ofc crush(ed)

No. This is not bursting fireworks seen and beautiful only at night. This! Unstoppable, unknowing rush of intense volcanic eruption that doesn't answer to any time or god.

The moment you uttered the deadly three words of secret invitation, "trouble in paradise", our friendship was suddenly ripped naked to reveal the potential of an affair so illegal you'll drown in drunkenness to its wild promise. Fierce is never in your vocabulary. But it will soon be your every scream and sigh after I lick to flames all the hurt and unspoken longing you have. Confusion will be buried with the sheets and pillows and sweet sweat will glide along our entangled limbs, as I surprise and shock you of what I can do and make you do.

But I'll also be steady, and lightly, slowly, repeatedly kiss your lips. Because if smile had a taste it'll be of refreshing sweetness bearing your name.

And all these goodness embodied by you are selfishly mine. Yes we don't speak of it. But you know and I claim it -- you are mine.

The same way I am with surrender, yours.