more hapi times

excerpt of the weeks that was and the coming days:

i had my wine party with select friends.
no straights were allowed.
twas with two special womyn in my life (m gf was intentionally not there).
one was heavenly, the other juicy ;) beat that :D

twas with my closest friend, my discreet gay bestfriend.
he and his ex-bf did all the prep, what more can i say? but thank you!

we had 5wines: 4 red wines, 1 white wine.
2 of them were chosen because of the fancy bottle design, the two, for the taste. and the other one for no reason :D

we had cheeses and cold cuts, crackers and cakes.

twas a night of Ws: wine, womyn, winning, wanting and wit.

we had games, age-old charades (my team won), memory game (i failed twice), pinoy henyo contest (about showbiz, i suck at this!).

she simply is enchanting.
she's fun and sweet.
i sure hope she's not straight :D
i adore her.
firewomyn is starstruck.

Sunday -Saturday (Mar. 13-19)

Sunday, Mar. 20. Destination: SanJuan, Batangas.
Family outing.
Beach was great! :) Family-prepared feast was sumptuous! *buhay baboy*
Corals were breathtaking *imagine feeling that while you're underwater! wehehe! :) it is to die for! *
*will post pix pag sinipag na ko*

so im back with my tan after palawan :) ansaya!

Thur-Sat, Mar. 24-26. Destination: Puerto Galera.
hike, swim and dive/snorkel.
dance, drink, rave, parteh!

Sunday, Mar. 27.


hapi times

what makes birthdays happy?

it is spending the day with your loved ones and with those who love you too :)

we had dinner in a singaporean resto in gateway, Rasa.
my whole family was there, and their better halves and kids, plus of course my bestfriend.
it was a sight seeing the legacy of our family. almost makes the ties tangible.
the food was excellent, service was great and the ambiance so right.
im so happy :)

friday is for my friends! this is the time to commune!
for wine, womyn, whining and whathaveyous! ;)
friday is all about getting Wasted! *excited*

time with my gf is reserved for sat! :)
we'll start it with a norah jones concert then anything goes after ;)

and then sunday, is a time for rest and reflection.
to be grateful for an enriching year of life.

i thank god :)


a reason to blog

ok, it's my birthday. i almost forgot.
nway. i have to treat my team for lunch! a must! i spend more time with my colleagues than with my family, so that makes them more than family! ugh!

amid the heartaches and mini triumphs we experienced, i love those guys. eck! good thing they're not reading this. we've never been in an emotional level. well, if you can call the heated arguments, the anger, the frustration with each other and the 'sermons' as emotional interactions, then me and my team's more like blood brothers then. hehehe.

literally and figuratively. we've been thru hell and back. spilled blood, sweat, guts and tears. and whatever juice left of our body.

we've given our all for this company we work for. heart and mind.
i think there's no greater love than that.

now i think im gonna cry. boo! hoo! lol!

*group hug!*

ok, im sounding sappy already.
hey, give me some slack!
i know it's out of character, but i have a valid excuse, it's my D DAY :p