the Leap that Lifts

i had to pause for a moment to let it all sink. a friend of mine made The LEAP. literally and figuratively. at first, i replied to the news like any good news. but after sending my reply email, the magnitude of what they did, slowly sunk in my busy head. in between projects and timelines, mygawd! THEY DID IT! a lesbian i personally know really, legally, got married! W-O-W! overwhelming. geez. am losing my mind. wait, lemme pick up my scattered brain. she was kind enough to email me about it for I haven't checked fb in a loong while. =)

theirs was a decade-long life of love and all the challenges that go with relationships. they're both amazing, talented, smart, cool, and beautiful. how good can it get right? I only have one selfish thought, that I could also have what they have. =)

when I saw their private wedding pictures, i was awashed with tears and joy.  no eloquence of big, flowery words needed. they are happy.

*boo-hoo! sniff. sniff. here I go again, crying and emotional, like am the parent who gave away the bride. Haha*


no romantic movie can beat this. because this one's real. and legit. i cannot stress it enough. two wonderful filipino womyn i know got legally married to each other. the world suddenly feels right. and i am happy. =)

theirs also go with a cool soundtrack =)

*i have peppered this post with smileys if you notice. 
happiness cannot be contained. 
it bursts!*

Thank You for the Inspiration! =)


sex talk

saw this article in twitter just now =) bottomline, practice makes perfect. tee-hee! a smart, good looking lez friend of mine once said, "nobody knows your body more than your partner". totally agree! :) may we always have not just good, but great sex! cheers! :)

Good Sex Versus Bad Sex

Feb. 16, 2012
Did you have sex in high school? If you didn’t, you really should’ve because it was sort of amazing. It’s the worst sex you’ll ever have without knowing it. Like someone could actually just ram their tongue in your bellybutton for an hour and eat the lint, and you’d just be like, “Oh my god, my body is trembling with pleasure! This is so experimental and hideously kinky! WHERE’S THE WHIPPED CREAM? CAN I EAT THIS WAFFLE OFF YOUR PUBIC HAIR NEXT?! I saw it in that movie 9 and 1/2 Weeks...” Ignorance is seriously bliss, you guys. Since you have nothing to compare it to, everything feels fantastic and Kama Sutra-y. You want to be Samantha Jones from Sex and the City talking about your sex life all blasé in the high school cafeteria. “Yeah, we’ve done anal. I mean, we’re just really free, you know?” You honestly believe that the sex you’re having is fantastic and daring and adventurous when, in reality, it’s strange, painful, and often lasts the duration of a Ramones song.

Bad sex doesn’t become Bad Sex until you’ve actually had good sex. In fact, you could live your entire life thinking you were having the most mind-blowing sex until you meet someone who actually knows what they’re doing, and then you’re like “Oh, JK.” Sometimes good sex can be a curse though because when it gets taken away from you — and it always does — you’ll forever know its truest potential. You’ll no longer be satisfied by a couple of thrusts and a colorful O face. You’ve been touched by an angel and now you have to wait until the next one comes along. Hint: You might be waiting a long time. Like imagine yourself waiting in the ER with no healthcare next to a man with a gunshot wound who’s already been there for four hours. You might want to just take home this guy with the man bun in the meantime.

All of this being said, do you ever get paranoid that you’ve been having tons of bad sex without knowing it? How do you know if you haven’t found the peanut butter to your sex jelly yet? People always talk about sex as either being terrible or amazing but what I’ve found in my own experience is that a lot of is unremarkable. I’ve dated people for long stretches of time and when it ends, I can’t remember what the sex was like for the life of me. The go-to descriptive word is always “nice.” The sex is nice. Um, you know what’s nice? Puppies, Ellen Degeneres, Unitarians, your friend’s mom, 75 degree weather, a hug from an orphan. Sex shouldn’t be just nice, right?

