The Best Parts of Oscars 2013

after like a decade of not watcing Oscars live, i finally took a leave, woke up early and basked in the glory of The Oscars 2013. but of course, sharing to you only the best parts in Oscars 2013 ;)

1. The Boobs song -

2. if you have the boobs, of course you must have The Nipples, courtesy of Anne Hathaway -
3. The Skirt part of the gown, more importantly, what's underneath -
it's so voluminous, i can camp and live there!
BUT Charlize's is more inviting. hehehe.

5. Of course we can't mention Charlize without also mentioning Kirsten Stewart, who managed to  stilll flirt with Jennifer Lawrence even when in crutches. Apparently, crutch is the new pick up line.

7. Now going back to Boobs, Brandi Granville from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her pair is begging to be freed. This is beyond cleavage, because it's almost the entire package with a slight cover as an afterthought.

8. just to put back some class and everything beautiful in this post, let me end with a short hair from our most glamorous looking tomgirl, Charlize Theron.


Batwoman will propose to ... gf!

Batwoman might be getting married!

News of Batwoman's lesbian marriage proposal was first announced Wednesday on Bleeding Cool, a popular comic book blog. Rich Johnston reported that "Batwoman" #17 concludes with the heorine proposing to her girlfriend, Maggie Sawyer.

Via Bleeding Cool:

Because in Batwoman #17, published today, Kathy Kane, the Batwoman, DC’s leading lesbian lady asks Maggie Sawyer, Captain Sawyer, her secret girlfriend to ... be her wife. No idea how well that’s going to go down. And you have to read the build up to this – and the rather dangerous epilogue. There’s no guarantee we’re going to hear wedding bells. But I think that’s a story. I’ve been talking about how much I love this comic for some time, I think it’s DC’s best. Now I’ve just been given another reason. 

ComicBookResources.com also confirmed the proposal. After emerging victorious from a recent crusade, Kane reveals her identity to Sawyer. "Marry me, Mags," she says, planting a kiss on Sawyer before the police captain can react.

"Batwoman" artist J. H. Williams had even hinted that big things were in store for Wednesday's release.

Pimpin' my sh... Batwoman 17 is out this week, an important chapter for the series in many ways. Brief commentary at http://www.jhwilliams3.com .

Williams also expressed just why this character's story means so much to him and comic book readers alike.
"Batwoman is an important character, and a socially important one that has meaning that extends well beyond the printed pages of the world she lives in, reaching out into ours possibly affecting those who encounter her story," he wrote on his official website Tuesday.
Williams was not immediately available to give a comment to The Huffington Post.
Batwoman's proposal, the first lesbian engagement to be included in a mainstream comic, comes on the heels of DC Comics tapping anti-gay author Orson Scott Card topen a portion of an upcoming issue of Superman release.

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mobileweb/2013/02/20/batwoman-gay-marriage-proposal-girlfriend-photo_n_2724732.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000003


a driven womyn

Danica Patrick Wins Pole For NASCAR's Daytona 500

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — Danica Patrick has made history before – as a woman and a racer, in Indianapolis and Japan.

The spotlight is nothing new. But never has it been this bright before.

Patrick won the Daytona 500 pole Sunday, becoming the first woman to secure the top spot for any race in NASCAR's premier circuit. It's by far the biggest achievement of her stock-car career.

"I was brought up to be the fastest driver, not the fastest girl," she said. "That was instilled in me from very young, from the beginning. Then I feel like thriving in those moments, where the pressure's on, has also been a help for me. I also feel like I've been lucky in my career to be with good teams and have good people around me. I don't think any of it would have been possible without that.
"For those reasons, I've been lucky enough to make history, be the first woman to do many things. I really just hope that I don't stop doing that. We have a lot more history to make. We are excited to do it."

Her latest stamp in the history books came with a lap at 196.434 mph around Daytona International Speedway. Patrick went out eighth in the qualifying session, then had to wait about two hours as 37 fellow drivers tried to take her spot.

Only four-time Cup champion Jeff Gordon even came close to knocking her off. Gordon was the only other driver who topped 196 mph in qualifying. He locked up the other guaranteed spot in next week's season-opening Daytona 500.

"It's great to be a part of history with Danica being on the pole," said Gordon, who joked that at least he was the fastest guy. "I think we all know how popular she is, what this will do for our sport. Congratulations to her. Proud to be on there with her."

The rest of the field will be set in duel qualifying races Thursday.

However the lineup unfolds, all drivers will line up behind Patrick's No. 10 Chevrolet SS.

And she knows her latest achievement will mean more public relations work.

The routine is nothing new for Patrick, who was the first woman to lead laps in the Indianapolis 500. She finished third in 2009, the highest finish in that illustrious race for a woman. And she became the only woman to win an IndyCar race when she did it in Japan in 2008.

Hardly anyone witnessed that victory.

Leading the field to the green flag in NASCAR's showcase event should be must-watch television.
"That's a huge accomplishment," team owner and fellow driver Tony Stewart said. "It's not like it's been 15 or 20 years she's been trying to do this. It's her second trip to Daytona here in a Cup car. She's made history in the sport. That's stuff that we're proud of being a part of with her. It's something she should have a huge amount of pride in.

"It's never been done. There's only one person that can be the first to do anything. Doesn't matter how many do it after you do, accomplish that same goal. The first one that does always has that little bit more significance to it because you were the first."

Even before her fast lap Sunday, Patrick was the talk of Speedweeks. Not only did she open up about her budding romance with fellow Sprint Cup rookie Ricky Stenhouse Jr., but she was considered the front-runner for the pole after leading practice sessions Saturday.

And she didn't disappoint.

She kept her car at or near the bottom of the famed track and gained ground on the straightaways, showing lots of power from a Hendrick Motorsports engine.

