In celebration of Pride, we have two parties to go to TONIGHT! :) LGBT White Party in Malate , Purple Party in Makati, exclusive for women. 

I will go to the White Party because it's LGBT crowd and I expect fab outfits to feast on. Gays party better I admit. :)


30 JUNE 2012, 9PM
Orosa Nakpil Streets Malate Manila

Tickets are Available at all SM Tickets Outlet Nationwide!
(SM Tickets are located at SM Cinema Ticket booths)
1. VIP
*VIP Access
*Access to the VIP Only Area
*Unlimited Drinks by Wild Cocktails
-Julio Nakpil Street facing Taft Avenue
-Maria Orosa Street facing Robinsons Manila
-Julio Nakpil Street facing BlueRoom/Bocobo Street
1. VIP - SM Tickets, VIP Complimentary, VIP List
2. GEN AD (Regular) - SM Tickets
For Inquiries:


as we Celebrate the Pride Month!




JUNE 30,2012







4 TICKETS | INFO TEXT: Out Exclusives +639155743155 


Drag King Workshop on Saturday, June 30

The first-ever Drag King Workshop in the Philippines!!!  - headline from GMA News.

Yey! Err, but what is drag king again?

Simply put, it is the opposite of drag queens, males dressing up in lavish/outlandish exaggerated female outfits.

This is the great oppotunity to bring out the butch in you i guess. :) If you're game, let's try this! :)

Drag kings are mostly female performance artists who dress in masculine drag and personify male gender stereotypes as part of their routine.

A typical show may incorporate dancing and singing, sometimes live or lip-synching to pre-recorded tracks. Drag kings often perform as exaggeratedly macho male characters, portray marginalized masculinities such as construction workers, rappers, or "fag drag," or they will impersonate male celebrities like Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Tim McGraw. In the late 1800s and early 1900s several drag kings became British music hall stars, and British pantomime has preserved the tradition of women performing in male roles. Starting in the mid-1990s drag kings have begun to gain some of the fame and attention that drag queens have known. - wikipedia

LeAP, Inc. in partnership with Dickie Jaxx presents "Packing Heat: Drag King Workshop," the first ever Drag King Workshop in the country!

Instructor: Dickie Jaxx

Date: June 30, 2012, Saturday

Time: 1:00 pm to 4:30pm

Venue: G/F FBR Arcade, Katipunan, QC.

Please send an email (to LeAPPhilippines@gmail.com) or a text (if a LeAP member posts a mobile number) so we can reserve slots for you. Please indicate your name and contact number. The event page is mainly for information dissemination and invites but we'd reserve slots for those who are seriously planning to go, and we track that via email/SMS registration. LIMITED SLOTS ONLY!

Fee: 200 Php

Please bring extra underwear, socks, eyeliner/mascara and any binding equipment (e.g. velcro binder, bandage wrap).

About Dickie Jaxx:

Dickie Jaxx has over 11 years of professional drag king experience, strutting his stuff on stages across the US, Canada, Europe, and Manila. He is the co-founder of the Cuntry Kings in Durham NC, the Citizen Kings in San Francisco CA, and the Daddy Kings in Asheville NC. Dickie is excited to share the transformative power of gender-dynamicperformance in order to envision and create a more just world on and off the stage.

Like LeAP, Inc. and Dickie Jaxx on Facebook and Twitter!

Twitter handle: LesbianActivism

Full length article on Drag King Workshop HERE



Participate! :)

Rated PG : Policies on Gender Sensitivity Campaign
UP Diliman
Organized by UP Babaylan, USC and College Councils

Ribbon Cutting of 20 Questions Exhibit
AS Lobby / Palma Hall
Organized by UP Babaylan

ALAN TURING : Britain's Greatest Code Breaker
Film Screening and Forum
2:00pm - 5:00pm
Accenture Ideas Exchange Room
UP Alumni Engineers Centennial Hall
Organized by Gaygeeks, UP Diliman College of Engineering
Department of Computer Science, UP Center for Women’s Studies (UPCWS)

UP Campus
Organized by UP Babaylan

UP Pride March
1:00pm - 6:00pm
UP Academic Oval
Organized by UP Babaylan, USC

Forum: Gender Policies in Schools and in the Country
1:00pm - 4:30pm
PH400, Palma Hall
Organized by USC, NCPAGSC