There’s something sweet about all the bad sex you have in the beginning. There’s no judgment. You might be ultra vulnerable but you’re protected by your partner’s own ignorance. If something doesn’t feel perfect or if things are awkward, it’s okay because you’re young and this is just the starting point. No expectations here! You just want to explore someone’s body and have them let you do things to it. It doesn’t stay this way, of course. With every new person you sleep with, it gets to be more noisy. Bad sex is bad sex, good sex is good sex. The definitions have been made and set in stone. You have a checklist that needs checking off. There’s something so… clinical and disheartening about it. In some ways, I wish every time could feel like the first time. I mean, except it would be longer, nicer, and no one would have Cheeto breath.
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Read more at http://thoughtcatalog.com/2012/good-sex-versus-bad-sex/#WwgsZkZ52YdjhIFF.99

Straightening effort for £40M

truth is indeed stranger than fiction. and love, well, it's priceless. =)

£40M for any man who can turn my gay daughter straight: Father's shock offer after lesbian wedding ceremony

By Mail Foreign Service

As a billionaire playboy who claims to have bedded 10,000 women, Cecil Chao has no doubts about his own sexuality.

Now he is trying to dictate the sexuality of his children too.

The 76-year-old property and shipping tycoon is offering a £40million ‘marriage bounty’ to any man who can win the heart of his lesbian daughter – and turn her straight.

Refusing to accept the gay union, he pledged the fortune to any potential male suitor able to walk 33-year-old Gigi Chao down the aisle at a traditional wedding.

The famously promiscuous Hong Kong businessman dismissed ‘false reports’ of his daughter’s lesbian nuptials and insisted she was still single.

‘I don’t mind whether he is rich or poor – the important thing is that he is generous and kind hearted,’ he said of the ideal husband for his daughter.

‘Gigi is a very good woman with both talents and looks. She is devoted to her parents, is generous and does volunteer work,’ he told the South China Morning Post.

Same-sex marriages are not recognised in Hong Kong.

According to reports, the spat between Mr Chao and his daughter erupted last week when she announced at an event in Beijing that she tied the knot with her long-term lover, Sean Eav, five months ago. A regular on the city’s social circuit and in celebrity magazines, Mr Chao has never been married. Gigi is the oldest of his three children with three mothers. 


In addition to the dowry, he has also offered to start his potential son-in-law up in his own business.
He said the prize money was ‘an inducement to attract someone who has the talent, but not the capital, to start his own business’.

According to the BBC, Miss Chao said she found her father’s plan ‘entertaining’ and wouldn’t give it too much thought until an actual suitor had been found.

Miss Chao graduated from University of Manchester in 1999 with a degree in architecture. She went on to work for two years with prominent British architect Sir Terry Farrell.

source here.


Aiza Seguerra @ 25

no, aiza is not 25 yrs old.
nope, the ticket price is not 25k nor 25cents.
25 gfs? uhm, could be. or even more!
25 is what used to be her waistline. hehe.
not sure though if her eye glasses grade is 25.
tried counting, but no, her tatts to date are below 25.
over 25 films to her belt.
less 25 piercings.

a woman of successful reinvention!
child superstar to laos on her awkkward age to fine arts student to music student to award winning ballad singer to lesbian to acoustic singer to gf to chen to singing contest judge to protege mentor to mentor-gf to krizza to record producer. WOW! the possibilities and realities to aiza is endless!

25. bente singko.

this will be the biggest lez gathering at Araneta Center! :) we shouldn't miss this! our dearest, most loved and  most popular OUT pinay lesbian will sing for us. i guarantee that you will fall in love again or fall deeper in love after this concert =)

