I miss my friends.
They've vanished same time my o2 mini's contacts got reset.
How does one reconnect?
After not hearing or seeing someone whom you've been close to before, how do you re-close to them?
Starting is always the biggest step.

It can be as awkward as, hey, how have you been doing (after i just forgot about you bec i got too busy)? Then there's a pregnant pause at the other end of the line. And you both stumble and fumble with the words.

Or it can be as honest as, i missed you. I got caught in this ungrateful thing called work, and i have not been there for you. I'm sorry (best if coupled with a hug, no tears pls, overkill!), coffee? :)

You can also try being brutally honest. But expect to be punched and kicked in the process.
Hi! (chirpy sound) You know what, i suddenly found myself with some free time (with no one to go out with) Would you believe that?! (nervous laugh). Wanna hang out? movie or something? (if you're desperate) My treat! :)

***just did this during the last 15min of my lunch break. So will hopefully continue this on my next free whatever. ***


Anonymous said...

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AKILEZ said...

How are you my pretty lessie friend?

firewomyn said...

hellow achilles! :)
how's the heel? :D wehehe. can't resist that one :)

wtf is wrong with the first 2 comments above?!
their freakin' like spams.

why this blog? it aint even got that high hits. duh?!


myepinoy said...

I guess the usual Hi, Hello, musta na will do.

off topic: I suggest you active the word verfication in your settings. Spammers got their way in here.