lez and cuz

In June, Isabelle Daza caused some controversy when she posted this pic in solidarity with the LGBT Equality. Hooray for her! :)

Recently, I'm seeing these Bench ads of cousins Isabelle Daza and Georgina Wilson. The touching breasts and the hint of ass cupping are enough to send my lez senses blinking in rainbow colors. well, am easy to please. 

I like her pic with cousin Georgina below. It shows her dominant side somehow with that simple tug on the jeans she did.

Isabelle's slouch pose here appeals to me very much. there's sumkinda tomboy vibe to the pose, like a quiet strength and doesn't need to explain to anyone aura.

Women who are dressed casually yet exude the swag can get away in whatever simple get up they do.


Isabelle is that. Simple and sensual at the same time. That smoldering, bare face look, I almost want to purr.

Seen her in Celebrity Bluff when she was a contestant and she showed she's not just a model. She is smart. Her thought process in answering the question was analytical.

But it is in watching her in Wagas where I became a fan of her as an actress. Her role was that of a rural girl whose farmer fiancé died 2 days before they were to wed. Her role in commitment to their love, went ahead with the wedding while the fiancé was lying in the coffin.

Yes, Wagas is Isabelle Daza and her genuine support to LGBT. :)

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Hi! Its good to have you around again. Keeping my alone nights away from our country, not so lonely :-)