Love in transit

meron ako nakatabi sa mrt.
Astig na batang babae.
(i should omit 'batang', it makes me sound like a pedophile. ugh.)
Maganda, may gitara at may manipis na tirintas sa batok na nasa ilalim ng kanyang pony tail.
Kung anu-anong censored na ang naisip ko na ginagawa namen ü hehe.
Buti may dumating na mga taga-cubao, at napasiksik sya sa tabi ko. Hayy, kileg ü

ang tumabi sa kaliwa nya ay isang butch.
nakakatawa. kasi ang itsura namin, ako (femme), sya (na im sure object of our kamanyakan), butch (na umeepal pa, e ako na naunang katabi).

tinititigan ko reflection ng mukha nya sa katapat na window.
*shempre, para hindi naman garapal na manyak ang dating ko. ka-turnoff!*

Maamo na palaban. hmmm... may promise. :D
at ako naman, pademure na pasimpleng papansin.

Super text sya. as in every 5sec open ng cel at reply.
tantya ko, 10 words (in txt lingo) per second sya magtype.
super talented ng kanyang fingers.
totoo talaga, let your fingers do the talking and action!
wehehe. ayan na, kung anu-ano na naman naiisip ko. :D

I think kapuso/n sya.
kickass, pretty, rockin' girl like her, she can't be straight!
*okay, okay, heterophobic comment sya.*

Nasilip ko sa cel nya ang wallpaper nya.
Confirmed! Pic ng butch and pic nya e.
Angswerteng butch naman.
hay. *smitten*


Anonymous said...

i've been frequenting your blog ever since last week, when i first discovered it.... i've read all your entries and they just makes me smile, more than usual....

it's refreshing, esp. in the middle of a hectic and chaotic day at work.

but also a bit addicting.... coz you'd keep wanting for more.....

G said...

I agree! Awesome! Aw..

firewomyn said...

dear anonymous :)
thank you for the generous comments.
are you sure you've read 'em all?
it's quite a lot. 4yrs worth of blog entries. :) *skeptic*

anyhoo, comments like yours inspire me to update my blog. the very idea that i can reach to someone and virtually massage a stressed (some)body. *metaphors are fun! :)* puts meaning to what i do (and i must admit, also fattens my already obese ego. hehe).

firewomyn said...

what did i ever do to deserve your loyalty? :)

accdng to the ritz hotel owner, consistent satisfaction results to loyalty.

if i were a hotel owner and you were my customer, *this is getting kinky! haha* i'll try to give what you want, before you even ask for it. that is in ritz' criteria, complete customer satisfaction ;)

Anonymous said...

>>>>it's quite a lot. 4yrs worth of blog entries. :) *skeptic*<<<<<

hmmm.... *trying to recall*

yeah i really did, although i didn't completely read all the contents, esp if you were talking abt your work, boss, stuff like that....

medyo nahirapan nga ako to track down ung lovelife mo eh.... hehehe....

i actually owe my boss 2days worth of pay, coz i spent them all reading your entries!!! hahaha....

and im actually thinking of re-reading them again, so i can take note of the time lines.... addict!!!! *told you diba?*

firewomyn said...

hi anonymous! :)

you're funny!
don't worry, i won't quiz you. true, my lovelife is messier than a mat of pubic hair.
*excuse the profanity*
it's a string of love/fling affairs.
and to think i didn't blog 'em all.
hehe. i'm so full of myself. haha.

as a confessed workaholic, i admonish you to be fair to your employer and be productive with your work. saka na ang reporoductive ok? ;)

workaholic bi@tch said...

hahahaha...pasimpleng manyak ka pala @fw :) had similar thoughts like that when i go malling..buti na lng di ako halata...the advantage of being a femme right? :D

firewomyn said...

yeah. i so love being femme. wouldn't want it any other way. :)