1) UP Babaylan
2) University Student Council - UP Diliman
3) Gay Geeks
4) Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society (PATAS)
5) Task Force Pride
6) Amnesty International - Philippines - LGBT (AIph-LGBT)
7) Metropolitan Community Church of Quezon City
8) Lesbian Activism Project Inc. - Philippines
9) Filipino Freethinkers - UP Diliman
10) Filipino Freethinkers - UP Los Banos
11) Gaudium Pilipinas
12) Babaylanes Inc.
13) LGBT Students Network
14) Reproductive Health and Gender Advocates Movement (RH Agenda)
15) Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines
16) Pinoy G4M dot Com
17) Bukluran ng mga Progresibong Iskolar - UP System (BUKLURAN)
18) Alyansa ng mga Mag-aaral para sa Panlipunang Katwiran at Kaunlaran (UP ALYANSA) - UPD
19) Bigkis ng mga Iskolar Para sa Bayan Tungo sa Makabuluhang Pagbabago (BIGKIS-UPM) - UPM
20) MOVE U.P. - UPLB
21) Buklod CSSP
22) Buklod Isip
23) UP Diliman Gender Office (UP DGO)
24) Proud to be LGBT Campaign
25) UP Office of Anti-Sexual Harassment (UP OASH)
26) UP Center for Women's Studies (UP CWS)
27) Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering - UP Diliman
28) Deaf Rainbow Philippines
29) De La Salle University - Queer Archers Alliance
30) Ateneo De Manila University - Dollhouse
31) College of Social Sciences and Philosophy Student Council
32) National College of Public Administration and Governance Student Council
33) Queer Pagan Network
34) GABRIELA Youth - UPD
35) Rainbow Rights Project, Inc (R-Rights)

36) School of Economics Student Council
37) Akei
38) UP Association of Clothing Technology Students (UP ACTS)
39) UP Junior Marketing Association (UP JMA)
40) Ladlad Partylist
41) TLF Share Collective
42) Akbayan Partylist
43) Akbayan Youth - UPD

Never Give Up!

i admire the Maine LGBT advocates for their unwavering faith and hard work. what was that quote? 

“It's not enough that we do our best; 
sometimes we have to do what's required.” 

- Winston Churchill -

they've done grassroots approach, door-to-door. a lot of work, but if it has to take talking to each one of the people to make them understand, then so be it. 

when i was in high school and in college, i worked part time for NGOs where we had to go door-to-door doing surveys on people. one topic was for census, household info and another was their good life indicator. the work entailed going to a far flung area in Quezon province. we rode this jeep that doesn't have seats for it's meant as cargo jeep for coconuts and whathaveyous. my head and body has never been shaken as much as on this ride. which only shows the roads were not yet cemented. the respondents live in the boondocks, in muddy areas that reach waist deep, many without electricity. so i would hurry with my interviews so that i still have ample light to read the question and write down the answers. many can't read or have to fend to their kids or livestock. i would read 100 questions (!) from index cards and write down their answers as fast as i can. as beautiful as the nature sight of the area, i couldn't help feeling sad at how neglected their living condition was. but the immersion grounded me as a person and quenched my thirst for adventure and advocacy. it's just unfortunate that i had to go corporate to provide for the family and was not able to go back to NGO work. still... 

sometimes i second guess on whether to post overseas LGBT news and internally debate its local relevance. but seeing how active LGBT discussions and updates are elsewhere energizes this hope in me that all is not lost and there is hope for the flowers, so to speak. :) we are after all ONE in hearts and in vision - equality. 

Gay Marriage Again on Ballot in Maine

AUGUSTA, Me. — Three years after voters in Maine rejected same-sex marriage, they will consider the matter again in November. This time, advocates say they have reason for optimism.

They point to a shift in public opinion, the personal support for same-sex marriage voiced last month by President Obama and what they believe is an effective door-to-door “persuasion” campaign throughout the state.

In addition, the vote will take place in a presidential election year, when more young people, who overwhelmingly support gay marriage, are likely to turn out than in an off year.

Maine is the only state where supporters of same-sex marriage have put such an initiative on the ballot. Whenever the matter has gone to voters before, including here in 2009, it has been driven by opponents; this time, it was proponents who put the issue on the ballot, and they have spent more than two years organizing.

