In Lehman's term

World market crashed yesterday. Big deal.

A month ago, I was nearing bankruptcy myself. Tough.

Six months ago I invested in a mutual fund from one of the affected local companies by Lehman's demise. Conservative annual interest rate is supposed be around 8-10%. I still have half of the year to see if it'll pay off. Ultra conservative earning for now will do.

One year ago, I invested in a time deposit from a rural bank which per my research offers the highest interest rate in Manila . After six months though, earning 5%, I withdrew everything to pay some family obligations. Sad. I vowed to replenish that this year. I just have 3 months left to fulfill that vow. Tick tock. Pressure.

One year and a half ago, I invested in pure volatile stocks from a broker who is the broker of my friend whom I learned later on is not only a financial broker but also her heart broker (okay, that was a stretch I admit. Hehe.) This self-made friend of mine didn’t finish college, is a single mom of two kids, doesn’t have a regular job, yet drives her own savvy car, has her own house, kids studying in privy school and can afford to have vice and some other luxuries. I was convinced she's doing something right and I'm missing out. So I tried it out. Gave 50k to the broker. I think I'm his smallest client in terms of shell out. My 50k investment has lost 50% since then. You do the math. Major ouch!

Two years ago I read a book, Cashflow Quadrant (by Robert Kiyosaki). From then on my investor self was born.

Having somehow tried diverse 'investments', I am now unfazed with the market changes. I've learned to accept that it's part of the many risks that go with investing.

Lehman's term might have ended, but it just opens a wide door for more opportunities. Call it glass half full. :)

For when the market is down, that's the best opportunity to BUY. It's the equivalent of shopping discount/sale in trading. And buy I will do, from no less than AIG itself. Bold move. High risk. Scary shit. But totally exciting! ;)


Anonymous said...

i love everything that you write., hope to hear more from you.,

firewomyn said...

thanks for the appreciation and visiting my blog even though i seldom update it. :)

Anonymous said...

that was sweet., made me like you even more.,

Anonymous said...

natawa naman ako sa conversation ninyo ni anonymous... =)

i'm also quite familiar with the book, so you're really into investing talaga... that's good letting your money work for you... =)
but i read that patience in not in you virtue, well you have to give time talaga for your money to double...=)


firewomyn said...

@nana - well yeah, i read finance books. but i've used up my funds for my parent's house construction so still need to replenish pa :) kulit ng isang anonymous no? hehe.

Anonymous said...

I am not really a fan of Kiyosaki's books. It doesn't provide me the techniques and the fundamentals in investing. I would recommend you to read Benjamin Graham's "Intelligent Investor". It is one of the greatest books in investment which Warren Buffet sought it as a bible.
Regarding investment, there are plenty of brokers but so far, the best broker in the country is CITI SEC. You could easily manage your investments online and they also offer an easy investment plan. I hope this helps. Also, if you want to read more about finance and investment, I would like to share a whole zip of files stashed in my computer. :) They are good e-books to munch on. Godbless on your investment