close encounters w/ da 3rd kind, GUYS!!!

guy encounter #1
type: guy ofcmates
hay holy ebak! tangena, wala na ba kong makakausap kundi puro reklamador na mga tao?!
ang hirap kasi puro talak.
pare pareho lang naman kame nahihirapan.
hirap talaga kausap mga guys oo.
ok naman kabarkada, pero olats katrabaho lalo as subordinates!
kung lalaki cguro aku, hinamon ko na makipagsapakan 'tong mga to e.
kaso talo aku e, mas malaki cla. daanin n lang sa rhetorics! ahehehe.
mahirap cla pasunurin. tawag nila s ken pogi!
pro minsan minamanyak aku.
pero hanggang tingin at salita lang naman.
nde naman cla uubra s ken e.

guy encounter #2
type: starbucks harrasser
dis happened last sat.
in my summer tank top and pants and sandals, i was coffee shop hopping.

from va rufino starbucks, which turned out to be closed! grrr... kainis...

to greenbelt, whose crowd are thunders (read: oldies), dehins ku type, naki-cr lang aku.

to seattle's best, where i shortly settled, but after scanning the area,
i declared, it's chaka day! as in! walang masarap titigan, lahat nde nakakatuwa. either woman looking gays w/ foreigner fafas en tow or matronas dressed like teenagers. then there's the chinky-eyed tourists in their groupies, picture taking here and there.

next stop, 6750.
as i was about to cross the street from the park to the shop,
a yuppy guy approached me halfway and gave his spiel:

hi. i saw you while i was at the other street and i have a question,
kc hinatid ko lang sister ko sa bank...

for every word from his mouth, i'm one yard away, twice as fast w/ my pace. and before he could even finish, he was left in the middle of the street,
while i'm already inside starbucks.
i just freaked out!
you don't approach people like that.
anyway, when i peeped the glass door,
he was opening his car parked at the entrance of starbucks.
geez! whattafuck is he thinking?!
out of shame/embarrassment or anger,
he went inside his car and sped off.
whew! that was close!

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