Spending the night?

Not many of us are lucky enough to be out, have our own places or can easily bring womyn at home. For the rest who needs a private place to go to, I recommend a few practical choices below.

Interesting enough that there are motels who don't allow gays in their establishments. Whatever the rationale behind it I'm definite it's rooted on prejudice. Motels in other countries are motorist hotels Philippine motels are famous as the destination for trysts. And we all know couples don't go there to pray. So what's the issue with gays entering motels? It's not like they're sacred or holy. At the end of the day, it's a business, so who are they fooling? *just had to let that out*

StoneHouse Apartelle
The place is decent, discrete, accessible (in Quezon City and Edsa), and cheap!
They offer rates as low as P600 for a 12hr stay! There's no reservation for the 12hr stay, so it is a first come first serve basis.

Complete list of rates and the facilities in this link:

You can check pictures of the rooms here:

Tri-Place Hotel
The rooms are newer than StoneHouse, spacious, clean, and affordable.
What's interesting here is that they offer rooms with communal rest rooms which gives people more affordable option. An overnight stay for rooms with communal rest room is pegged at P1,100, while it's only P617 for a six hour stay. Standard rooms (Apollo) for a 12hr stay is at P1,050. I think you can do advance booking here. Know more info about Tri-Place here:


Eurotel Hotels
The room is small, but comfortable. The 12hr rates vary per location, but it usually is around P960. Cubao location offers six hour rate at something like P450-500, but be prepared to be exposed because of the long line! Yep, there's actual waiting area as you wait for couples to leave so you can get in.

More info on Eurotel

Firewomyn's Tips:
It really depends on your need.
1. If you have a tight budget and you want it discrdete, it's StoneHouse.

2. If you have enough money to shell out, and cool about communal rest rooms, then it's Tri-Place.

3. If you're horny and desperate, it's Eurotel.

At the end, you can always opt to carefully plan and save for an overnight date with your special womyn and go for well respected hotels. It's around 2k up.


Anonymous said...

useful entry! ehehehehe marami pa sa cubao na decent talaga pero secret ko na lang yun :)

firewomyn said...

andamot! hehe. :) my concern with cubao is that it's such a public place with soo many people that's too risky for closet womyn like moi ;)

Anonymous said...

i agree! sobrang pakapalan na lang ng mukha pag sa cubao. there's a hotel there na may "pila" pero one good thing about it is mejo heterogenous yung mga nakapila. may mga galing byahe, may mga lasing na di na kaya magdrive, may mga magbabarkada and may mga family pa minsan. try mo dun minsan (lika bulong ko syo...)

firewomyn said...

dali! bulong mo na! excited na ko :) wehehe.

Anonymous said...

Kulang na kulang yan. LOL. Try reading the motels / apartelles section of Manilatonight. Hehehe.

firewomyn said...

hi Anonymous! :)
yeah, i know kulang. but i want to feature those places whom my friends have personally tried. as they say, tried and tested. if you want to add some more with your own review of the, do tell and i will gladly append them. you seem to be an expert. wehehehe. :)

Anonymous said...

victoria court in malate is not "discriminating"..sanay na ata sila..hehehe
napadaan lang...ootwistedhalooo

firewomyn said...

Hi Anonymous! :) that's good to know. as i've heard that it was victoria notebook that discriminates. I'll add your info and post a re-entry tomorrow. :) thanks!