Kevin Rudd won over the LGBTQ community

Watch as The Honourable Australian Prime Minister (2007-2010) Kevin Rudd defend and support marriage with well founded basis as a Christian. Running for re-election, he recently participated in a televised open forum/Q&A as part of his campaign. A Christian pastor asked him why he supports marriage equality.

at 2:32 he has already debunked the whole marriage is man-woman bible argument.
3:00 you see how exasperated Kevin is with the pastor and same-minded people
3:08, he shows how bible supports marriage equality
3:30, he stresses his position that he doesn't agree with the pastor and how strongly he supports marriage equality
4:00 read the twitter caption. =)

also notice how the pastor, probably in utmost disbelief and embarrassment, barely blinked as Kevin slays his every argument against marriage equality. hehe.

the election just concluded earlier and sad to say, Kevin didn't win. But tis doesn't mean his words and conviction in supporting us in our fight for equality was all for naught.
I would have campaigned and voted for him had I been a citizen of Australia. Nonetheless, he won me and the fabulous LGBTQ community's heart.

great, bug hug to you Kevin! =)
*first name basis, close?! hahaha*

Future history will show how right he is.
Kevin Rudd's conceded hours ago. And this is his speech.

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