surprise! surprise!

my gf recently had her bday.
since i can't think of any gift to give her and she surprised me with a bouquet of flowers on my bday, i wanted to do the same, but not flowers.
**i don't know what it is with butches and flowers, they just don't mix! ;)

pressed for time, what i did is order yellow cab pizza to her ofc.
being a good gf as i am, i have no idea what floor she is in! i had to check the net then make phone calls abt it.

i collaborated with our admin people on how to go abt this, bec the plan is that they deliver the pizzas in my ofc first so i can pay for them, then they deliver it to her ofc.

i think it was pretty straight forward.
i went with my usual stuff. after hrs, i noticed that it's past 4pm already and their ofc ends 5pm! *panic mode!* whatever happened to the pizza?!

i called our admin officer abt it and she forgot abt it. we called yellow cab, and guess what -- they delivered it already!
wherethehell did they send it to, bec i sure hell didn't receive nor pay for anything yet!

as if on cue, my gf sent me a text msg, asking for the surname of our admin officer.
*you guessed it right!*
to my horror, it was delivered straight to their ofc!

omg! i'm having a heart attack!

i need not ask, she paid for the pizza i was to surprise her with!
i didn't have the guts to reply to her text.
instead, i called yellow cab and barked at them for their major screw up!
**i have to blame somebody, anybody! to make me feel less of a fool**
can't people follow simple instructions?!
i was furious! and soo embarrassed at the same time.
there's too many emotions in me but my voice is just one high pitch althroughout.
as a consolation, they sent me a free pizza.
syet! after naming magsigawan?! feeling ko may lason sya, so sa team ko sya pinakain. :D
**as of this writing, buhay pa naman sila.**

anyway, pagod na ko. sa galit and frustrations. so to cut the awful story short,
me and my gf had a field day laughing at my mistake :
and i of course can't help but be uber pissed abt the whole thing.
in between being pikon and laughing, I can't help but think how nuts i am with this gf of mine ;)

what's good abt messing up is you can make it up next time :
i personally like any phrase coined with "make".
kiss and make up, make do, make magic, and shempre, make love :p
ito ang tunay na hapi na, birthday pa! solbs! ;)


AKILEZ said...

belated happy birthday sa girlfriend mo. Even though I don't know her. You read Katie's Blog naku ha type mo ba siya?

How come I never see your comments sa katie vs. Philippines blog site?

I like her too.... take care Babaeng Umaapoy!!!!

Heckler@Large said...

had the same thing happened to me,i would either be dead now or languishing in jail.

shit na yellow cab 'yan.

that's one blunder i would never forgive. kabobohan 'yan.

galit ako.
nakakainis ang katangahang 'yan huh!

mabuhay ang mga bakla at lesbyana sa mundo:


psylocke said...

happy na, birthday pa! ayus! happy bday sa kanya! :)