soo sleepy. been very hectic. work, postgrad, loads of errands. plus late night catch ups on AlDub. yeah, am a fan :) universal appeal of kilig and romance. i'd take that anytime. hehe. am easy that way. i came out to my new boss and he was cool with it. so much he admitted to having slept with a trans before and doesn't mind it at all. we're getting along well. yey! speaking of which, a friend/colleague before of mine just fully transitioned to womanhood! wow! she just completed this a couple of weeks ago at Thailand. soo happy for her. she looks more gorgeous than many of my female friends actually. more so now. a lez staff of mine resigned bec she fell for me. did i mention she has  a gf of many years? more kwento about that in the future.

gf is overseas  currently for her  work. my business trip this week got cancelled. so am suddenly left with available time which sounds alien to me. where to last minute go when many local airlines' flights got cancelled? i  asked around and many can't go with me. it seems as i got busier, so did my friends. or maybe many of them have moved on to be with other circles. the good thing is am also okay being alone. i enjoy observing strangers anyway. but company will always be nice :)

okay, after that short rambling, am still sleepy though less than earlier. and it feels like i am practicing writing. it feels effortful to write. year-long writing academic papers for school have made writing less fun. it's stressful! hopefully i get better and more efficient with this school thing.

am  also on the look out for a new job. work has been frustrating and makes me feel like rotting. i realized it's a mismatch. but getting a new job isn't as easy before. or maybe am just impatient. i just started applying again two weeks ago. so far no call back. boo-hoo! so yeah i need this break. to just rest and wander and recharge too. sana pwedeng matulog tapos pag gising ko December na para masaya :)

... still sleepy... zzz...

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