Grammar sins

I interviewed an IT applicant this afternoon. From the way he flutters his eye lashes I can already confirm that he's gay. So I had high expectations of him.

He appeared confident, spoke audibly. But as I probe further on his gut. Haha. I mean as I probe further on his answers, grammar lapses surfaced. Ugh. As an interviewer, I have to make the applicant feel comfortable so that the answers will not be skewed by nervousness. For this applicant's case, he is confident as any loud gay can be. How confident? He is wearing his pants very tight (thinking that he's model slim) that it pushed his belly outward. Picture a lollipop. :)

He spoke in english as if his grammar is correct with occasional tagalog interjections. Voice never once faltered. Just a few more minutes and I swear he would burst into a Paul Potts number! With a spotlight to boot.

Here are some of his famous lines for your torture. Hehe.

o Limited deadline
-I think he meant tight deadline

o Conduct reports
- Should be generate reports

o After all along
- Haha. The incredulity in his story. "When all along"

o A certain things
- Drop the 's' honey

o I just pass it by
- When asked what he did with his demanding and moody foreigner boss

o most highest
- from a dlsu graduate last thursday. that's what i call superduperlative! haha.


Exclusive Parteh at the Fort!

kinda pricey (P200 EF), but you may want to try this one out.



Pre-Halloween LGBT Party

you guys might want to go here. last i've been to malate was during the pride march which makes it one year ago. geez.

first two years of my g2g life i've spent in orosa, malate. the first year with my gay buddies street partying and being astounded of the make out scenes. the second year with new found g2g friends, drinking, partying still.

third year and so, the scene moved to makati, thru club government. my gay bestfriend is a VIP there so we always get invites. it's a gay club so there's just a handful of g2gs, not enough eye candies. sigh.

but now that bestfriend recently relocated to Obama country, partying halted. sigh again.

i do go to dyke dialogues and occasional film fests and g2g org launches. but that's just that. i find myself with no steady/regular g2g friends to hang out with lately.

my used to be regular gang have joined the diaspora cult and have gone sparse. sigh.