San Beda law student 

killed in hazing

whatthefreakinfuk is wrong with these men?! it's 2012 already and hazing?! hazing is so 90s! cybercrime na po ngayon.hayz.

don't they have better way to show their prowess than butchering neophytes? tangina nyo! sana mamatay din sa hazing ang mga magiging anak nyo! o kaya makidnap and matorture kayo ng abu sayyaf!

i have an ofcmate who's dad's a pma'er. he shared that hazing isn't such a deal anymore in pma ever since internet came to be. they'd rather be online (surf porn maybe) than kick some poor body's ass.

i am glad there's no sorority yet that reported to have killed anybody in hazing. whew! seems most violence's caused by men. boo!

where's the courage and so-called machismo in battering a blindfolded kid who can't/won't fight back? tsk.

in this day and age of twitter, facebook, tumblr, and glee, what is the sense of joining a fraternity anyway? i just don't get it. maybe bec am not a guy. which am very thankful for btw. inyong inyo na yang bulok nyong guy thing! saksak nyo sa makitid nyong utak at maitim nyong kunsensya! amp!

and lastly, kaya pala ndi kayo nagtatop sa bar e kasi puro hazing inaatupag nyo! hmp! *bugso lang ng damdamin. pasensya na po.*


Anonymous said...

ahem.. objection on the last statement. may nag to top naman sa bar..hehehe.. ang puso mo. ..
hay, lets see how chocolate, este De lima reacts to this, she belongs to the sorority of Lamda Rho. kinda dishearthening considering that the boy is a child of an ofw working in south korea and the father is a farmer. another future down the drain all for nothing...never did understand why people/students join those clubs anyway or loner lang talaga ako.. hahaha....twistedhalo

KimMD said...

Uh, wait. Your last statement there... that was foul. It's one thing to condemn hazing, dear, but it's completely another thing to generalize and attack their Bar performance, just because of that one single incident. It's not fair. I know you get me. This blog is yours and that we don't care whatever it is that you say here, but you have to understand that people might get hurt or worse, offended. My girlfriend is a Bedan law student, and come 2016, will let you know if she tops the Bar. :)

firewomyn said...

@KimMD - yeah, i know. i was just soo angry when i wrote this. i'm sorry to all the Bedan's out there.