January LABIA goes to ---

you still remember my crazy idea about LABIA (Lesbian And a Blogger Intl Awards)? well here's my first LABIA taste.

the January LABIA goes to ---  

she's a student in UP Manila, once nominated in the Blog Awards, writes very well and recently came out to her mom. huwaw! above all, she's a real cutie, so cute you'd wish she's single. hehe. if you read back posts, she has a gf of so many years. but as they say, even tectonic plates part ways. so there's always hope. hehe. *joke lang rz ha. pero pde mo ring seryosohin. hehehe ;)*

do check out her blog. you can also send LABIA nominations for the succeeding months. =)


for those who are afraid of re-varnishing, scrubbing, and for those who are brave -

from here


settlement issue

i think i never really told you the frequent cause of my depression last  year. twas because i had the gall to build a house for my parents, out of, brace yourself - my savings alone. i know, stupid, financial suicide. i was proud, we didn't have land title, so can't loan because no collateral. i managed to make ends meet. i can say i survived, battered and all. but that's not the reason for this post.

as part of the house interior finishing, we agreed on re-varnishing our narra dining set with light brown color. i figured we'd just varnish it with colorless kind (same with colorless nail polish). that was morning before i went to work. night time i got home and lo and behold! our dining set are all looking shiny and very dark brown!

i asked mom what happened. i thought we agreed on the shade already. she said, "yeah. saw that too. but then "sayang" naman ang varnish. P300 ($6) din yun. so we went ahead with it."

hayy... what is more "sayang", the P300 varnish or the years of eating at the wrong dining set color, staring, gulping at our bad choice? my chest was on a revolution.

often, in our quest for practicality, we do the unforgivable sin to ourselves, we settle. because it's "sayang naman". why is something that doesn't make us really happy "sayang"? what is so "sayang" with second best? this mentality bewilders me no end. where is the self-sacrificing, masochistic culture of "maraming masasaktan pag ginawa ko to" - "ako na lang magdusa wag lang sila -"pwede na to" stem from? genes? heroism? altruism? or is it from fear? fear of change, fear of admitting a mistake, fear of starting over. fear of confronting the truth and the consequences?

there's a study in the 1960s at the University of Pennsylvania where they researched on the effect of fear on behavior. they put dogs in chambers and gave them electric shocks. some dogs had no route of escape, but others could run safely to the other side. then all the dogs were put in chambers where they could escape. a funny thing happened. the dogs who had no escape route the first time did not behave as expected. instead of running to the other side of the chamber, they lay passively and endured the shocks. why did they not escape when they could? graduate student martin seligman, an esteemed psychologist, concluded that the dogs had learned to be helpless. ouch.

i am not helpless and i am not about to start learning it. and even if i did, i will do my best to un-learn it even if all my hair turn gray from doing so. plus, mygod! am afraid of electric shocks!!! i'd like to believe we are more evolved than that. so, this weekend, when i feel better and my flu is gone, am gonna raise my sleeves and be busy scrubbing off the wrong mentality/behavior of learned helplessness in the house and re-varnish our dining set. =)


blind item

care to guess? :) my only guess is gwen zamora.

PRETTY STARLET has long been rumored as a card-carrying resident of the Isle of Lesbos.
The latest is that PS wooed and won the heart of Beautiful Starlet
Production Insider was shocked to catch the girls in a compromising situation.

Oddly, PI said, BS seemed to have taken the “masculine” partner role in the pas de deux. PS was always thought to be the “butch” half in her past relationships.

source: inquirer

On dating

a good read on dating. this goes to all the people looking for dates and to my friends who are dating.

