G2G Speed Dating

finally, another speed dating event. yipee! :) fun fun!

i was able to watch a speed dating already, i think last year at QC, organized by sms30event. when i say watch, it's because i was just part of the audience having free cocktails and not a participant in the speed dating.

what's interesting there was that it's a multicultural, multi-industry mix. there's gaby dela merced(F3 racecar driver), chef ginny villar with partner beth angsioco (women's rights activist), female foreigners from the govt embassy as one of the organizers/friends of the organizers i think. venue was in the beautiful Adarna resto along Kalayaan.

most of the speed dating participants then were butch. this time i hope it will be more diverse. a friend of mine is joining. i want to also! not that i'm single, but just to meet & know new people. if not, hope they allow just onlookers. :) see you there! :)


shooting spree

been feeling this way for days. dreary & empty. if i didn't have to go to work, i would have sat beside him and placed my arm on his. misery loves company.

chanced upon this guy on my way to the train.

but then saw this at the Makati underpass en route to my office. that part of the phrase just stared at me and i had to stop.

which is the universal panacea to life - reason or love?


Love Pole - an artistic experience

For those who missed the Love Pole show, I'm sharing the videos I took. Twas one great artistic experience, truly impressive and a first for me.

While I admit that it also inspired a gush of sexual emotions, their version of pole dancing is an elevated form for me based from the mediocre pole shows I've seen. Kudos to PoleCats! :)

Pardon the slightly blurred recording as my phone was lowbatt already when I started recording the show. Enjoy!

My top 3 performances:

1. PoleCats students

2. solo performance by Margaret - most lean (with ripped legs and abs to boot) performer. She's a star!

3. Girl vs Girl (GVG) - bravo!

The rest of the artistic pole dances:

Can't get enough of them?
Catch GirlVSGirl on www.facebook.com/girlvsgirl and www.facebook.com/polecatsmanila. Contact 0917-5356237 or call the Movement Dance Studio (Ortigas 9448075/4744283, and Makati 3926220) for details. They offer dance classes. I'm seriously considering it, maybe after I've toned down a bit. :)


food for thought

fruits are not just juicy, thought provoking too! :) enjoy! :D


Train Crush

I overslept this morning and was rushing to the train. Had to squeeze myself in and just stood the whole time of the ride. And from this, I discovered the joy of the train ride thru this pretty cool grrrl. :)

i'm soo digging the hair, the face with her beautiful profile and svelte figure. sigh. if only the ride would go on. from where she alighted, i figured she's a college student.

to pretty, cool grrl - please don't think i'm stalking you. you just stood out from the crowd and i wasn't able to help myself from staring (thru my phone) and had to capture that whimsical moment.

*click the pic for the full image*

Womyn on pole ;)

we've always been fascinated with womyn and seeing them romance the pole is one imagery sure to ignite us. so for more fire, here's something exciting, something with womyn, and something FREE!!! see you!

Girl on girl action-on a pole
By Bianca Consunji

Philippine Daily Inquirer
DateFirst Posted 22:05:00 02/16/2010

This unique tandem is getting more people interested in the dance-exercise

ON A DARK, SILENT STAGE, TWO women walk to a silver pole. Faint strains of piped-in music play, and a spotlight snaps on to reveal both of them on the pole—blindfolded.

The audience, initially stunned, breaks into applause and scattered hoots of support.

The music goes on, and Christina Dy and Mirell Macalinao—the faces behind the otherwise tantalizing stage team name of GirlVSGirl (GVG), arguably one of Manila’s most popular pole acts—begin a series of surprising acts on a pole. They clamber up the pole, spin around it, balance on each other, turn upside down: It seems there is nothing they can’t do on that unyielding piece of metal.

But make no mistake; this is no sleazy bar act. In fact, by day, Dy and Macalinao aren’t even professional dancers.

The 33-year-old Dy is an acclaimed visual artist whose charcoal sketches regularly grace the walls of the Silverlens Lab (she is also one of CCP’s 2009 Thirteen Artists awardees). Macalinao, 29, meanwhile, is a bank employee.

But to other people, they’re pole dance rock stars whose performances are a staple at places such as Mag:Net, Saguijo and fitness/beauty events.

Unremarkable start

However, they didn’t grow up dancing on every available pole they saw. In fact, Dy insists her first few sessions as a student were unremarkable.

“Mich Dulce brought me, and I was hooked!” she recalls. “I was the worst student but I was challenged. Pole dancing had a lot of possibilities.”

