Princess Dejah Thoris

just saw the movie John Carter earlier and it has proven one thing, women, no make that steamy women are not just from venus, but from mars as well. :) here is Princess Dejah Thoris of Mars, played by Lynn Collins. i was drooling hypnotized by her portrayal and most specially her arm porn.
she is strong in body and character. intelligent/knowledgeable with astrophysics and have even invented a machine that could have saved her planet. in short, she is perfect... for me... hahaha.

the movie came from a comic book. see that dwashboard abs? ansarap hawakan no? :)

And the sight which met my eyes was that of a slender, girlish figure, similar in every detail to the earthly women of my past life. She did not see me at first, but just as she was disappearing through the portal of the building which was to be her prison she turned, and her eyes met mine. Her face was oval and beautiful in the extreme, her every feature was finely chiseled and exquisite, her eyes large and lustrous and her head surmounted by a mass of coal black, waving hair, caught loosely into a strange yet becoming coiffure. Her skin was of a light reddish copper color, against which the crimson glow of her cheeks and the ruby of her beautifully molded lips shone with a strangely enhancing effect.

She was as destitute of clothes as the green Martians who accompanied her; indeed, save for her highly wrought ornaments she was entirely naked, nor could any apparel have enhanced the beauty of her perfect and symmetrical figure. - John Carter’s first person account of his first look at Dejah Thoris in A Princess of Mars

more arm porn

Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins); the beautiful, raven-haired princess of Helium, is a passionate advocate for the Heliumites and their way of life. Dejah is Regent of the Royal Academy of Science, and was trained to rule and fight. She is on the verge of a discovery that could permanently shift the balance of power between her nation Helium and their enemy Zodanga. But time is running out, and Dejah must convince John Carter to enlist in the fight to save Helium. So she is not exactly a damsel in distress. Several time she said to Carter to stay on her back as she is a very skilled swordswoman.

red tatts. am not sure, but i think she is the first princess i've seen with tattoos all over her body. so cool and astig factor of  Dejah, +1,000 pts! :)

even her father is afraid of her. hehe

did i mention she is very beautiful?

to recap, she is beautiful, intelligent, warrior, strong, a royalty, uber hot, highly skilled in sword fighting, liberated, and cool. so to re-recap, she is perfect. =)

Take a cause. Fall in love. Write a book. the last three lines in the movie spoken by John Carter. Take a cause. check. Fall in love. many checks. Write a book. well blogging for years can pass up as a book i think. so check! hehehe.

Lynn Collins in  her g2g-related side :)

here as Portia (red-hair) in the movie Merchant of Venice. isn't she just a tease here? :)
Portia and teasing the girl - this shows two degrees of separation to g2g! :)

in the next three pix with Ashley Judd in the movie Bug. she's the blonde girl with tatts butching with Judd. there's definitely sexual tension here. hehe

something purely personal:
what i would give to be the table cloth on top of the table she's leaning on. if my tongue was just detachable, ilang beses na siguro itong nagslide sa likod nya, arm and erm, ilalim ng arm nya. ;)


i hope it's okay :)

i will leave you with this season ender song in the show am currently loving, Harry' Law. a disillusioned district attorney sang this in a lawyers' gala. he shared to them something he still believes in and actually loves doing. he's been singing the same song everyday in the shower was his intro. everyone (including me) feared it'll be awful. on the opposite, it was heartfelt wonderful. there is always something moving when someone bares their soul before you. to be trusted with something very personal is just sacred. the same thing goes with the song, to love is sacred. just to love. never mind if it's known or shared or returned. to love. to have that utterly feeling from pleasant silly to fireworks phenomenal. just the thought of someone you love and all the possibilities your imagination can weave. it's enough to sustain you through hard times. for now, it will lull me to sleep to dream some more and weave my own desired possibilities. :) good night! =)

Vagina Day!

Let me hear your vaginas roar! :) It will be an exciting day because, It's Happy V(agina)-Day on March 31! Yey! :)

'Been a while since they last did The Vagina Monologues. What I really want to see is the Tagalog version. But for the meantime, this is a must see show for women. After watching the show, you will never see your vaginas *if you ever look at them* the same way again. :) I will definitely watch this one.