The Kinds of People You Can Date

Jan. 24, 2011
Ryan O’Connell is a 24 year-old writer based in the East Village, New York.
You can date someone in the summertime when it’s too hot to have rules. This person might not make sense in February when you’re wearing thick coats and eating too much, but they’ll fit in nicely at a Fourth of July barbecue or a pool party. Your bodies will stick together in the heat and sometimes having sex will be the grossest activity you can think of, but you’ll do it anyway. You’ll understand what it means to be in a “summer mood”, how you can spend three months taking a break from your real life to make out, wear provocative clothing and drink too many margaritas. Your skin will be sun kissed, sand will stick between your toes and you’ll feel kinda sexy. When you start wearing cardigans and throwing yourself back into your work, your summer lover will fade away and the romance will live on as some kind of lost weekend at the beach. That’s okay though. Those who can love you in the summer have a difficult time doing so any other time.

You can date someone who loves you more than you love them. They’ll look at you with complete adoration and hang their jaw in a droopy way that strikes you as charming. You’ll be more goal-driven, more structured and they’ll teach you how to let go and feel worshipped. The inequity in love will be immediately apparent, but you’ll convince yourself that you’re just falling in love with them very, very slowly. After a certain amount of time, you’ll realize it won’t be possible and this swirl of guilt, anger and sadness will develop inside of you. You’ll look at their smitten face and want to spit in it. You’ll act ugly and hate yourself for not knowing how to love them back. There are certain people who are meant to have their hearts broken and there are certain people who are meant to break hearts. You’re not sure which is worse.

You can date someone who will treat you like shit. They’ll be a Scorpio or a sociopath and have an intoxicating energy that’ll suck you in. After a few months, you’ll have completely lost yourself, making excuses for their awful behavior and telling your friends, “You just don’t know them like I do.” Even though you know it’s bullshit and hate yourself, those rare moments of tenderness will keep you involved and make it feel worth it. Hopefully, you’ll hit a wall with this person and tire of the emotional manipulation, abuse and misery. You’ll make a clean break and feel like you’ve woken up from a nightmare. Later, people will tell you that “everyone has that type of person in their life at some point. You know, the kind that abuses you and leaves you wanting the next kick.” Hearing this is supposed to make you feel better about everything. Or maybe it’s not. It’s hard to tell. What you do know is that you’ll never blame yourself for what happened. You’ll always blame them.

You can date someone who’s more attractive than you and marvel at their perfect body and porcelain skin. Their clavicle is just so exquisite, isn’t it? Love them most when they’re naked and they’ll love you most when you’re clothed. You might be smarter than them, have more warmth, empathy and intuition, but somehow you’ll end up feeling like the inadequate one. Everyone stares at you when you’re out together thinking, “What are they doing with that?” At least that’s what you’ll assume they’re thinking. Dating someone so beautiful has made you completely paranoid and insecure. Even though the beautiful person has reassured you of their love, it won’t be enough and you’ll stop dating them because you don’t want to feel like a gargoyle anymore. You’ll miss their clavicle most of all.

You can date someone who has never been in love before. They’ll remind you of teen love and it will be absolutely delightful. They’ll say weird intense things without knowing how weird and intense they are and make grand sweeping gestures of their love for you. They haven’t been ruined yet, haven’t discovered how cruel people can be and how much they can disappoint you. You’ll inevitably be that person for them though. Through some sort of love osmosis, they’ll inherit your bitterness and broken hearts when you start to show the slightest bit of disinterest. When they leave, you won’t ever be sure if dating them was worth it.

You can date someone who would be a good father or mother. Admire them for their nurturing capabilities and wonder if you’d be a good parent. Leave them when you stop wondering.
You can date someone who’s right for you. They’ll have a normal clavicle, make sense year-round, been in love before, take care of you when you’re sick, be occasionally passive-aggressive, want kids, sometimes disappoint you, love you, hate you, love you again. You won’t worry about who’s the cuter one or who loves the other one more. It just won’t cross your mind, which is when you know the love has longevity.