let us support! =)
BENTE SINGKO: Aiza Seguerra Anniversary Concert

At the exceptional young age of 28, Aiza Seguerra has already shared with us 25 years of musical and artistic craftsmanship.
From her young career as Vic Sotto’s daughter in Okey Ka Fairy Ko and more than 30 movies, the former child star has blossomed into one of the country’s most respected acoustic singer-songwriters and guitarist with hits such as "Pagdating ng Panahon" and "Akala Mo."
Aiza wishes to share her gratitude for her silver milestone with BENTE SINGKO: Aiza Seguerra Anniversary Concert on September 28 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, a production from Blackbird Music Creations, That’s Ntertainment Productions and line produced by MediaNation Inc.
To celebrate Aiza’s stellar career, Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano and Concert King Martin Nievera will join the silver anniversary concert as the major acts. Their enduring ballads will fill the Coliseum with energy and passion.
Aiza’s role as mentor in the show Protégé: The Battle for the Big Break has led to the development of the grand winner Krizza Neri who will join the night as a special guest. The Company will serenade the night with hits such as "Pakisabi na Lang," a song Aiza has also popularized in radio stations.
Fellow ASAP Sessionistas Juris, Richard Poon, Princess and Nyoy Volante, will also join Aiza for this big night. Gloc 9, Bayang Barrios and Cooky Chua of Color It Redd will complete the night with their own distinct brand of music.
The ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra will provide musical depth to the evening under the guidance of accomplished conductor Gerard Salonga. Mike Villegas and Ria Osorio will be the musical directors.
Reservations can now be made for the ticket prices below. Please call Tel. No. 234-2117 for ticket inquiries.
Ticket Prices:
VIP P3,500 | Patron P3,000 | LowerBoxP2,500 |
Upper Box A P750 | Upper Box B P400 |
General Admission P300

article source here


Aiza Seguerra promises nonstop singing, good vibes

We all saw how Aiza Seguerra morphed from an adorable child wonder into a talented singer-songwriter. We salute her for being brave enough to show her true colors. It’s not an easy thing to admit you’re gay, especially in the cruel world of show biz.

It’s been 25 years since Aiza charmed her way into our hearts. To celebrate her silver milestone, she’s having an anniversary concert aptly dubbed “Bente Singko” on Sept. 28 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum (call 9115555).

Bravo, Aiza! You’re living proof that talent knows no gender.

What can fans expect from your anniversary concert?
Nonstop singing, good vibes.

What was the hardest part of growing up as a child superstar?
The not-growing-up part (literally). I enjoyed every bit of it, even if my childhood was somewhat different from other kids.

Which is your fave song among all your compositions?
I have several favorites—“Lupang Pinangako,” even if it’s not a hit; “’Di Lang Ikaw,” which I cowrote with Juris, and “Kung Malalaman Mo,” written by Ryan Cayabyab and I for Krizza Neri.

What’s your advice to gays who are afraid to come out of the closet?Be ready because it’s not easy. People will either accept you or not. That’s why you should learn how to love yourself; people may distance themselves from you if they can’t understand why you’re gay.

What song best describes the state of your heart right now?
“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri.

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Video games.

What’s on your bucket list?
To skydive. And to dive in all the best dive spots in the world.

What kind of lover are you?
I give my all, but I’m no martyr.

What’s your message to your future self and to your former self?
To my future self, just keep enjoying life! To my former self, heads up: Sorry, you’re not going to grow any taller.

source here.


Train Crush 21 - Revisited

Remember Train Crush 21? Well, a reader, mistook me for another blogger and gave this comment -
Anonymous said...

Hello Lara,

I've been reading your blog for about 7 years now. I came across your Train Crush 21 post just now and just so you know, I know that girl in the picture! Her name is Xiomara 'Mara' Chang. Her family lives in (yes, 'inside') the Chinese cemetery in Caloocan. She does part-time modeling.


Best regards,

**first off, am not Lara. she is another blogger who uses the nick firewomyn. I didn't know of her until a girl did the same mistaken identity to me. that girl later became my gf, and ex, and introduced me to the other firewomyn. neat yeah? her blog is this: firewomyn.tumblr.com**

Serenity then REVEALED (last year I think) that Train Crush 21 is actually a real model! GASP! Surreal i know! 

So before I post new train crushes, let me indulge in revisiting Train Crush 21, aka Xiomara.

B-E-H-O-L-D !!!!!


part of me just died

Let us pause for a moment and pray for the repose of my toes. I wore my 5k worth of new stilettos today and they crushed my pedicured toes to death! I don't understand. I tested the shoes and they were comfy, yet when I wore them and walked on pavements and used it for a good nine hours, it felt like I hired a toe killer for a fee of 5k. 

Did I mention I also ran in them because my guy ofcmates decided to just walk back to the office from lunch while it's drizzling?! Of course am such a trooper that I just endured it all. Now am convinced "killer heels" isn't just a metaphor. And this also puts a whole new meaning to the statement, "part of me just died". I think this is what people call nowadays, tiis-ganda!   groans.