The special one-night performance features stage, screen and recording stars--as well as acclaimed journalists and activists--all formidable women in their respective fields.

Produced by The New Voice Company, the show is raising funds for Lila Pilipina, ILA the Philippine comfort women organization.

Leading the list of empowered women are screen legend and film star Boots Anson-Roa and international singing star Kuh Ledesma. Joining them is acclaimed stage, screen and TV actress and theater director Monique Wilson, who has been performing and producing the play and organizing V-Day events in the Philippines and around Asia for the last 12 years, and who was a special guest at V-Day’s 10th year anniversary show in New Orleans with other international stars.

Also in the cast are leading ladies of the Philippine stage--Joy Virata, Pinky Amador, Tami Monsod, Juno Henares, Sheila Francisco, Roselyn Perez, Madeleine Nicolas, Gina Wilson and Mae Paner, as well as acclaimed singers--Cynthia Alexander, Leah Navarro and multi-awarded actress/singer Aiza Seguerra.

The show also stars film and TV actress and host Giselle Tongi, along with a younger generation of rising theater actresses--Angelina Kanapi, Christine Carlos, Ampy Sietereales, Christine Escudero and Angela Padilla as well as NVC resident actresses Denise Bontogon, April Celmar, Rona Lou San Pedro and Nikki Ventosa.

Other special guests include multi-awarded actress/writer Bibeth Orteza, celebrated news anchor Ces Drilon, well-known journalist Dolly Anne Carvajal, respected women’s rights activists Anna Leah Sarabia, Edna Aquino, Rep. Emmi de Jesus and Rep. Liza Maza, leading OB-gynecologist Dra. Marlyn Ruaro and Gabriela’s cultural group--Sining Lila.

Poignant and hilarious, “The Vagina Monologues,” based on interviews with over 200 women about their memories and experiences of sexuality, is a celebration of female sexuality in all its complexity and mystery. The play inspired a global activist movement, V-Day, to stop violence against women, using creative events to increase awareness, raise money and revitalize the spirit of existing anti-violence organizations.

In 2011, more than 6,000 V-Day events took place around the world. To date, the movement has raised over $80 million and reached over 300 million people. V-Day was first launched in Manila in 2001 and has been reaching communities all around the country since then. The play and V-Day have received sustained critical acclaim in the country and around Asia and the support of the biggest female stars and women leaders in the Philippines.

The show is directed by New Voice Company Artistic Director Monique Wilson and Associate Artistic Director Rito Asilo, with Rossana Abueva as Executive Producer. Light Design is by Mel Roxas and Stage and Production Management by Tcel Maramag, Lisa Santos and Bambi Gamban.

Date: March 31, 2012

Venue: Music Museum (Level C, Shoppesville Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan, Metro Manila)
Time: 8:00pm
Ticket prices:

P 1,200 - Orchestra Center (Reserved)
P 800 - Orchestra Side (First Come, First Served)
P 600 - Balcony (First Come, First Served)

For tickets contact the New Voice Company at 896-6695 or 899-0630, or e-mail newvoicecompany@gmail.com.

Tickets are available at NVC, Ticketworld (891-9999) and the Music Museum (721-0635).
Visit www.newvoicecompany.com for more information about VDAY.
To join the movement – visit http://www.vday.org/.

All V-Day Manila events will benefit the Lila Filipina Comfort Women group


First public lesbian kiss in primetime Philippine tv

on the rare occasion that i watch tv and pbb at that, i get to catch this momentous, first public g2g kiss in primetime tv! out lesbian Divine Smith pbb housemate was visited by her girlfriend Mikhaela Gregory in big brother's house. and my, was she gorgeous! when they saw each other, they drank in each other's beauty, hugged, held hands, kissed, cuddled, kissed again. love was just overflowing, homophobia didn't stand a chance! :) it was a happy moment. they look so good together. and i bet tastes very yummy too. :)

Aiza Seguerra and Chen Sarte broke up

sad, but true. Aiza Seguerra and Chen Sarte, partners for seven long years broke up.

during happy times
pics ftom here and here

Nope, Mommy Caring is not the third party, thus the insert pic.
I just couldn't find a more recent public pic of them together.

source: here
Posted at 03/20/2012 9:08 PM

MANILA, Philippines – Acoustic singer Aiza Seguerra has broken up with her girlfriend of seven years Chen Sarte.

