walk the line

i dragged my gf to watch this film, because it's nominated at the oscar's.
and critics say joaquin phoenix is the dark horse in the best actor race.
i have this gut feel that he will bag it.
i don't even know johnny cash.
but i know joaquin and how powerful his acting can be.
i'm just amazed how he landed such challenging roles even though he has 'pingas'.
if he's in the phils, he wouldn't have a chance! you know how perfectionist pinoys are when it comes to artista looks.
first time i saw him was as a sexually hungry boy for nicole kidman (To Die For).

imperfections can be sexy.
it's that unique something to a person that makes anyone extraordinary.

anyway, going back to the film.
this film moved me.
such deep love for someone.
after marriage, kids, divorce,
stardom and downfall,
drug addiction and poverty,
true love just persists.

something worth fighting and living for (not dying for).

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