first official womyn crush

who made my day?

i just saw at mrt my first ever womyn crush.
err, yeah, tisay (coming out entry) is my first butch crush that i acknowledged and made me a convert.

but p.e. teacher is the first womyn that caught my attention then.
ok, attention is too light a word.
p.e. teacher is the first womyn whom i actually surprisingly, secretly got attracted to.

why not, she's the only visible lesbian in school then.
and a teacher at that.
and is uber cool too. :)
running in short shorts all the time w/ well-toned legs to die for.

she's been the buzz for a few weeks when she first came.
the incredulity of the conservatives! and she was even rumored to have a student gf.
looking back now, w/ her smart head, killer looks and a body to crave for,
im sure, she had loads of virgin offerings from smitten girrrls then,
including me. :) bwehehe.

i even fantasized (details: censored) abt her while taking a nap at our hiking activity.
ofcourse, dahil ako ay nagpapanggap na straight pa lang noon (pretending to be straight then), i dispelled that thought and totally forgot abt it until now.

i think she's still really hot.
very athletic and exudes inner power to make you submit to her :D
the years had only made her look wiser and stronger.

there i was in the middle of the throng of overflowing people in mrt (train),
staring at her, feeling college foolish, smitten, all over again.



Richie said...

Nice Blog. Funny post

G said...

at sino naman first womyn crush ko?
ikaw kasi e!