But Sarte, a talent manager, said she has already moved on, as she appealed to the public to stop speculating on the cause of their breakup.

According to reports, Seguerra already has a new girlfriend.

“We remain friends and I have a lot to be thankful to Aiza in the more than seven years we were together,” Sarte said. “She opened my mind to music and showbiz.”

Sarte is also hoping to establish her own identity, not as the ex-girlfriend of Seguerra, but as a champion of original Pilipino music or OPM.

Currently, Sarte is co-managing the upcoming rock singer Cathy Go with folk artist Bayang Barrios

let's revisit the happy times 



is charice a lesbian?

a reader asked me this via a comment "Pake confirm please, is charice a lez? Felt gaydar..." well, for one thing, it was Ellen De Generes who discovered her. Surely, there must have been some kind of gaydar connection there right? :D

am not really a fan, but i think you got your answer with all the hullabaloo on her new look.

When asked if she is a lesbian or not, Charice answered: Why would you ask me that question? I think that‘s a very inappropriate question. For me, just love me. I‘m a person. If you think I‘m a boy or a girl or if I look like a boy, then fine. I‘m Charice. I know what people think…I don‘t care. This is the look that I want. The only thing that you can do is move on.” 

to associate a person's sexuality by the length of their hair is just stereotyping. if that was the case, then demi moore has long been gay, beginning the film Ghost.

and got real butch in G.I. Jane.

then there's hot kiera knightley of Bend it Like Beckham, where i wish she's really playing a gay role, and not just a mistaken sexuality.

model, actress, singer Agyness Deyn who made androgyny cool and mainstream,

another one of aggy. she's just soo cute!

megan fox, err i think she's bi. still!

emma watson. you wish! hahaha. it won't hurt to dream :)

so is nora aunor, oops! is she? hehehe.

when she did play the role of a lesbian in the film T-Bird at Ako, she was sporting a long hair, while her love interest, vilma santos was the one in short hair. and that was in the 80s ha

and justin beiber. oh yeah, he just looks like a tomboy, but really a guy. haha.

so going back to charice :) - her "rumored" partner? see the blonde girl below, her personal assistant. i saw a pic of them together featured at the front page of either inquirer or phil star. can't remember which.

anyways, you know the quote? silence means yes. and sometimes not answering a question is actually answering the question. ;)


Jessica Sanchez

i know it's unhealthy late for me already, but i just have to let this out my chest before i burst to sub-atomic particles with intense joy and pride. and i have to do this super fast before my migraine catches me and cripple me from doing anything else.

i will always love you too jessica sanchez! *maddening squeeze to you!* you just gave me something to believe in and hope for (after i lost it with the way the impeachment trial's running or should i say crawling, and with the series of student slays).

you are the strongest filipino contestant of AI to date. THANK YOU because you always give it your your best badass self! i mean you swag, you rawr, you purr, you eat your competitors whole! you are that hungry, literally and figuratively. you are soo good that it's illegal because mygawd, you're just 16 which means, as much as i want to eat you whole too, i shouldn't. hehe. but assuming i could devour and languish just in your wild yet controlled voice, i would, crumpled bedsheets, no pee break, till my body turns so sore i'd need wheelchair for walking and all. whew!

seriously. you are that thing that raced my heart rate in breaking all records speed i can have a stroke any moment while you were singing. i was stinking sweaty, on the edge of my seat with tension for fear you'd freak for even a fraction of a millisecond. you are soo mean! you did the most difficult song not only in vocal requirement but for what it means - whitney's most iconic song who recently died and had tributes left and right. if you as so make half a note mistake, the world and even whitney will kill you even after you're dead! that is how insane this song is. you almost got me killed too! but am thrilled that the world was with me in this near-death ecstasy.