The people you date aren’t necessarily the people you end up loving and that’s okay. There will be different kinds of people who enter your life at certain times. You date someone who hates you when you hate yourself. Afterwards, you date someone who loves you too much to make it all better. The goal is to eventually have your shit sorted out so you can love someone just because they’re lovely and make you happy. That’s it. I love you; you love me. The end. *hayy, kileeg! :D*

source: here


(c)LIT sessions

went to this event last week with gf

and saw jesica zafra in the flesh.

if conrado de quiros is better read than heard, jessica zafra is better read than seen.

the guests (mostly columnists of philippine star) who shared their fave books.guests were:

Tanya Lara, Kathy Moran, Igan D’Bayan, Scott Garceau, Lai Reyes, Luis Katigbak, Erwin Romulo, Quark Henares, Celine Lopez, Adel Tamano, Barbara Gonzalez, Paolo Lorenzana, Bea Ledesma, Ana Kalaw, Girlie Rodis, Bum Tenorio, Kara Ortiga and Jan Sarabia Ong.

watch out for this coming Saturday:

On Jan. 29 at NBS Edsa Shangri-La Plaza, 3-5pm.

Jose “Butch” Dalisay 

talks on 

“The Writing Profession: 
How Writers Can Improve their Craft 
and Earn a Living.”

**will share the story soon.  can't use pc at home till eow. pc is in living rm for my balikbayan sister. hayyy.


Gee! Gays won the Golden Globe! GREAT! :)

Best performance by an actress in a motion picture, drama
Natalie Portman, "Black Swan". 

Also won the award hottest girl to girl action in mainstream cinema for 2010.

this is what actually happened after swan lake, the swan turned into a stork. hot mila got me preggy :) 

Best performance by an actress in a motion picture, comedy or musical
Annette Bening, "The Kids Are All Right"

Annette played the role of a lesbian obstetrician.

err, while the kids may be alright, my hair certainly doesn't look alright.  somebody kill the hairdresser! i was told the just-got-out-of-bed is still in!  darn!

Best motion picture, comedy or musical
"The Kids Are All Right"

this is a film about a lesbian couple with kids where the kids are all right, but the couple are not (lesbian bed death maybe. yes, haven't seen the film yet so will stop here.)

a lez-themed flick winning, definitely ALL RIGHT! Cheers! :)

Best actress in a supporting role in a series, miniseries or made for television motion picture
Jane Lynch, "Glee"

Jane is the famous androgynous Sylvester Sue (cheerdance coach) who has the biggest balls in the show. 

yes, my balls are these big! and so is my ego and my mouth! see??? enough of the jokes. where's my trophy before i eat you all alive!!! :)

Best actor in a supporting role in a series, miniseries or made for television motion picture
Chris Colfer, "Glee"

 Chris as Kurt is the most popular teen cast in the show. his is probably the most important role in the show now given the numerous LGBT issues lately (gay marriage, gay suicides/bullying, don't speak-don't tell). his winning is a political statement.

ok, am trying to be prim and proper here, but this trophy looks every inch a phallic symbol. 
mygawd, there's even a base and a head.  am not complaining though. :D

Best motion picture, drama
"The Social Network"

Best performance by an actor in a motion picture, drama
Colin Firth, "The King's Speech"

Best performance by an actor in a motion picture, comedy or musical
Paul Giamatti, "Barney's Version"

Best performance by an actor in a supporting role, motion picture
Christian Bale, "The Fighter"

Best performance by an actress in a supporting role, motion picture
Melissa Leo, "The Fighter"

Best animated feature film
"Toy Story 3"

Best foreign language film
"In a Better World"

Best director
David Fincher, "The Social Network"

Best screenplay
Aaron Sorkin, "The Social Network"

Best original score
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – "The Social Network"

Best original song
"You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me" – Burlesque, with music & lyrics by Diane Warren

Best television series, drama
"Boardwalk Empire"

Best performance by an actor in a television series, drama
Steve Buscemi, "Boardwalk Empire"

Best performance by an actress in a television series, drama
Katey Sagal, "Sons of Anarchy"

Best television series, comedy or musical

Best performance by an actor in a television series, comedy or musical
Jim Parsons, "Big Bang Theory"

Best performance by an actress in a television series, comedy or musical
Laura Linney, "The Big C"

