
53. Widney Brown
Senior Director, Amnesty International
54. Chai Feldblum
Equal Employment Opportunity Commissioner
55. Bruce Harris
New Jersey Supreme Court Nominee
56. Victoria Kolakowski
California Superior Court Judge
57. Steven Kolb
Executive director, CFDA
58. Don Lemon
CNN News Anchor
59. Mark Leno
California State Senator
60. Jonathan Murray
Cofounder/Chairman, Bunim/Murray Productions
61. Beth Robinson
Vermont State Supreme Court Justice
62. Hilary Rosen
CNN Contributor, Democratic Strategist
63. Brad Sears
Executive Director, The Williams Institute
64. Andy Thayer
Cofounder, Gay Liberation Network
65. Michael Weinstein
President, AIDS Healthcare Foundation

for the 2011 list, check it here.

my blah

Sometimes I think my thoughts/opinions are antagonizing. I was with a group recently. They are talking about topics related to their pasts and on infidelity stuff. I care for these nice people, but I feel detached on the discussion. Maybe am too jaded. Maybe I really am an antagonistic person. Or maybe I simply just have ADD. Haha.

For example, people talk about love. And I blurt out, love doesn't exist, only self interest. I've read about it in college from a book I borrowed from my teacher. And if you think about it, all actions we do, someway or another, we want it, we benefit from it, we derive some joy/satisfaction from it, even if we hurt from it. Like if you let go of someone because you love him/her and they love another. It's not really a selfless act because making that person happy makes you happy. So in itself that's self interest.

So on this group I got to be with recently, there was this debate about infidelity. Like if your partner commits infidelity, will you still forgive her or end the relationship. One argued that trust is the foundation of a relationship. They say once that trust has been violated by your partner, that's the end of a relationship. For me, love is the foundation not trust. We all have human flaws. We make mistakes or sometimes we just commit wrong judgment in a situation. Sometimes, there are moments when we are weak. Maybe that time, you're emotionally down or sexually deprived that led you to succumb to temptation. I recognize that maybe one of the reasons my partner made a mistake was maybe because of something amiss in the relationship. So I may forgive her still, depends on how much I love her. Bottom line, it's not about how big her mistake is, but how big my love for her that it can understand her beyond the mistake.

One person further explained that for her, after three cases of infidelity, that's really the end of it. At this point, I couldn't stand it and blurted out exasperatedly, I cannot put a number to the love I have for my partner. It is not the count of the act, but depends on the context of the act (were they drunk, were they naked? did we have a fight, was our relationship rocky to begin with, etc) and the magnitude (was it with my best friend? my sister? Omg, my mom? Don't tell me, with my dog??? hahaha).

Besides, how do you define infidelity? Is it the sexual/physical involvement or the emotional betrayal? In some gay couples I know, sexual contact with another is permissible since they acknowledge that they are sexual beings to begin with. A girl asked, what if she kissed somebody else, will you accept that? And I asked, kissed where? Hahaha. That's where it gets tricky. If it's the lips, it denotes intimacy, not just physical/sexual, so she said, so long as it's not the lips. So if your partner kisses or gets kissed in her vaj, you okay with that? If you ask me, both pairs of lips are very intimate. I cannot kiss someone there unless I love that person. But I do admit that in my egotistic imagination, I can, just to show off how great a kisser I am. So it's power, ego, pride, not love IF ever.

In the weekend tv interview of an 80s actor William Martinez, he poured out that, he was married for 25 yrs. When he committed to that love and marriage, it was forever. He gave up his career for that woman. But after 25 years, his wife, fell out of love. She outgrew him she said. He drank away his misery, got stroke, survived and now lives alone. The interviewer asked, will you still fall in love? He answered, "I loved for 25 years and nawala pa rin. How can I fall in love again? Hindi na."

Somehow, this stirred something in me. Marriage. zpeople commit with someone for the rest of their lives, in sickness and in health, in happy and sad times, in wealth and in poverty (something to that effect). My question is, how can one actually commit to that? To commit to something long term and unknown? Is it false commitment? Or a vow based on something you want to do, but don't know if you can really commit to? It is romantic to believe and to speak of forever after, for the rest of my life kind of stuff. But realistically, is it fair to promise forever/rest of your life with someone knowing the uncertainties the future may hold? "Everything exists in a state of permanent flux of change." Heraclitus said that sometime before 475 BC. It's 2012 and still rings true.

All of us change. We grow, regress, age. We learn, not always form past mistakes, but sometime we just learn new things as we grow and age.

Marriage is costly and impactful, financially, emotionally. I'd like to be married one day too, but I have yet to reconcile those thoughts first.

