hi zebra!

I was caged in chains up to my eyeballs with work and so I wasn’t able to watch live the Oscar telecast. By the time I got home, too spent to even brush my teeth, I can only search youtube for the speeches. I of course started with the supporting actors because I save the best for last, the main actors.

Best Supporting Actor, J.K. Simmons - couldn't relate to his speech but the call your parents thing is good.

Best Supporting Actress, Patricia Arquette - she's okay, but kinda emotionless for me as she read her speech, yada yada, equal pay for women.

Best Actor, Eddie Redmayne - touching because he was emotional with his surprise of the win. And I love his accent btw. :)

Best Actress, Julianne Moore - I hoped she win this time because she's been nominated infinitum, plus I've seen Still Alice and cried a lot, worried for my own future should I have Alzheimer. Whenever I forget small stuff, I kid gf to remind me if I am being progressively forgetful, because you know, Alzheimer. And she would just laugh at me.

Then nothing left to check, the Graham Moore guy appeared on the feed and so being trigger happy, clicked away.

Best Adapted Screenplay, Graham Moore -

"When I was 16 years old,I tried to kill myself because I felt weird and I felt different and I felt like I did not belong. And now I'm standing here and so I would like for this moment to be for that kid out there who feels like she's weird or she's different or she doesn't fit in anywhere. Yes, you do. I promise you do. You do. Stay weird, stay different. And then when it's your turn and you're standing on this stage, please pass the same message to the next person who comes along." - Graham Moore, Oscar's 2015 Best Adapted Screenplay for The Imitation Game



His speech is a hugot level for me. I always felt am weird and different, since childhood and now all grown up because am a lesbian. In my early years at work, girls hated me because am close with guys, effortlessly. I just can relate to them more, even though am not that boyish. I can fare well with them in drinking, jokes, work, games, hiking. So much that one of the guys when he got married to one of our co-workers, in their honeymoon, compared me to his new wife. And that just upped the female hatred directed towards me. I have comfortably come out to my guy friends. And they are supportive. So I love them equally. Suck that bitches, because am your lesbian-very-much-loved-by-guys.

At this point in my life, I just don’t care that much anymore with what people think so long as I kick ass at work. And am happy with myself. While most women at the office suffer in high heels wanting to look taller, fashionable, I decided this year to just wear oxfords, and all white tops. I don’t care about color combination and   just wear what's easy for me. While many strive and spend for long  straight hair, I had mine burst into curls. Shocker, but I feel better now. Low maintenance, almost wash and wear. :)

I am weird, but in a sexy, fierce kind of weird. And I take pride in being different   because that's who I am. No apologies. I'm also full of mistakes, judgmental, with my own prejudices. 

And since I am a biased person, I naturally assumed Graham is gay. But reading more, he clarified he doesn’t identify as gay. Well, too bad for us lgbt, but hey, so long as he continues to be talented and give us the good stuff, am one  happy lesbian. :) 

His speech  was more for those suffering  in depression. I remember  from my past self based on my many posts, how sad of a person I am. So still resonates with me.

When in the past we are embarrassed for being different, individuality, weirdness should in fact be celebrated! And whatever it is that makes us different or simply us. We are all zebras, fingerprints, unique!

I know it is scary shit to stick out like a neon light at night or to be the only one raising your hand. But that is okay. Scary feeling is  natural, human. Marvel in it and do scary things. You'll be surprised how thrilling or unscary it turns out to be.

I'd rather be  scared and confirmed wrong, than endlessly wondering what-if as my last name.

So no  need for drama please and that ugly suicide/self torture. Let's stay different, stay weird together, and let us celebrate! I am a testimonial that being different is magnificent! :)

And hey, I am here for you if you need a weirdo to talk to :)
I said I must write something about this no matter how busy I am. so there. a promise is a promise to myself. 'hopefully more kwento again soon. =)



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piece 4

i grew up independent, not needing anyone but mostly needed. i have learned not to hold on to things or anyone for i don’t know if they will leave or stay. if they stay, unsure for how long. so it is easier not to hang on to things or expect permanence. nothing lasts forever so the jaded say. but unless you believe in life after death, then yeah, there’s only now. 

and in this many nows I've stringed upon like a necklace, i have met many persons including myself. i thumb to one of these persons and memories drip like dangling earrings with sparkling clarity and at times studded jolts.  

pain i know too well, that laid brick after brick of wall built so high, i couldn't even see myself. i am guarded. even from myself. 

like i spoke of so many wants, unedited because my mind will catch up soon and filter it using the micro mesh of what’s realistic and workable with my situation. 

what is the purpose of dreaming then? of thoughts in adrenaline rush only to be  barred at one stop or to evaporate under scorching heat? 

maybe to give a now that’s both creative and free? to replace one brick from the fortress I've built one after the other. maybe if i  just give in without care or hate, then i can permeate the wall and can run free barefooted to anywhere and be excited to the possibilities. 

i’ll jump at the first sight of deep water and just plunge. cut through the icy water and push through until i can no longer breathe or kick. that would be liberating yeah? but can also be fatal.

but come to think of it, we only truly know things through their opposite. so what is life if not knowing the boundaries?

*** i think am getting the hang of this macbook. yey! ***

piece 3

i want to do so many things. i’ll be a student again this Q2 for my post graduate, i want to do investing and business, i want to learn a third language, i want to do photography, travel, go out and just observe to take pictures and write. i want to quit job and commit to social work. i want to read until my eyes turn red and then dream about them and then think about them the moment i wake up. i want to have a sport and have kickass abs. i want to take dancing hip hop and pole dancing and fly with the sound of my whipping sweat. i want to get a big dog like a labrador and walk with him on weekends and take haircuts together. i want to have an indoor tree in my house and i want to have a garden. i want to buy an anti-flood car so that if i go ahead on a typhoon day, i wouldn't be caught on cam saying “I wasn't informed.” i want to elevate my macbook skills to ninja level so that i can write more often without having my written pieces suddenly get deleted for clicking a key that’s not a copy function. i want to paint some more and get drunk until i end up kissing who am with in drunken stupor. i want to stop attending endless meetings that suck the life out of me. i want to let this out while it is overwhelming me. i want to be no slave of time and just be one with my spontaneous self. i want to be. and i want this want to consume me so bad that i’ll spring jump to doing them the second i stop typing. 

*** exercise on writing non stop on whatever comes to mind, without edit.***