Color of wide awake dreams

After four hours of turning side to side, i stopped my failed attempt to sleep. What is wrong with my body? Was awake Sat 11pm till Sunday 8am finishing Suits season 2, slept 4hrs Sunday morning. Normalized sleep Sunday night. And now this!

Texted gf about this episode of zombie fit and kidded her - siguro iniisip mo ko no! Haha. She just replied I love you. Ah, sweet. But not enough to knock me to sleep.

Currently playing classical music. Read an article about how diplomats learn foreign language fast, scanned thru twitter feed, checked emails. This is me exhausting my eyes to force it to sleep. But my mighty eyes keeping its stance.

My body is tired, but mind refuses to give up with thoughts swimming in my brain cells. This is exhausting and I will pay for this dearly at work. Pray I won't be late.

I tried to write about Juno's coming out. *Ellen Page will always be Juno to me :) * at work lunch but blogger's blocked. Fuck these web filters.

So I just surfed for Cheryl Miles' photo, the Singaporean DJ, whose radio program I listen to every morn before going to work (via podcast). 'twas the radio station I listened to every time am in Singapore.

Shan & Cheryl are the cooler version of Chico and Delamar for me. To be better at conversational English, I decided to listen to English radio program. Plus theirs have no commercials/ads. And they're talented! They spoof songs by singing their own comic version.

So imagine. my shock when I discovered how boiling hot Cheryl is! Since I want her only for myself, I won't post a pic of her. Ha! Well, as if I can! Am typing now thru my already erratic behaving iPhone 3GS of four years! Another shocker yes, am 6 versions behind on iPhone models.

Poor, deprived me. *Hint! Hint!* Am accepting donations of iPhone 4 and up! :) it's 2014, 2 yrs after the world ended, wala nang oras para maging mahiyain! :)

Three hours ago, I started working out again, right after gf left from my apartment. Inspired by latest crush, Cheryl, I want to be deserving of her when we have mind blowing-leg breaking-bluer than Blue is the Warmest Color sex!

With that, I now replace Orange is the new Black with Blue is the new Orange. Sorry Alex Vause.

Continuing, *yep, still can't sleep* macho is the new gay and lesbians are simply fierce sexy. Kirsten Stewart is the next coming out *a womyn is entitled to dream* and Jennifer Lawrence is her new gf. *am capricious when I dream. Hehe.*

So I think I've collected enough fantasies to dream about to effectively convince my body to finally give in and let me start the mind blowing-leg breaking-bluer than Blue is the Warmest Color sex with Cheryl, Kirsten and Jennifer. :D

Great mornight ladies! Off to the wonderful world of Zzz.

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Anonymous said...

I always read your posts. Nakakatuwa. I want to know you and talk to you because i know you can empower me. Hehe. My gf and I have been together for almost 16months already. Her family knows. Everyone in our office already knows about us and we don't hide it from others. Unfortunately, i just can't tell it to my family and relatives. Haha. I just can't. And we're still keeping it this way.