If you get married once (that's the initial intention) that will stand up to one's deathbed, there is a tendency to be complacent. After all, the contracts have been signed, so dammed if I do, damned if I don't. You're stuck, unless you have enough money, energy and evidence for annulment or divorce just in case.

And here comes the crazy idea, what if we make marriage a yearly thing. A contract that's renewable yearly. That will force the couple to re-assess the relationship and have the opportunity to face issues more regularly instead of letting the gripe pile up until they erupt and the damage is irreparable. Since it's kinda frequent, and can be very expensive, couples may rather choose to focus on the seriousness and intimacy of the ceremony and what their vow stand for, not the showbiz part, outside the vows.

I told you, crazy. :D

my heart is upside down. and my view is skewed.

g2g gossip

blind item courtesy of fashion pulis. :)

Beautiful Actress (B) was seen touchy feely with a woman in one of the Technohubs. Sometime ago, B was in a long-term relationship with a former male host of a defunct morning program. However, even prior to entering showbiz, B was already rumored to be involved with a lesbian, while residing up north. B was even rumored to be extra close with a young singer who is now happily married. Incidentally, B was also spotted with a lesbian while doing her groceries at an exclusive supermarket recently.

clues from the comments in the site:
B = AA
ex of B = BA


she is sunday

coffee shop.

Sunday morning rain is falling
Steal some covers share some skin
Clouds are shrouding us in moments unforgettable
You twist to fit the mold that I am in
But things just get so crazy living life gets hard to do
And I would gladly hit the road get up and go if I knew
That someday it would lead me back to you
That someday it would lead me back to you

That may be all I need
In darkness she is all I see
Come and rest your bones with me
Driving slow on Sunday morning
And I never want to leave

Fingers trace your every outline
Paint a picture with my hands
Back and forth we sway like branches in a storm
Change the weather still together when it ends

That may be all I need
In darkness she is all I see
Come and rest your bones with me
Driving slow on Sunday morning
And I never want to leave

But things just get so crazy living life gets hard to do
Sunday morning rain is falling and I'm calling out to you
Singing someday it'll bring me back to you
Find a way to bring myself back home to you

And you may not know
That may be all I need
In darkness she is all I see
Come and rest your bones with me
Driving slow on Sunday morning

LGBT Grand Rally

LGBT Grand Rally for the Passage of 

14 May 2012 - 9:00am
Sandiganbayan to Batasang Pambansa

Please wear Pink or Red


Party. Saturday. See you!

4 TICKETS & INFO TEXT: Out Exclusives +639155743155




MAY 05, 2012






4 TICKETS & INFO TEXT: +639155743155

working girl 3

i planned my interview to perfection. i filed a vacation leave so that it's fair to my current employer (instead of filing for sick leave), consulted a fashionista gay friend for the clothes, bought my power outfits and they look great :), googled the interviewer for his background, googled about the company, washed my new clothes yesterday, earlier, the day before the interview, planned on buying the matching comfy stilletos at aerosole then iron my clothes when i get home. everything was going swell, i feel tickled pink with delight. :)

then the hr lady called before lunch. asking to move the interview from friday 10am  to 3pm instead. alright. i can do that, told hr. i filed whole day leave anyway. another text message from hr. can you make it to today instead by 5pm? there's a meeting blah blah blah that conflicts blah blah blah and the available day is today at 5 or monday. wait-ah-minute. did i read it right, TO-fucking-DAY?! i can't file for another vl on monday since it's short notice and i already filed for a leave tomorrow. and ohmygawd! *suddenly in panic because my world is falling apart* whatabt my power outfits?! they're still hanging wrinkled in the clothesline. so, again, you're telling me TO-fucking-DAY?! *thunderclaps* my bright pink nail polish started cracking. as the Rent song goes, no day but to-fucking-day. groans.

this is not the time for makeup meltdown or fashion crisis. it's either i want this or am willing to let it go. i bolted to action. i begged for 6pm else i'd be soaking sweating wet going to the interview place if it's earlier than that because my out time is that, 5pm. called my mom to take my new outfits and asked nicely to have them ironed. texted my sister and listed the items they need to prepare, foundation, concealer, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow brush, light blue perfume, etc. sister to bring it to makati then i change costume in a nearby resto/cafe *change costume ala super hero lang ang drama. hehe*.