Best miniseries or made for television motion picture

Best actor in a miniseries or made for television motion picture
Al Pacino, "You Don't Know Jack"

Best actress in a miniseries or made for television motion picture
Claire Danes, "Temple Grandin"






Queen Vanessa

I am a fan of Wilhelmina Slater (Ugly Betty), ergo, i love Vanessa Williams. I know that she's a singer (from the Colors of the Wind - Pocahontas film), and i also learned that she's a stage actress, songwriter, and a beauty queen. I respect her talent, beauty and regal air. i've heard that she got dethroned because of some nude photos prior to winning. but days ago, i discovered that those photos were not racy at all. they were of girl-to-girl poses, tastefully done.

the said photos were done during her pre-pageant days when she was working as an assistant makeup artist then. the photographer wanted to try a new concept of silhouettes with two models (translation: lesbian poses). she was told these are for his private collection.

after vanessa won the miss america title, the photographer realized how he can make loads of money from his private collection by going public with it. he went selling it to playboy (who, with surprising class, turned it down bec it didn't have vanessa's permission) and penthouse (grabbed them, earned millions from it, as well as earning my deep disgust).

from the pressure of the pageant and public prejudice, vanessa, the victim here, resigned as miss america and became a top-grossing singer, multi-awarded/nominated artist/actress (stage and tv), host, endorser and more. she has proved a point. that she is bigger than the scandal, better than those who exploited her and the best, most successful miss america EVER.

uhm, yeah, tastefully. :D

a queen doesn't need a crown or title to be royalty. a true queen is one who's won battles, subdued enemies and gained the respect and admiration of the people. i have higher respect of her now than before. i love her more and for the strength with grace that she is. Hail the Queen! =)

we all have problems, challenges and our share of scandal or trouble that may seem insurmountable. be it at work or personal lives (i should know, i have lots of these). but take comfort and courage in the fact that it has been proven countless times -- it's not the end. we can survive it all and be triumphant against any adversity. =)  


Train of thoughts

A new friend told me the story of her friend X. X is into women, but somewhere along she thought she wanted a family with husband and kids. New friend tried her best to dissuade X from such foolishness, because she knows X so well. A kid after and several years of marriage with her hubby  X realized she's still into women. So X separated with hubby. I joked with new friend that maybe because X already got what she wanted with the man, which is a child of her own, that's why she wants to part ways. Haha. Of course twas just in jest. Relating to my own, I told myself I wouldn't be caught in such situation of indecision. Gay, straight, gay. But then I quickly chided myself for being judgemental. I mean we all are entitled to change our minds. Not just because we are women (being fickle-minded is a woman's birth right), but simply because we are human. We change, we learn. I won't consider it a mistake because at the time we make certain decisions, it is what is right for us. And then sometimes, later on, it doesn't feel as right anymore. Thus, we change, do/decide on something different. 

That is what is so amazing with life - change :) we may not be able to undo what's already been done, but we can always change, start over and march forward. Every second of our life is an opportunity to follow our heart and make things right. Doesn't that feel great? =) It's TGIF! Happy life everyone! :)

*blogged while standing inside a packed train. Good thing I at least have wiggle room to iPhone thumb my standing thoughts. Haha.*


just because

i wake up, go to the bathroom and look at my face on the mirror. and i can swear, every time, i observe that my skin looks smoother, clearer. my eyes' veins from yesterday's stress all gone. with such goodness, how can i not smile? :) i am happy and it shows. i go back to bed, slip under the blanket and i know why. you. the gentlest toner, best moisturizer, most effective anti-aging, guaranteed pore tightening, sure sun block with tension blocker, dirt lifting agent, anti-stress serum - all in one package of creamy smoothness - you. my perfume of joy, that intoxicates, lingers beyond 24 hours. my organic deodorant, makes everything smell and feel good, even whitens the gloom in my days. the one lotion i want all over my skin. you.

and your love is the only thing i want to wear. i love you silly crazy. good night baby. =)



