Slightly sick still

Hey, will post somehing new this week. Am still not fully well. Due yo a recent allergic reaction to meds prescribed by a doctor. :( will kwento abt it soon! For the meantime, I once in a while paramdam in twitter :)



San Beda law student 

killed in hazing

whatthefreakinfuk is wrong with these men?! it's 2012 already and hazing?! hazing is so 90s! cybercrime na po ngayon.hayz.

don't they have better way to show their prowess than butchering neophytes? tangina nyo! sana mamatay din sa hazing ang mga magiging anak nyo! o kaya makidnap and matorture kayo ng abu sayyaf!

i have an ofcmate who's dad's a pma'er. he shared that hazing isn't such a deal anymore in pma ever since internet came to be. they'd rather be online (surf porn maybe) than kick some poor body's ass.

i am glad there's no sorority yet that reported to have killed anybody in hazing. whew! seems most violence's caused by men. boo!

where's the courage and so-called machismo in battering a blindfolded kid who can't/won't fight back? tsk.

in this day and age of twitter, facebook, tumblr, and glee, what is the sense of joining a fraternity anyway? i just don't get it. maybe bec am not a guy. which am very thankful for btw. inyong inyo na yang bulok nyong guy thing! saksak nyo sa makitid nyong utak at maitim nyong kunsensya! amp!

and lastly, kaya pala ndi kayo nagtatop sa bar e kasi puro hazing inaatupag nyo! hmp! *bugso lang ng damdamin. pasensya na po.*



i've been so away from blogging that it feels like my blog's a haunted house already, online cobwebs and all, piling up virtual dust made of dead blog skin cells. cough! cough! that makes me the resident lezombie. hehe. i might soon be a real one if i don't get well this week. *here comes the great big excuse* i have been sick for three weeks now. shocking but true. dyosa man, nagkakasakit din. now you know. hehe. i had colds, body ache, teary eyes for two weeks. more like on the brink of a flu, so i still went to work. on the first few days of the third week, i got well. and was i soo happy i hugged myself. *mukha lang naka-straight jacket. nabaliw sa saya* :) latter part of last week, my throat decided to constrict and sore like a betrayed lover/survivor *think aleli arroyo and kc montero*. i started to breathe asthmatic and my left tonsil, fed with my misery, grew bigger. for a millisecond and a few minutes i felt how it's like to be eve with adam's apple literally. if i were a male gay then, i'd be sore as hell because i can't perform bj, much more swallow the fruit's juice of my labor. what an epic performance fail. if you know what i mean.my family has asthma history which managed to skip me thankfully. but my breathlessness and wheezing started to worry me. that asthma, with all the running craze, may have finally caught me in adult life. blasted fad.i also have cough, but i don't cough. i have few phlegms (eww i know) that seem to be glued on my chest. if i could just push my arm inside my throat and scrape them off i would, but sad to say, am not that dexterous. so i finally went to the hospital the other day in the hope to find a dexterous doctor. hehehe. i had with me my prolonged sickness and the catcher in the rye book. when the doctor saw my book, he simply said, classic. i instantly like this doctor. :) he made me open up wide and "aaah" several times. that's when i realized my bj dreams (if i ever had one) is over. because i almost vomited each time his stick enters mine. *err, did i just unintentionally slipped an innuendo there? :D let not your imagination go there. it's literally a wooden stick. ok, i should have not said the wood. not helping. hehe. * going back to my throat and the doc's stick. hahaha. there it goes again. that's what sick people do. think sick thoughts. hehehe. anyhoo, the good doctor concluded i just normally have bigger left tonsil than the usual. you know, the same manner your right breast is bigger than your left. you can fondle one more often to make it bigger. it's not like i can fondle my tonsils for chrissake. :D he gave me two prescriptions. one for my meds (cough and colds) and the other book recommendations. mygawd. if he wasn't obese and if i weren't gay, i'd think he's flirting. hahaha. the bibliophile doc name dropped arlene j. chai who penned "eating fire and drinking water." and raved about the book "the good earth". i will definitely check those out once am well and my wallet's refilled. :)

ps. after taking the meds for two days, i now have a bona fide cough. because i am coughing my guts and phlegm out (no need for scraping). i did not go to work today for fear of coughing out the rest of my internal organs in the office. i don't want them to know all my secrets, like my blood's rainbow-colored. enjoy rainy, monday! =)


Let's Fall, Now.

faith, friends, family.the challenges faced by lgbt couples. watch it tackled in this wonderful stage play i thankfully discovered yesterday. :) super relate! 'hope you can see this also as it's not often we have a stage play about a gay couple here in the philippines.

not rushing you, but it's showing TODAY and tomorrow is the LAST showing at OnStage. Sad! i know! had i learned of this earlier i would have posted about this instantly. but i've been sick for the last two weeks. lea salonga plugged this in her inquirer column. please WATCH! and let me know what you think. if i have time, and err, money, will watch it again tomorrow. =)

Written by playwright Geoffrey Nauffts, “ Next Fall ” is an exploration of faith in a modern gay relationship involving Luke and Adam. So what happens when a Christian gives an Atheist the Heimlich? The play chronicles the five-year relationship of the gay couple as they wrestle with their respective demons. Timely and compelling, the play“ places the Proposition 8 controversy in a human context by exploring what it means to 'believe' in this day and age, and what it might cost us not to".

“Next Fall” is a romantic comedy, a tragedy, a family drama, an issue play, and a coming-of-age story. Whichever path you take into “Next Fall” - the notion of faith is central to the experience.

“Next Fall” won the 2010 John Gassner Award for Geoffrey Nauffts. In the same year, the play was also nominated for the Drama Desk Awards -- Outstanding Play; Tony Awards -- Best Play; Outer Critics Circle Awards -- Outstanding New Broadway Play.

full info -> here

Onstage Theater
Greenbelt 1

2nd Level, Greenbelt 1, Greenbelt
Paseo de Roxas cor. Legaspi St., Ayala Center
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines
Saturday February 4, 2012
- 3:30 PM
- 8:00 PM
Sunday February 5, 2012 3:30 PM

Tickets are at P800, P600 and P400.
When you but at GB1, the ticket price left is at P800. But the lower prices are still available in Ticketworld.