"Jessica is a vocal powerhouse with a breathtakingly beautiful voice; the judges were enraptured and covered in goosies as they gave a standing ovation, the audience collectively wept over the blessing that is her voice, and American Idol critics everywhere put Jessica's name in their headline, knowing it would optimize their web traffic." - one article said

one commented that your rendition was better than that of jennifer hudson and hudson even tweeted "“Yes Jessica! That’s it!!”

how can i not love you back when you've poured not just your heart but your whole self and your future to the song? love begets love. i know you don't need it, still even if you don't take my heart, it's already yours along with 40 million others' (if we are to believe steven tyler). =)

i love you. i love you. i love you. i can't help it. and i won't tire of it. love foams from my mouth and leaks from my pores. you are inside of me and yet i am fully in yours. it's like we're married. meshed together yet distinct two women. can you believe that? am talking truckloads of nonsense, hyperboles and superlatives. am as insane as you. so am gonna stop now because you know what i mean. =) i love you. i love you. i love you...

your first standing ovation performance that made me forget you're a kid. =)


the weight of waiting

i abhor waiting. the reason i don't normally go see doctors thru my HMO or not go have check up at all if i can help it. torturous images of waking up early at ungodly  hour of 7am on a weekend, hopping from one clinic to another that are buildings apart, filling up various forms till my fingers get arthritic, endless waiting line after line for my turn starting with the elevator, HMO office and then to my appointment with the almighty physicians. i don't know where i stole the patience, but this time, i sucked it all in till i turned blue.

when i was in grade school, i wanted to be a doctor. everyone either wants to be a doctor or a lawyer. it just seems to be the most prestigious profession then - save lives, make people well. what can beat that right? *later in life i will learn that making people healthy and rich is far more important* come high school, our family experienced the great depression and i faced so-called reality. it forced me to rethink my doctor dream. araw araw ba naman galunggong at sardinas kinakain mo, e hindi ka ba naman mapapashift ng career plan? nope, hindi ko naman naisip maging mangigisda. hehe. i downgraded my dream from doctor to nurse.  *wag pong mao-offend ang mga nurse friends ko pls. peace tayo :)* tuition is cheaper and can easily work abroad (or so i thought). when my UP dream was within reach, i had to decide again. mamili ka, nurse sa others na school or non-quota course basta UP?

fast forward and am still in this godforsaken line of waiting. after UP, i thought i've seen the worst in pila. obviously i haven't tried riding mrt/lrt then. the pila of all muddahfuckenbahdtweep pila.

when the doctor's assistant finally let me in the room, time stood, arms crossed. dim lights not for effect, but just poor lighting, yellowed diplomas laminated on wood, slightly tattered on the edge synthetic maroon leathered seats, waxed dark red floor if not vinyl design fading, huge varnished wooden table topped with thick clear glass and various wornout notes underneath. one must not miss the black and white sepia toned grad pics of their grown up kids, grand kids and of spouses in filipiana outfits. everything looks, feels and smells dated. i had this eerie feeling i'd be looking meryll streepish by the time i leave the room.

the doctors rarely have computers in their office. and when i replied that i work in IT, they are quick to admit they didn't really adjust to the tech stuff yet. the doctor patiently listened to my nonsense sounding complaints i call symptoms. he meticulously examined my breathing, sight, ears, vitals, etc. unhurriedly wrote down whatever was useful from my blabbering. he took time understanding my concerns. and by the time he shared me his findings, it was with clarity and credence that i kinda felt silly for even making a big F of my minor ills. he clearly explained the purpose of each item in the prescription making sure i am crystal  with the instructions. i felt so taken cared of i would have hugged him and called him dad if i were the tactile kind. sniff. sniff.

i shook his warm, veiny hand and realized, the doctor and i, we are galaxies apart. i live with my brain cells and skin pores always racing for the multitasking i've been programmed to do. slowing down i am convinced will make me sicker. the good doctor lives in his universe of thoroughness backed not just by science but by remarkable patience anchored on decades of experience. for his case and his patients, slow is good. i opened my bag to put in the prescription. with it i also opened a question that will remain open for a long time. life is finite if not short, so what am i rushing for?

i left the doctor's room, nostalgia still rubbing on my skin. walked past the pissed, the angry, the sleepy, the worried, the busy, the hungry, the wondering faces that make up the long line. stopped by the restroom before finally going home. i looked at my face. it bore not the face of meryl streep as i had initially feared, but that of someone who finally learned the wisdom of worth the wait. =)