Lesbians, Bisexuals, Denials in the Phils - part5

Contributions from the readers which i missed in my prior posts :)

the good, the bad, the bold, the old, the very old, and the who(?)

angel aquino - is a top model, tv host and actress who was rumored to be lesbian and was linked with rock star Barbie Almalbis. she used to go to elite exclusive parties along with her manager. this is what i can say, if i were straight, i'd go lesbian for her :)

barbie almalbis - is the former vocalists of Hungry Young Poets and Barbie's Cradle. she went solo in 2005. she's been rumored to have had a relationship with angel aquino. i for myself saw her in a coffee shop in makati years ago. inside the coffee shop were mostly lesbians (the boyish kind), while she was seated outside as her table-mates were in the act of doing a pray over to her. seriously. maybe they thought a bad spirit made her gay then. anyhoo, i heard that she straightened her ways after joining a christian religious group.tsk. tsk.

alma concepcion - ex-beauty queen turned sexy starlet. i heard from an ex that alma has a butch partner. i just dunno if they're still together.

ai-ai delas alas - is the top comedienne in the country. she has in several times insinuated (in the form of jokes) that she has a female partner and that she's gay. the rumored gf of ai-ai is direk malu sevilla of abs-cbn. there was an interview where she said she'll stop the relationship for her kids. but it seems it's where she's happiest and thus back with the said partner. maritess gutierrez is a good friend of hers too. as the saying goes, tell me who your friends are and i'll tell you who you are ;)

nora aunor - the one and only superstar of the philippines has had rumors of being gay since way back. she was first rumored about it with maritess gutierrez when they did a movie together, she also played lesbian lawyer in the film "T-bird at Ako", and now an unconfirmed report saying that she married her lesbian manager norie sayo in US where both are now citizens of the said country.

annie susano - ex-congresswoman of quezon city who was once rumored with maricel soriano. they were last seen together in the recent local election campaign. here's her 1x1 id picture from congress. hehe.


my treat

Who is Mocha?

Margaux Uson, or more popularly known as Mocha was born and raised in Dagupan City. Her mom, who is a well-known doctor in the city, wanted her to be her successor. She took up a medical course in University of Sto. Tomas. But later on pursued her first love which is performing.

From a shy performer to a liberated one. A lot of people criticized her and labeled her group as lesbians when her photos kissing her bandmate got published in tabloids. However, she used the issue to her advantage and admitted afterward that she is bisexual. She next had a photoblog in Maxim men's magazine where she posted pictures of her wild adventures. When the magazine folded, she continued with her interesting/sizzling posts thru her own blog, http://mocha.com.ph.

She claims she's bisexual, but all i see in her blog and column then were her kissing women and other sexy pictorials. i have yet to see an intimate pic of her with a man. so if we polarize her bisexuality based on videos and pics, i'd say she's more into women! woot! woot! =D that makes me soo happy.

I wet just looking at her pics and reading her blog. Hayyyy... Since this is the last day of my vacation and before i go back to work, here's a treat for all of you beautiful people. Enjoy!

Warning: best to watch with your partner or a companion, a fan/aircon, a drink.

Part 1

Part 2

source: blog, dailymotion, mocha's  blog.


Lesbians, Bisexuals, Denials in the Phils - part4

proves to show that lesbians/bisexuals (rumored or not) has a diversity on its own, because of the wide sector of industry they belong to.

Lady D - first Pinay rapper who surfaced in the 90s. i dunno much about her. a decade after she was interviewed in a tv show looking one handsome butch. and no need for suspense, she admitted she's a lesbian. whoa! love her! cutestuff  :D

Joyce Bernal - a film and tv director. she's mostly surrounded by gay friends. no buzz at all about a boyfriend or that she dated any. just one day, she came out preggy and now a happy single mom. rumor has it that she's gay. well i for one think she has bigger balls than any men out there. so it would be dapper if she indeed is gay! =)