Dy and Macalinao met at Movement Dance Studio, where they took lessons under Ed Aniel, who is credited with popularizing pole dancing in the Philippines (he currently runs the Pole Dance Academy at the Clara Ramona Studio).

“CD and I became friends because we both enjoyed practicing long hours together at the studio, even beyond class hours,” Macalinao says. “Later on, as I learned more and more new stuff from CD, this inspired me to continue on practicing to improve and keep up. All those hours together led to GVG.”

Dy adds, “Eventually our class got dissolved, so I asked Mirell, ‘OK, what can we do with just the two of us?’”

While they learned the basics from Aniel, they eventually started looking online for more sources of inspiration.

“We learned 99 percent of our tricks from YouTube,” Dy says. “Yes, really!” (So don’t be put off by those videos of people falling from the top of the pole—with practice and supervision, it can be prevented).

Right name

And of course, there was a matter of finding the right name for their new tandem. Dy credits the name to her friend Mihk Vergara, who also came up with the name of the pole group she founded, the Polecats.

“I love the name,” she says. “We were chatting, and I said I wanted a cool name that’s easy to remember. And, voila!”

It goes without saying that two barely dressed, hot women who can perform gymnastic feats on a pole (occasionally blindfolded) get a lot of attention, sometimes unwanted.

“Most people’s reactions are very encouraging. They clap and ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at the right moments,” Dy shares. “I’ve gotten a lot of students—and a lot of free drinks!—after they’ve seen us perform.”

But “there are some who are quite rude; some shout ‘MOMOL [make out make out] na lang! Laplapan na lang!’ It’s annoying, but, well, not everyone’s educated enough to appreciate the artistry of it all. We don’t let those stop us from performing.”

Macalinao says, “Some express amazement at the tricks. I let them know that this stuff can be learned by anyone willing to work hard.”

Imperfect moments

Like any co-workers, the two also have their less-than-perfect moments, but make it a point to not let it affect their performance onstage. (It’s difficult to not trust the person with you if you’re holding on to that other person for dear life while clinging to a pole.)

Dy shares, “Usually, Mirell and I talk to each other while performing. I usually say what trick we’re going to do next. Once, Mirell said no. And we were arguing and fighting while performing! Hindi naman halata from the video, thank goodness.”

Of course, the question many potential pole dancers want answered is: Have they suffered from any serious injuries?

“In one trick, with CD balanced on my legs and me holding on to the pole carrying both our weights, I was supposed to slide slowly down,” Macalinao said. “But my hands were so sticky, they wouldn’t budge at all! It was so heavy and I wanted to let go so badly, but I couldn’t because we’d both crash to the floor. I panicked and shouted for CD to get off. Before that time, my fear had always been that my grip would slip and we’d crash. It never occurred to me to worry about getting my grip ‘stuck’ on the pole.”

But other than that, the two agree the risks in pole dancing are exaggerated by YouTube videos of falling dancers.

“We’re still both in one piece!” Dy declares. “We’ve both fallen during performances, but we’re still alive and dancing.”

Even a sprained wrist or two won’t stop the women of GirlVSGirl from dancing.

“Pole dancing makes me strong, it helps me lead a healthy lifestyle,” Dy says. “It allows me to express myself in an altogether different way from drawing. And since I started teaching, it has been a venue to help other women [and men] feel that extraordinary sense of self as well.”

Macalinao adds, “Pole dancing is a challenge. I enjoy working on pole tricks and I love the feeling of finally getting a beautiful pose right. Also, it reassures me to know, from experience, that every day, every hour and every minute of practice always leads to some progress.”

Catch GirlVSGirl on www.facebook.com/girlvsgirl and www.facebook.com/polecatsmanila. Contact 0917-5356237 or call the Movement Dance Studio (Ortigas 9448075/4744283, and Makati 3926220) for details.

E-mail the author at biancaconsunji@yahoo.com.

source: inquirer.net


Beyond VDay

The article below was sent to me by a friend. It tries to explain the science why relationships plateau in time. While it is true that dynamics shift from fucking like rabbits to sometimes nothing, it just underscores that relationship make up is not just love, attraction, sex. We can all have relationships with just one of those three things. I know I dive head on in relationships not even examining if it's love. But to me, relationship is not about any of those three, it is about commitment. Having the three would surely help keep the commitment, but they are not the holy trinity of relationships. This entry may be anti-Vday to some, that's why I'm posting it almost end of VDay so that we can re-assess after all the sweat, fluids, screams, words, emotions, and yes, money (and what have yous) have been released on this specific day.