5pm sister not yet in makati. 5:15 i left, whistled a cab and checked out the venue. as plan b, i brought my black winter jacket in the ofc to cover my shabby appearance. hey, it's thu and i was supposed to be out the next day. as i was crossing the street at 5:30pm  near the venue, boom! ran into sister! i was in such rush, i did not have time to be mad for her being late. changed clothes, shoes, applied makeup and scent, did speed reading on the hardware stuff, and then strutted my way to the interview building. i must have looked really nice because people were looking at me. i mean you wouldn't miss me with my royal blue blazer. haha. i sort of realized late that my dress is kinda shorter than it should, and my high heeled low-cut booties making my legs longer. this bothered me a bit as i may be dressed for a fashion event than a job interview (that's not remotely related to fashion). i checked the time on my watch. and it says no turning back time. so hesitation back in the bag.

interviewer was this charming european guy with an equally charming and audible accent, who's certified with various titles that i could remember. for all the last-minute-almost-didn't-make-it-cramming i did, charming guy said he enjoyed our conversation and he hopes i don't lose my enthusiasm in project management.  it did feel like a conversation than an interview. at one point he asked my thoughts on some running debate on project management (certification vs experience). he also asked me the leader i admire. of course it has to be related to lgbt and i quipped tim cook! he had gigantic shoes to fill, the size of steve jobs' ego *don't worry am a fan of steve. see, we're in first name basis. hehe*, everybody doubted him, that apple will fizzle out post-jobs, yet they posted the biggest revenue to date in the fruit company that gives birth to the coolest stuff. he is the pragmatic side of apple, that i think saved the company from the frivolities that is steve. so i think, that is great leadership and i love it that he's gay and a silent influential guy.

i haven't felt this excited in a long while. uhm, ohhkaay, in between jessica sanchez' performances in AI of course. which is the very reason why am still up is because i just finished watching a rerun of her soo beautiful performance of you're soo beautiful. it's that great that it's okay being redundant about it. haha.

what a day! so much for aiming for perfection. i realized, you don't really get a perfect day plan as you try it. but that doesn't mean i can't have an amazing day which is how TO-fucking-DAY turned out. good night soo beautiful people! i love you all! =)


rejoinders to Miriam

i know i was uber delayed in this miriam agitation, and then i saw these two rejoinders that was just funny, witty. relish! :)




“HOMOSEXUALITY is not a sin but it is a lie from the devil. Do not be deceived. God loves gays and wants them to know the truth.”
~ Beauty queen/actress Miriam Quiambao
Heckler: Joke lang. Siguro naman nabasa mo ang tweet ni Miriam Quiambao. Isasalin ko sa Filipino: Ang kabaklaan ay hindi kasalanan. Ito ay kasinungalingan mula sa demonyo. Ano ang masasabi mo?

Devil: Big words. Big, brave words. But I’m not surprised. After all, she’s a product of the The Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas, The Catholic University of the Philippines. Punyeta, ang haba. UST na nga lang. Anyway, i categorically deny the allegation. Kapag straight, gawa ng Diyos n’yo; ‘tapos kapag bakla, gawa ko?! Umayos ka ngang babae ka! Gusto mo bang pitikin ko ulit ang high heels mo para madapa ka ulit sa stage? On the 
 darker side, tama lang pala ang ginagawa mo. Your tweets promote hatred and foment war – just some of the things that I love.

from facebook

Dear Miriam,
Congratulations on standing up for the truth given by God in the Bible! Literally interpreting the Bible is what we should really do. The word of God is the word of God. Those who believe in God shouldn't doubt the Bible: each word in the Bible, each punctuation mark, each syllable was written by the owner and creator of the universe, period. I love your zealous and unwavering faith that everything that the Bible says is true and that we should follow it.

I know that we should take the Bible as it is. There's no doubt that God forbids cross-dressing; Deuteronomy 22:5 says that. Leviticus 18:22 implies that homosexuality is an abomination to God's eyes as well. But I'm having some problems with other verses in the Bible. Please help me with what to do about them because, just like you, I want to live my life in accordance with the word of God.

1. According to Genesis, God only created men and women. Nothing else, no one in between. Just either men or women. Now, Genesis 1:5 says that God created only evening and morning. There was no mention about afternoon, dusk, dawn, midnight, the blue hour, etc. As a literal follower of the Bible, how should I regard these "other" parts of the day? To borrow your own words, are they the "lies of the devil?" Why do we have these abominations? Is God testing my faith?

2. I'm so confused about what to wear now, Miriam. I feel that I'm such an abomination in the eyes of God. You know why? Detueronomy 22:11. God clearly and literally forbids wearing clothing made of fabric that are combined together, such as wool and linen woven together. I have lots of clothes made of combined fabric. What should I do with them? Should I change my wardrobe and burn all these clothes, just like how God burned Sodom and Gomorrah? Miriam, please promise us, in the name of the Truth contained in the Bible, that you will never ever wear such clothes! Moreover, Deuteronomy 22:12 says that we should place tassels on the four corners of the cloaks we wear. Why didn't your evening gown during the Ms. Universe pageant in 1999 have any tassels? Was this a flaw in the design? Or was the gown designed by the devil? Oh my God, Miriam, please burn that gown now, as that is not something God wants you to wear! Save your soul, sister!