Jamby Madrigal - is a politician a senator and ex-presidential candidate. first off, nickname Jamby sounds  jomboy to me. haha. not to mention that she looks kinda boyish. she has a proclaimed hubby though. not that it matters these days. i mean look at arnel ignacio (married with 1 kid), jun encarnacion (married with 6 kids i think). her being a (rumored) closet gay has been the punchline for a lot of political jokes on her. so, nothing to add. :) 
Maribeth Bichara - is a popular dance choreographer in the 80s. she's last seen i think on the Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) as one of the teachers then. she has voluptuous body and dances superbly, but gossip has it that she prefers a female partner. ;)

Eugene Domingo - she first caught my attention not from her comedy roles, but when she played a butch role in Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) at ABS-CBN. there she was the "father"  with yayo aguila as the femme partner. their child in that show was aiza sequerra where the twist is that aiza looks lesbian, but is not (at least in the role). eugene was so effective with it, you'd wonder, man! could she be? no bf of sorts, often with gay friends. and has been rumored lesbian. i think she can make any woman laugh, truly charming. not surprising if many ladies secretly swoon for her.

and lastly, save the best for lust, err, i mean last,

Mocha Uson - the first out celebrity bisexual, singer-cum-blogger-cum-advocacy enthusiast. this queen merits a separate blog post dedicated to her. so  i apologize for the cliffhanger, but details to follow soon. =)


Lesbians, Bisexuals, Denials in the Phils - part3


Kuh Ledesma and Monique Wilson - both veteran singers (diva, international stage actress/singer respectively), both are producers. the former owned music museum, the latter performed in music museum (for the Puki [Vagina] Monologues). there's this hush hush rumor that the two were a couple before. if ever that was true, whatta power house couple they'd be.

Lorna Tolentino and Maritess Gutierrez - both have the showbusiness pedigree, one's a widow, the other's a single mom. both have been rumored gays before. the former with maila gumila, the latter with nora aunor and ai-ai delas alas. MG is the only daughter of Gloria Romero and Juancho Gutierrez. she appeared in some movies (mostly with Nora Aunor) before becoming a chef. her son is now in showbiz. LT comes from the Padilla clan (e,g, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Robin Padilla, etc). She was married to action star Rudy Fernandez and has two sons. according to the grapevine, LT and MG got closer and are always together these days. i think they'd make a lovely couple :)


Lesbians, Bisexuals, Denials in the Phils - part2


Bea Alonzo - a famous ABS-CBN star that's been rumored to be a lesbian. allegedly, she's had several lesbian partners, all of whom worked in ABS-CBN. the nastier part of the rumor is that 2 had already committed suicide due to heartache over Bea. a beauty to die for? scary! :)

Gwen Zamora - new tv/movie actress being groomed by GMA7 as the next IT girl. she's on the tv shows Grazilda and Bubble Gang. her latest flick is recent MMFF's Agimat and Enteng Kabisote. there's a blind item going around that she's gay but didn't see it asked of her yet, so no denial happened so far. if you want to know the blind item itself, just email me. :) don't want to post it here.

Sharmaine Suarez - ex-sexy star vavavoom sharmaine has repeatedly been rumored lesbian in the past. saw in a magazine a photo of her holding hands with a hot chick before. and she admitted to having many lesbian friends. however, she never confirmed that she's "tomboy". she is now married with a man and is returning to acting in TV nowadays. if you ask me, i believe she was into women then. sexuality is fluid anyway.

Leila Kuzma - is a model, taekwondo expert, ex-Eat Bulaga tv host and also a tv actress (last seen in Encantadia). she is a little boyish in demeanor, a very pretty boyish if i must say. probably because she's into martial arts. rumors of her being gay are - caught kissing a sexbomb dancer, has a gf from a call center whom she picks up from work. i find her astig and would love to be her gf anytime. :) *landi!*

Desiree del Valle - the teen starlet of ABS-CBN tv show Tabing Ilog in fact married a lesbian in Las Vegas (by the name of Elaine Crisostomo). Their relationship didn't last/turned sour-bitter that Elaine went public with their wedding and even showed pictures as proof (wherein they both looked happy and inlove. sigh). there were disputes about money. sigh again. it was the first time a celebrity had that lesbian controversy that is so in your face because they wed (legal or not) and there's proof of it. something that can't be denied anymore. the sad part is that while desiree admitted about the wedding, she also said that it was all a mistake.

to be continued...


