on chats and karirans

chatrooms have been the official avenue for karirans.
for the simple reason that it's easy, fast and efficient.

it may sound mercenary in nature, but hey,
that's just the way it works for most.

i can't imagine how gurls do it before sans the advent of chat.
it must have been tough and highly limiting specially with a discriminating society then.

im just happy that im in this information age.
everything just seems accessible.

you can even have a gurlfrend in just a few minutes!
fast huh?! :) well, it's not called a fast-paced world for nothing honey. :)

you can even equate the speed of your internet connection and your typing speed to the speed you can have dates(ebs) and (virtual) gfs.
no kidding! hehe.
almost an equation.

to be continued...

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