“This is the first time people are having the opportunity to vote yes for equality, as opposed to no,” said Lee Swislow, executive director of Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, a legal rights organization. “We would not have gone forward in Maine and submitted the signatures if we didn’t feel we had a good shot at winning.”

But the weight of history is against them. The fight has never been won at the ballot box. In states where same-sex marriage is legal now — Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont, as well as in the District of Columbia — it has been made possible through court rulings or legislative action.  In the 32 states, including California, in which voters have had a say, they have rejected it.

In November, voters in four states will weigh in on same-sex marriage. There is a chance that in three it could become law; besides the initiative in Maine, voters in Maryland and Washington State will decide whether to repeal same-sex marriage laws recently passed in those states. In the fourth, Minnesota, voters will consider whether to amend the state Constitution to ban it

The loss in Maine in 2009 was a heartbreak for the movement. The Legislature had legalized it and the governor, John Baldacci, a Democrat, had signed it into law. But opponents forced it to a referendum, and the public voted to repeal it, 53 to 47 percent, a difference of about 30,000 votes.

That was a surprise because polls at the time indicated that a majority of voters would approve it. And therein lies the hope of the opposition here this year; while state and national polls suggest that a majority supports same-sex marriage, voters have not always told pollsters the truth.

“I’ll be surprised if we don’t win,” said Carroll Conley Jr., executive director of the Christian Civic League of Maine and a board member of Protect Marriage Maine, a group leading the opposition.

“When it’s framed as ‘Should people be able to marry regardless of sexual orientation?’ you see a significant change from five years ago,” he said. “But if you ask, ‘Should marriage be defined as one man, one women?’ we don’t see significant changes.”

The proposed wording of the ballot question here is, “Do you want to allow same-sex couples to marry?” But proponents want it to point out that neither clergy nor religious institutions would have to perform or host a marriage against their beliefs, a clause that could ease some fears. A decision on the wording is due from Maine’s secretary of state by the end of July.

Mr. Conley said he doubted voters would approve same-sex marriage, in part because people resist change. “From a purely political perspective, a ‘no’ is easier than a ‘yes’ on any referendum.” he said.

Some money for the opposition campaign is coming from collection plates passed at churches. But most is expected to come from the National Organization for Marriage, which funneled almost $2 million into Maine to help defeat the measure in 2009.

One complication for the opposition this year is that the Roman Catholic Church plans to be less active than it was in 2009, when church officials were criticized for being too involved.

Mr. Conley acknowledged that the campaign in support of same-sex marriage appeared highly organized and well financed. Advocates expect to raise about $5 million, while opponents expect less than half as much.

Matt McTighe, campaign manager for Mainers United for Marriage, a coalition of groups advocating gay marriage, said his side had more time to make its case this year and was playing offense, not defense.

“Normally, when marriage comes up on the ballot, it’s in response to a court case or legislative action and at most — as in 2009 here and in Maryland and Washington — you have six months to really go out and defend whatever that court or legislature did,” Mr. McTighe said. “Maine is the first state to proactively bring this initiative to voters, and that’s allowed us to control our own fate.”

The campaign’s centerpiece is a canvassing effort aimed at undecided voters. Mr. McTighe said a personal approach was the most effective way to convey the message. The coalition has conducted 100,000 “conversations” in two years, he said, with perhaps one in every five people open to changing his or her views.

Amelia Nugent, 23, who was canvassing last week on a warm, buggy night in Falmouth, said she usually told people that she wanted to have the same kind of loving and committed marriage that they had. “It’s just humanizing the issue,” she said as she walked door to door. “It’s about love and family.”

Sometimes people are rude, she said, asking her if she wants to marry their dog. Others will talk for 45 minutes, and leave her feeling she has made progress.

The other night, a few people turned Ms. Nugent away; most who talked to her said they already supported gay marriage.

“It’s such a nonissue,” said Judith Coye, 52, a banker, who spoke briefly with Ms. Nugent.
George Bloom, 57, an environmental engineer who was watering his garden, said he saw no problem with it. He said that he had had gay friends over the years and that allowing them to marry “just seems fair.”

source here.


Marvelous Monday!

Happy Pride beautiful people! :) 

I really dunno where Pride came from, so googled it for you. Wikipedia notes below. :) For me, Pride is simply being proud of who you are. that you are an LGBT and an equal member of the society, comfortable with your own skin. 

