We Matter!

Finally! A mainstream g2g (girl to girl) flick that does not end in violence or tragedy.
*remember Monster? Boys Don't Cry?*

It's about a womyn who discovers one night that she is gay.
One drunken night (where she was sober and the other, above tipsy-below wasted state) in between good nights in bed, their lips ended up touching, then pressing, then probing, then … (this is turning me on. Wehehe).

After a mouthful, deep tongue kiss, the straight girl passes out. And the confused gay-to-be was left stunned at what just transpired.

The gay-in progress walking to and fro still in shock of what happened and more importantly what she felt. Twas yummy in a way that twists your tummy as if a ball of fire slowly builds up from down there going up to your chest. Whew! Whatta-gay-triggering kiss! :D

Gay life is full of drama and complications. I think it's ingrained in our genes. Never boring :)

Twas supposed to be a happy confusion, but only thing is, the girl who woke up the sleeping gay in her is her brother's fiancee.

At this point, I will stop, because I want you all to watch this blog-worthy film :)

In a few days, I'll post more thoughts about it as I don't want to put any spoiler
*in respect to the film I so currently love ;) *



Anonymous said...

ill never forget this movie because of my sister.. short story: i asked her if the movie was any good but she only told me not to watch it.. i asked "bakit?" and she only said "basta".. sino ba naman d macucurious lalo sa sitwasyon na yun.. so curious me watched it anyway.. in the end "aaaahhhh.. kaya pala" -ally

firewomyn said...

@Ally - haha. parang nireverse psych ka ng sister mo. i love the film! super relate ako sa part when she realized she's gay and the things she can't do (like hold hands w/o being stared atr). sakto! grabe. i bought the original dvd :)