Being gay doesn’t mean you’re immoral

Being gay doesn’t mean you’re immoral
Supreme Court rules in judge’s case
*full article at the bottom*

take that churh! :p
just so you know am not making this, up, i posted the source link. the news seemed so surreal i rechecked if am really reading it in inquirer! or if am in the fiction section instead. doesn't it feel good to be on the right of things and be supported by law? =) 

to all in the hiding or in denial, it's never too late. i mean look at this guy. a retired judge. so he must be like what? cuevas? hehehe. so if he was coming out in impeachment court, it may run like this, "let it be put in record that the witness is gay and morality still intact."

And about this line "The fact that [he] got married and had children is not proof against his claim of homosexuality". Gosh. jun encarnacion has i think 6 kids including no less than the famous chef tristan encarnacion. the late jun encarnacion is a flamboyant gay owner of the salon franchise by his name who at times appeared on tv and movies. arnel ignacio, tv game show host/radio host, businessman, son of a respected banker, has one kid. used to have a boyish looking pretty wife too. ogie diaz, brace yourself, 4 kids! and soon to marry his female dyowa. imagine that. then there's rumored g2g chef marites gutierrez with one gorgeous kid. she got married in US, divorced and fell in love next to cooking. 

more than anybody else, it's us fab lgbts who should be having kids because of our uber cool genes! won't the world be better looking, fashionable, colorful and creative with our kinds trotting around :)

pic source here

Being gay doesn’t mean you’re immoral, Supreme Court rules in judge’s case

source: inquirer.net

A judge who admitted he was gay should not be automatically presumed to be immoral, the Supreme Court (SC) has ruled.

In a decision, the Supreme Court’s Second Division dismissed the administrative cases of immorality and dishonesty filed against Judge Eliseo Campos, the now-retired presiding judge of the municipal trial court of Bayugan City, Agusan del Sur, by his estranged wife and son.

“There was no evidence that the respondent engaged in scandalous conduct that would warrant the imposition of disciplinary action against him,” the high court said in a decision penned by Associate Justice Antonio Carpio.

However, the court found Campos guilty of simple misconduct and fined him P20,000 for registering his then minor son as the owner of a piece of land that figured in the couple’s pending legal separation and annulment cases.

“In order to manipulate the situation, and taking advantage of his knowledge of the law, respondent caused the registration of the property in [his son’s] name with the intention of defrauding a possible judgment-obligee. Clearly, it was improper behavior which warrants disciplinary sanction by this court.”

The three administrative cases stemmed from the annulment case filed by Campos in July 2008, a year before he retired. In his suit he said he was a homosexual and that his wife had affairs with other men which he did not bother to stop or question.

His wife denied Campos’ accusations of infidelity and claimed her husband only wanted their marriage annulled so he could marry another woman with whom he was allegedly having a relationship. She opposed the annulment and filed for a legal separation instead.

The high tribunal affirmed the findings of the investigating judge that there was no proof that Campos had a relationship with another woman or was immoral on account of his supposedly being gay.

Hiding true sexuality
“With respect to respondent’s alleged homosexuality, such issue is for the determination of the trial court wherein the [annulment case] is pending. Thus, we also agree in absolving [him] from the charge of dishonesty. The fact that [he] got married and had children is not proof against his claim of homosexuality. As pointed out, it is possible that [he] was only suppressing or hiding his true sexuality,” the high court said.

The justices, however, ruled that Campos committed an unlawful act when he executed an affidavit of loss of a land title that was in his possession. The investigation showed Campos had his then minor son registered as the owner of the land.

After reporting the loss, Campos told the provincial register of deeds that he (Campos) was the real owner and that the title had been wrongly registered in his son’s name. The wife, however, claimed the title was never lost and that their son had it all along. She claimed the judge merely wanted the property back in the event that the annulment was granted.

Campos had said that he only wanted to protect his interest, adding that his wife and son wanted to use the property as collateral for a loan.

Based on the decision, the judge may have anticipated the breakup of his marriage and registered the title in the son’s name so the land would not become conjugal property, which would have to be split if Campos’ wife won the legal separation case.