big boss(om)

i have a new work. neat.
but the disturbing part is, i think the Big Boss is girl-to-girl!

and because my gaydar's flashing all the lights in wangwang tune,
it's hard to see her the same professional way again.

everytime she talks to me or we're in a meeting,
the idea of shagging her keeps creeping in my mind!
*i'm in deep trouble!*

she's so tough and mataray to me.
but the more she wants me to fear her,
the more she gets stripped in my mind! :D
it is like a feeling of alternate reality.
she's the boss at work, but i'm her goddess in bed :D
ok, ok, this is more of a fantasy :)
she's kinda chubby, which can only mean ... bigger bosom!

and so each time i see her,
my gaze, as if pulled by gravity falls lower from her stern face down to her seemingly oh-so-soft *gulp!* breasts!
and the more she covers her body with suits and pants,
the more thrilled i am at the thought of what's underneath!
*i'm soo dead.*

ofcourse, no one knows at work that i dig womyn.

in my previous jobs, it used to be my ex-bosses having the hots for me.
ohdear, i think i have a theory.
is it because all my past bosses were men?!
and now, faced with a powerful womyn boss, the reverse is what's happening?
geez, come to think of it, this is my first time to work for a female boss.
ohgosh, that explains it.

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