"It's easy to come down here in your first or second year as a driver and clip the apron trying to run too tight a line or do something and scrub speed off," Stewart said. "That's something she did an awesome job. Watching her lap, she runs so smooth. ... She did her job behind the wheel, for sure."
The result surely felt good for Patrick, especially considering the former IndyCar driver has mostly struggled in three NASCAR seasons. Her best finish in 10 Cup races is 17th, and she has one top-five in 58 starts in the second-tier Nationwide Series.

She raced part-time in 2010 and 2011 while still driving a full IndyCar slate. She switched solely to stock cars last season and finished 10th in the Nationwide standings.

She made the jump to Sprint Cup this season and will battle Stenhouse for Rookie of the Year honors.
Starting out front in an unpredictable, 500-mile race doesn't guarantee any sort of result, but securing the pole will put her in the limelight for at least the rest of the week.

She also won the pole at Daytona for last year's Nationwide race.

This is considerably bigger.

The previous highest female qualifier in a Cup race was Janet Guthrie. She started ninth at Bristol and Talladega in 1977.

"It's obviously a history-making event that will last a long, long time," Guthrie said, praising Patrick's feat. "It's a different era, of course. Different times. I can't imagine what I would do with a spotter or somebody telling me how to drive. It's rather a different sport now. Back then, there was a much greater difference from the front of the field to the back."

Guthrie received a lukewarm reception from fellow drivers back then.

Patrick was much more welcomed, undoubtedly because of her background and popularity.
She's comfortable being in the spotlight, evidenced by her racing career, her television commercials and her sudden openness about her personal life.

"I think when pressure's on and when the spotlight's on, I feel like it ultimately ends up becoming some of my better moments and my better races and better results," Patrick said. "I just understand that if you put the hard work in before you go out there that you can have a little peace and a little peace of mind knowing that you've done everything you can and just let it happen."

source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/17/danica-patrick-wins-pole-daytona-500-nascar_n_2707495.html



black is the new luck

remember this tight black dress that i wore for my job interview last year? well, it's still tight and appears to be shorter now. i decided to wear it for work still because i needed something tight to hug my body, to quash any negative feelings, to flatten my tummy and to make my ass look tighter. hehe. seriously though, i needed something to perk me up. the dress got me the job, so maybe it'll do its magic again and give me something really nice.

so in a management meeting, wearing my stilletos that scream, i fashionably kick ass, i confidently sat and presented my deck. my boss questioned some of my entries. a first time. made me appear less super. in front of my team. and other managers. my ego can only mutter ouchie! fukc. fuk. cufk. fuck.

i stormed outside right after the meeting, back to my desk, fuming, quickly grabbed my wheeled and personally cushioned not-so-ergonomic chair, sat and then THUD! whattheF?! my wheeled and personally cushioned not-so-ergonomic chair at arm's length, my butt, missing it by a few inches. my tight sorry ass flat on the carpeted floor! putanaman o! *sorry, poise got crushed from where i fell*

when i tried to stand up, a sound of repeated r's came next... rrrrrriiip. ohno! my back slit! i hurriedly went to the restroom (and for the life of G, please stop calling it bathroom) to asess the damage. on my back, i can see  hint of my undies giving me the tsk tsk tsk look. i tried covering it with my winter jacket (it's THAT aircon cold in the office), but twas met with futility.

i asked for the opinion of our admin asst who has mastered the art of obscene corporate get up. even she mouthed tsk tsk tsk.

so off i went to the nearest clothes store at past 1pm. as i was walking outside the office past lunch time, i bumped into our CIO who gave me the why-are-you-going-out-on-office-hours look. i know it's just early afternoon and no stars on sight the smog covered sky, but i am convinced the stars have aligned to fuck with me the whole day.

i bought this nice printed pants for an incredulous price of P900! and a cheapo tank for P100+. P1k, the price to cover up shame. global warming toasted while crossing the street, i just pointlessly covered my head with my palm. as i was waiting for the traffic red light to shift to green, i envied the girl ahead of me who in all her feminine and poised ensemble was holding an umbrella. i stepped closer as preparation to cross the street. with my makeup melting and my palm covering my forehead from further skin damage, she turned my way and looked at me. smiled (and glowed too), with the sun behind her umbrella and in slow motion effect offered her rose smelling umbrella to me. i shyly (can you believe that?!) stood really close beside her, unsure if i should just hold the umbrella or just let her make a foolish looking girl out of me. we walked, but in my mind we were sashaying to the next street. she asked me which way i will go and turns out we're going on the same way. at that exact moment, the smog filled sky parted and revealed this clear, sunny (okay, scorching) bright sky, the birds started chirping or was it the buses honking? i swear our spirits were holding hands as we continued to walk.

she kept talking to me in English so I figured she's from elsewhere.

"are you Filipino?"
"no, i'm not from here. from thailand"
"oh that explains it. i haven't encountered one in Ayala who shares umbrellas with strangers"
"where's your office?"
*points to my office building*
"i live across yours." *tadadaan!*
"are you a BPO consultant?" *many foreign speaking consultants in BPOs*
"no, i'm a data analyst." *omg, she's not only kind, pretty, she's also smart*
"here's my business card. can i get your number? if you don't mind..."
*opportunity to get her name*
"what name do i put?" * i could have continued with - to the woman who just saved my day?*
"just put Nina. my last name is very long."
"ok." *giggles* *putsa! anglande!* "'hope we can have lunch or snacks if you're free."
"sure, that would be nice."

i glided back to my office, wearing my new set of clothes, my newly inflated self esteem and my suddenly giddy heart.

i won't deny that it tasted like sweets in the shape of a love story unfolding.