3. I'm so disturbed by how marriage laws in our country work, Miriam. Clearly, this country will rot in hell. Why? It is not following Deuteronomy 22:13-20. We should include virginity tests for women before they get married. And if it's proven that these women are not virgins, we should stone them to death just like how Deuteronomy 22:21 recommends! Miriam, please tell me you were a virgin when you married your husband!

4. I want to share the truth of the Bible to my neighbor, Miriam. Here's the case: The woman's husband died recently; and they have no children. Deuteronomy 25:5 clearly says that in situations like this, the woman is only allowed to marry her brother-in-law. They are not following this. Should I go to them and share to them this Universal Truth so that they can follow what the Lord wants?

5. Miriam, I wonder how we can implement Deuteronomy 25:13. It says that we shouldn't have two different weights in our bags. Can you share to me the weights of the contents of your bag?

6. Leviticus 1:14-17 says that the smell of burning dove and pigeon is an aroma pleasing to the Lord. I tried to burn doves and pigeons yesterday as part of my daily routine in pleasing God but my neighbor stopped me. He said this is cruelty to animals. Can you help me pray over my neighbor's soul so he can finally see the Truth?

7. I'm very troubled by the presence of Lydia's Lechon in our neighborhood. Leviticus 3:17 clearly says that we must not eat any fat. Can you support my petition against Lydia's Lechon?

8. Why do people go to dermatologists, Miriam? Isn't this a clear violation of the word of God? Leviticus 13:2 is clear: When it comes to skin disease we must go to a priest, not a dermatologist.

9. One of my neighbors is poor. I advised the father of the household to sell one of his daughters as a slave so they can have money. He told me that I was insane. I told them God clearly allows this in Exodus 21:7. How much do you think he should sell his daughter for?

10. Miriam, why do people work on the Sabbath day? Exodus 35:2 clearly forbids this. Should we start putting them to death as the Bible recommends?
11. A lot of Filipinas work as domestic helpers in other countries. Most of them are beaten by their employers. Should we condemn their employers or should we just allow them to be beaten up as long as they can get up after a day or two, as what Exodus 21:20-21 wants us to do? It does say, “If a man beats his male or female slave with a rod and the slave dies as a direct result, he must be punished, but he is not to be punished if the slave gets up after a day or two, since the slave is his property."

A friend of mine told me that these words should not be taken out of context. I told him, No! These words are the words of God and they apply in every context, at all times, everywhere and every time, as God's words are eternal. Deuteronomy 26:16 is clear about this: "The Lord your God commands you this day to follow these decrees and laws; carefully observe them with all your heart and with all your soul." When I told him about that, he told me that God is shit. Oh dear, that comment ended our friendship. And I'm now actually planning the time and place where our entire barangay can stone him to death as recommended by Leviticus 24:16. Would you like to join us in fulfilling what the Lord our God wants us to do? Where can I send the invitation?

I'm looking forward to hear from you.

Let's defend every word in the Bible

Your number 1 fan,
Melody (An adaptation of the "Dear Dr. Laura Schlesinger" letter)

working girl 2

just bought a royal blue blocking blazer earlier at forever 21 to match with  my black and white dress. yey! shoes na lang! :) and of course review for the interview. i already googled the interviewer and man, he's a heavyweight in PM credentials! think boy abunda and tim cook (when jobs was still alive pissing his team and cook was just 2nd in command then) in lgbt.

maybe any one would like to meet up on Friday afternoon after my interview. :) masarap pang rumampage pag naka-outfit. :)

working girl

hay, been super busy at work. and also with potential new work! yey! dahil dyan kaya hindi ko man lang namalayan si miriam bible quiambao. hehe.

wish me luck on my interview this friday! it's a corporate conservative kinda company. the requirement is hardware, my experience is software. am banking on my project management certification and fab power outfits. hehehe. bought interview outfits. still need to buy shoes! :) am excited. one of the dresses i bought looks something below, only tighter and sleeveless and no flower pin.

the interviewer is a male foreigner. i will still do a crash course on hardware stuff. i know a few, but not enough i think. anyhoo, the 2nd outfit i bought is similar to this. afterwards, i realized i lean towards black or gray. so will get some dash of color thru the jacket.

i have a meeting with my boss on thu. been itching to tell her of my employment options. but everyone's telling me not to for my own self interest. i told her about it last year. but we didn't touch on it again. i feel guilty as it is somehow. so wish me luck again on this one! :)