Lesbians, Bisexuals, Denials in the Phils - part1

Here are the (rumored or out) lesbians/bisexuals in the Phillippines.

Aiza Seguerra - child superstar turned international acoustic star. she is a well accepted talented lesbian artist. in her latest movie, Agimat & Enteng Kabisote, there were several scenes implying her sexual preference and how everybody seems to be cool about it. a joke about chicken breast was made where she commented that breasts are yummier. hehe. naughty! and very nice! ;) did i mention she has a hot gf in the name of chen? :)

Aiza Marquez - was a child/teen star on tv that later turned sexy starlet. there was a rumor linking her to elaine crisostomo, where she purportedly got married with the latter 2009. elaine prior to that rumor got married in US to desiree del valle. aiza denied the rumor. and in return, i think the public denied her of stardom for after going sexy, she's no longer seen in mainstream projects. tsk.

Serena Dalrymple - used to be famous award-winning child star that retired 2004 and came back this 2010's filmfest. i read about the rumor of her being gay in a forum. maybe because she was sporting very short hair then, which is unheard of for a straight female celebrity in the Philippines. you know how cute child stars are as kids then not so cute anymore when they grow up? serena was smart enough to quit before that happened to her. and came back as full grown woman, leapfrogging the awkward stage.  latest i read in wikipedia is that she's now engaged to a man. so cheers to this fine child actress turned fine lady! :)


Gaby dela Merced - is a racecar driver, model and tv personality who joined the reality show, Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) celebrity edition. she has been rumored as lez like, all the time. and i saw her myself in an exclusive party. that says it all for me. and she hangs out with the coolest/sexiest chicks! me envious! and definitely starstruck :)

Pow Chavez -was a finalist in the Philippine Idol contest. they didn't really package her as feminine which is good. and Ryan Cayabyab even praised her vocal prowess. this is what i don't understand with us. why we need to ask for confirmation when truth is right before us. like pressing for a person to admit/deny they're gay. i think there was never a talk/issue of her sexual preference (none that i heard of anyway) which is great. she didn't capitalize on controversy only on pure talent. :) she now has a self-titled album and is engaged to a hot foreigner woman (based on FB info). :) let's support her and buy her album. you can also add her in FB :)

Jes Corcuera - is a finalist of GMA 7's artista search StarStruck. she was dubbed as the finalist with the prettiest face. she got a lot of votes because they said she is "unique". they tried pairing her to hetero love teams, and it feels iffy seeing it on screen. maybe because i know that she is an out lesbian and the boyish kind at that. gay or not, undoubtedly pretty! :) i can definitely fall in love with that face.

Aleck Bovick - is an award winning sexy star (yes, just one award that was laced with controversy) who joined the reality show Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) celebrity edition. she was rumored gay when she got too close with singer dj alvaro. she denied the lesbian angle and said they're just friends. she also accused dj as being overly possessive, thus ditching their "closeness". as replacement, aleck surrounded herself with lots of friends - food! i think she's now double the size. nothing to be jealous about anymore. tsk. tsk.

Kaye Cal - is the lead vocalist of Ezra Band which was a finalist in the Pilipinas Got Talent reality tv show. she sings songs sung by male artists so convincingly that people confused her as a man. she later on admitted that she's lesbian. a lesbian who won't be involved in a relationship with the same sex because she said that she's now trying to change due to her active involvement in church. duh.a lesbian who's not into same-sex relationship. whatta conundrum. she must be confused what with church and showbusiness combined, who wouldn't be? i hope she achieves enlightenment soon. we can join forces and deconfuse her anytime ;) 

to be continued...