Pride often is a festive series of activities - parades, parties, talks, marches. Rainbow is the official color/flag of Pride to show the many kinds of people I guess, diversity. 

Internationally, it's celebrated in June to remember the first LGBT march. But in the Philippines, it's done December, to time with the Human Rights Day every Dec 10.

Happy and Gay! - redundant, but it shows how doubly optimist the LGBT people are despite the challenges in life, not limited to equality. notice how every straight person has at least one gay friend?

More with Les - haha. being lesbian, does that make us twice the usual woman? Hehe. i really think highly of lesbians. there's a certain swag and oomph with lesbians. we are more confident because we don't give a hoot with impressing men/boys, so our personalities shine more. we do give our arms and legs (even our soul) for the women we love. hehe. 

Pride parades for the LGBT community (also known as gay pride paradesLGBT pride paradespride events and pride festivals) are events celebrating lesbiangaybisexual and transgender (LGBT) culture. The events also at times serve as demonstrations for legal rights such as same-sex marriage. Most pride events occur annually and many take place around June to commemorate the Stonewall riots, a pivotal moment in the modern LGBT rights movement.
How Pride started:Early on the morning of Saturday, 28 June 1969, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning persons rioted following a police raid on the Stonewall Inn in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City. The Stonewall Inn was a gay bar which catered to an assortment of patrons, but which was popular with the most marginalized people in the gay community: transvestites, transgender people, effeminate young men, hustlers, and homeless youth. The Stonewall riots are generally considered to be the beginning of the modern gay rights movement, as it was the first time in modern history that a significant body of LGBT people resisted arrest.

Today is the beginning of the week, last week of Pride celebration. To some, it's the beginning of the rest of their lives - seeing with new eyes. clarity. perspective. embracing with new arms. openness. acceptance. standing with new legs. strength. conviction. everybody, Stand Up for Love!  and let us Walk Free and Proud! =)

Marvelous Monday to all you lovelies! 

STAND UP by Jessie J

If you surround yourself with negative people
You'll never feel settled in or become an equal, no
They'll suppress you of your spirit and rinse you dry of smiles
So reach deep and release your inner child, yeah, yeah

So stand up for the love, love, love
So stand up for the love, love, love
So stand up for the love, love, love
So stand up, stand up, for the love, love

'Cause you're as old as you feel you are
And if you don't reach for the moon you can't fall on the stars
So I live my life like every day is the last, last, last

'Cause you're as old as you feel you are
And if you don't reach for the moon you can't fall on the stars
So I live my life like every day is the last, last, last
So stand up

If you let a frown become your normality, yes
You don't set an example for the youth of our humanity
If you spend every day wishing for the next to come
Aged and lifeless is what, yes, you'll become, yeah, yeah

So stand up for the love, love, love
So stand up for the love, love, love
So stand up for the love, love, love
So stand up, stand up, for the love, love

'Cause you're as old as you feel you are
And if you don't reach for the moon you can't fall on the stars
So I live my life like every day is the last, last, last

'Cause you're as old as you feel you are
And if you don't reach for the moon you can't fall on the stars
So I live my life like every day is the last, last, last
(So stand up)
I live my life like every day is the last

So ignore the bad and the good will soon come
Don't think second best, be number one
Spread some love, don't give to receive
Strive to be happy and live to believe

So ignore the bad and the good will soon come
Don't think second best, be number one
Spread some love, don't give to receive
Strive to be happy and live to believe

So stand up for the love, love, love
So stand up, stand up for the love, love, love
So stand up for the love, love, love
So stand up, stand up, for the love, love

'Cause you're as old as you feel you are
And if you don't reach for the moon you can't fall on the stars
So I live my life like every day is the last, last, last

'Cause you're as old as you feel you are
And if you don't reach for the moon you can't fall on the stars
So I live my life like every day is the last, last, last

'Cause you're as old as you feel you are
And if you don't reach for the moon you can't fall on the stars
So I live my life like every day is the last, last, last

So stand up for the l-l-love, yeah
So stand up for the l-l-love, yeah
So stand up


Krizza and Aiza, together again.