Sex chemistry 'lasts two years'

Couples should not worry when the first flush of passion dims - scientists have identified the hormone changes which cause the switch from lust to cuddles.

A team from the University of Pisa in Italy found the bodily chemistry which makes people sexually attractive to new partners lasts, at most, two years.

When couples move into a "stable relationship" phase, other hormones take over, Chemistry World reports.

But one psychologist warned the hormone shift is wrongly seen as negative.

Dr Petra Boynton, of the British Psychological Society, said there was a danger people might feel they should take hormone supplements to make them feel the initial rush of lust once more.

'Not ever-lasting'

The Italian researchers tested the levels of the hormones called neutrophins in the blood of volunteers who were rated on a passionate love scale.

It is suggesting that what happens first is the best bit - and that isn't true
Dr Petra Boynton, British Psychological Society

Levels of these chemical messengers were much higher in those who were in the early stages of romance.

Testosterone was also found to increase in love-struck women, but to reduce in men when they are in love.

But in people who had been with their partners for between one and two years these so-called "love molecules" had gone, even though the relationship had survived.

The scientists found that the lust molecule was replaced by the so-called "cuddle hormone" - oxytocin - in couples who had been together for several years.

Oxytocin, is a chemical that induces labour and milk-production in new and pregnant mothers.

Donatella Marazziti, who led the research team, said: "If lovers swear their feelings to be ever-lasting, the hormones tell a different story."

Similar research conducted by Enzo Emanuele at the University of Pavia found that levels of a chemical messenger called nerve growth factor (NGF) increased with romantic intensity.

After one to two years, NGF levels had reduced to normal.

'Real Cupid's arrows'

The researchers said: "Whether more nerve growth is needed in the early stage of romance because of all the new experiences that are engraved into the brain, or whether it has a second, as yet unknown function in the chemistry of love, remains to be explored."

Michael Gross, a bio-chemist and science writer who has studied the latest findings, said: "It shows that different hormones are present in the blood when people are acutely in love while there is no evidence of the same hormones in people who have been in a stable relationship for many years.

"In fact the love molecules can disappear as early as 12 months after a relationship has started to be replaced by another chemical glue that keeps couples together."

He added: "To any romantically inclined chemist, it should be deeply satisfying to be able to prove that chemical messengers communicate romantic feeling between humans."

"It may be the only thing that science can offer as a real-world analogy to Cupid's arrows."

But Dr Boynton said: "This feeds into a 1970s view that when you meet it's all sparky, and then it's a downward trajectory to cuddles - which is seen as a negative.

"It is suggesting that what happens first is the best bit - and that isn't true."

She added: "I'm concerned that, having identified these hormones, there will be some move to suggest replacements to recreate the early passion."

Source : BBC news


In sickness and in health

I got sick last week. Had fears. Worried sick (redundant. Haha). Totally unnecessary, not helpful. Was exhausted and weak all over. Okay, it's just a freaking flu, but senseless worry and exaggerated drama made it feel carcinogenic. Overacting aside, supportive social system managed to take me out of that malady-rama.

Doctors have the power to hurt us and break our spirits. But we also have the innate weapon to counter that sans a medical degree. I dare call it faith. That mindset that things will be all right no matter how bad this doctor makes it sound or how awful our mind can magnify it as we grapple for our mortality.

I wonder why when we get sick, though physiological, the first thing it hits is our emotion. Our chests run amuck with anguish and negativity on the whys and how unfair life is of which no drug can ease.

Suddenly, the work we've been prioritizing for years where we mindlessly waste our bodies for doesn't seem that urgent or more important anymore. Wakeup call? More like waking from a bad case of hangover that will stick until ill. Ugh. Not good.

The best doctors I had last week were not in white coats but with true blue affection for me - my family, SO and my select friends. They didn't tire slapping me to logic and out of my over-top feeling of self-pity. Good thing was really week then thus didn't have the energy to slap back. Hehe. My turn will come when they too get sick. Huh! :D

Seriously though, I'm soo happy to finally be well. Well enough to at least write a few stuff. Tee hee. Thanks for all who wished me well. :)

Mor(t)al lessons:

1. Don't get sick when you have no one to pour your nonsense to.
2. Sickness starts with the mind, then the rest will follow.
3. To be weak is normal, to be sick - that's our fault