me and my crazier grrl friends :)

friend X:
a friend of mine broke up with her student gf because she was borrowing 300pesos from
her. she felt used somehow.

couple of months later after the breakup, it is her ex's bday and this friend of mine is saving up to buy her ex a gift.

the ex wants a 30k phone. ofcourse my friend won't give the 30k! instead, she's giving a 20k worth of celphone. in friendship terms.

geez. how sweet. and i countered, hey! im also your friend, am i not worth 20k? :D

friend X is evolving to become a matrona.

ugh! *peace!*

friend Y:
she denounced being straight after her 3rd heartache. this melodramatic decision(buckets of tears in their house) was highlighted w/ a promise to her mom that she'll try to 'straighten' her life. Then

3mos of silence later, she announces her 4th gf! Great! ΓΌ

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