Remember Krizza? Krizza Neri won in the Protege singing contest, mentored by Aiza Seguerra. After she won, next news was the  Aiza Seguerra and Chen Sarte breakup. People speculated that Krizza was the cause of the couple's seven-year relationship breakup. Twitter fanned the fire when the two exchanged i love yous on twitter. This is the article of the Aiza-Krizza rumor

Aiza denied it. Even Chen denied it. I noticed that Krizza's TV exposure lessened as she's only given bit song numbers in Party Pilipinas. This saddened me because am a big fan of Krizza-Neri protege-mentor tandem. Last I saw her was at the restroom of Music Museum for The Vagina Monologues. Aiza was one of the performers then. 

From rumormongers, Aiza can't go public with Krizza because Krizza is just 16 years old! A minor and Aiza may be at risk of seduction of minor kind of legal issue.  Although let's admit, Aiza's talent alone is enough for the tomboys and even the straights to fall for her. I love her as i write this article. :)

Other articles on this rumor, for the gossip-hungry:

Is Protégé winner Krizza Neri the reason why Aiza Seguerra and Chen Sarte broke up?

Protégé winner Krizza Neri ignores persistent rumors linking her to mentor Aiza Seguerra
Aiza Seguerra refuses to comment about rumor linking her to protégé Krizza Neri; admits she's not on speaking terms with ex-girlfriend Chen Sarte

Anyhoo, six months after winning, Krizza launched her first album! Yey! and more yey because, it was produced by Aiza's label, Blackbird Music. :) 

Whatever happens between them, I am happy that the collaboration continued because they make wonderful music together (figuratively and literally. hehe).

Krizza Neri clarifies Aiza song

Krizza has grown and looks charming here. :)

1. Look My Way
2. No More You and Me
3. Dahil Sa Iyo
4. French Fries and Coke
5. Don’t Be Too Much
6. Kung Malalaman Mo
7. Narda
8. If I Could/Wind Beneath My Wings
9. Could Have Been
10. Bakit Ka Lumayo
Bonus Track: Ba’t Di Ko Nasabi

Aiza-Krizza Album Tour

ang cute lang ni Aiza sa poster na 'to! crush! :)

Krizza Neri appears regularly on Party P every Sunday. She will also be on other GMA shows, bars and several radio stations to promote the album. Watch Krizza sing the remarkable songs from the album in Startalk, Eat Bulaga, Showbiz Central, Bubble Gang, Idol sa Kusina, Master Showman, Wish Ko Lang, Follow That Star, Unang Hirit and Pare & Pare. Krizza will also be on tour with mentor Aiza Seguerra for “The Protégé and the Mentor” tour in the following show schedules:
July 13 – CSI Dagupan
July 14 – Sorsogon
July 15 – Starmall EDSA - Magkita kita na lang tayo dito, hehe.
July 21 – Starmall Las Piñas
July 22 – Starmall Alabang
July 20 – Starmall Bulacan


Sharon Cuneta on LGBTs


eto at inuwi ko na ang ofc laptop kahit mabigat para makapag-update ng blog. naaawa na ko sa blog ko at mistula na syang abandonada. oo, ako na! ako na ang pabayang blogger. hehe. pasensya na. salamat ng mga nagcocomment at nagmemessage sa shout box. you give this blog its sign of life. =)

moving on at marami rami to....

tambak labada 3


SEEN: Binigyan ng malisya ang strong statement kahapon ni Sharon Cuneta sa Sharon: Kasama Mo, Kapatid: “Ang advice po namin sa mga bakla, magladlad na po kayo!”

SCENE: Walang karapatan si Sharon Cuneta na i-pressure ang mga closeted gay na lumantad. To each his/her own. *tamah!*

source here.

naisip ko lang ang degree of lezeparation ni ate shawie with us. uhm, where do i begin,
  • ako, closet. shawie, aparador.

  • ako gay. anak nya na si kc, nagbf ng gay.

  • ako kapuson. ate shawie works for tv5 na ang big boss ay rumored gay.

hmm, yung boss kaya nya pinariringgan nya?!

  • i love lucy torres. ate shawie ex si richard gomez na natsismis na hindi mamatay-matay na kaya sya yumaman ng bongga dahil sa super yamang gay benefactor (can't remember kung sino, basta sikat daw sa alta-sosyedad)

  • ako ay femme-looking butch by heart, ate shawie gumanap na sumkinda tomboy/butch sa Jack and Jill na movie.

movie clip here


Maligayang Araw ng Kalayaan

Kalayaang umibig. Sa kahit sino, pero una sa sarili. Kalayaang maging tapat sa sarili, at sa mga pangakong binitawan. Kalayaang ipaglaban ang karapatan, at igalang ang sa kapwa. Kalayaan sa pagiging tao. Kalayaang maging masaya.

