hapi times

what makes birthdays happy?

it is spending the day with your loved ones and with those who love you too :)

we had dinner in a singaporean resto in gateway, Rasa.
my whole family was there, and their better halves and kids, plus of course my bestfriend.
it was a sight seeing the legacy of our family. almost makes the ties tangible.
the food was excellent, service was great and the ambiance so right.
im so happy :)

friday is for my friends! this is the time to commune!
for wine, womyn, whining and whathaveyous! ;)
friday is all about getting Wasted! *excited*

time with my gf is reserved for sat! :)
we'll start it with a norah jones concert then anything goes after ;)

and then sunday, is a time for rest and reflection.
to be grateful for an enriching year of life.

i thank god :)

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