Tayo ay MALAYA. Ang mga may galit sa puso, mga may homophobia ang hindi malaya dahil sa pananaw nilang nakakahon, nakakulong.

Maging Maligaya! Dahil tayo ay Malaya! :)


Ang Hakaw na Hindi

Inspired ng kwentuhang hakaw sa twitter with TCF kanina.


"Ang Hakaw na Hindi"









ng Alapaap.

Ang Hakaw
na Hindi.


What's your MIX?

The Bayo ad's been cancelled, which honestly I find nowhere near racist. Anyhoo, who says we can't continue the fun? :) here's my take, my mix.

I am 
50% fire and 50% womyn. 
50% in the closet, 50% out.
50% Bicolana and 50% Makati girl.
50% IT gal, 50% blogger.
50% train crush shooter and 50% friendly flirt.
50% drama queen, 50% fighter.
50% broke and 50% rich (with so much to share/kwento).

In this life of 50/50s and indecision, when things don't often add up, am happy to say that am homogeneously (yea, homo! Haha) 100% in love. =)

yes, 50% mushy, 50% cheesy. Hehehe. Happy TGIF, TGIG! (thank god i'm gay), TGIGAF! (thank god i'm gay and fab). 'love you ladies! :)

One of Bayo's ad:

Other parodies of the ad here: http://technogra.ph/2012/06/07/the-7-best-bayo-whats-your-mix-parodies-online

*blogging from my phone. Limited features*

book launch by a gay man author

an lgbt book! yey! :) friends, sisters, everyone. let us support the book launch of "Of God and Men, a life in the closet" by Raymond Alikpala. His blog is in here. jim paredes said he has personally read it and recommends it. book is less than P500. there aren't a lot of lgbt literature in the philippines by filipinos. so let's show some love to our lgbt community. =) i will definitely buy this book! :) and also buy some to give to friends to help educate people about us. will post some more once i've read the book. see you at the launch! :)

from the author:

I believe that people’s prejudices against gay men and women stem largely from their ignorance about our real day-to-day lives. If we can bring our hidden lives out of the closet and into the light, people will realize that we are not much different from everyone else, and that we deserve the same rights and treatment as everyone else. Change has come in many parts of the Western world, and I hope to do my part to foster change in the country of my birth.

“If you build it, he will come.”


Love with Pride!

it is really as simple as this!

Target and Gwen Stefani have teamed up in support of gay marriage. (That's a sentence I never thought I'd type out.) Target is selling a line of pride T-shirts including the above design by Stefani. I'd totally buy that shirt.

Target Spokeswoman Molly Snyder issued the following statement: "Target is pleased to be able to bring our guests products they want while, in turn, helping support the LGBT community through the donation of 100 percent of the purchase price to the Family Equality Council."

news source here.


Another Coming Out

everybody's coming out these days, even a car joined the bandwagon! this ad is funny and witty and very relevant.

Chevrolet Volt 'Comes Out' In New Ad
For Detroit's Motor City Gay Pride Celebration

It looks like the Chevrolet Volt has officially "come out" -- and just in time for Motor City Pride.
At least that's the gist of a new advertisement for the eco-friendly car that appeared in Between the Lines, a Detroit-based newspaper that targets the city's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.
The tongue-in-cheek new ad depicts the silver Chevy Volt as "coming out" to his older-model "parents," along with the text: "Volt runs on an electric battery and a gas generator. So, whatever revs your engine, we support you 100 percent. Happy Motor City Pride from the entire Chevrolet family.”
Detroit's Pride celebration took place last weekend after the ad appeared.
Targeting that community with the humorous Volt ad is being hailed as a particularly strategic move for the car manufacturer. Noting that LGBT shoppers tend to be "significantly more eco-friendly than the rest of the population," The Car Connection believes it's smart for Chevy to promote the hybrid electric vehicle to "a predominately sympathetic audience."
"Chevrolet has managed to find an interesting parallel between one of its "outsider" products and a population that, in some ways, still resides on the margins of society," the report states. "That's not just clever, but it makes for good advertising."

news source here.