As I was watching Talentadong Pinoy, a talent search TV show in channel 5, I learned that we are indeed a troubled nation. So many people with problems, all painful and sad. One got jailed and his wife left him, another lived in jail with his dad when he was very young, where all four siblings later on sent for adoption, someone's dad got killed and mom now has breast cancer and another simply lost his job and has nothing for food. What's remarkable with these talented hopefuls is just that -- they are HOPEful. They didn’t let their problems carry their life and get overwhelmed by trials. They instead chose to carry their crosses and steered the course of their lives. Some tried singing, acting, dancing, art, albeit lack of training or even potential. What's critical is they are trying thru honest and creative means. They may be ridiculed in the process, pitied upon, applauded, still they face the people, the camera with their stories armed with their so-called talents.

Am not sure if this is a reality show in the guise of talent search or the other way around. TV shows these days are all mixed with realism. You get the production numbers, the drama, the inspiration, the humor, the whole shebang of entertainment. I guess since drama series/telenovelas have been bled dry already, tv networks have repackaged drama and infused portions of them to many shows. Am not a fan of drama, but am a sucker for human stories, from struggle to triumph. From one human to another, I feel them.

As I continue to watch and control my tears, I realized that I've always had difficulty expressing/sharing my problems to other people (other than this blog). But then again, if you have nothing left but hope, you are bound to bare it all from flesh to soul. Stripped down to such rawness, we become honest people. I am hungry. I don’t have money. Help me. I'm horny. I want to rest. Love me. No barriers. The simple kind of complex. The reality tv show of life. What's showing with yours?

Will try to catch this later. - THE KIDS ARE ALL RIGHT


Winner of the Best Feature Film Award at the Berlin International Film Festival. Joni and Laser (Mia Wasikowska and Josh Hutcherson) were conceived through artificial insemination by their lesbian parents Jules and Nic (Julianne Moore and Annette Bening). The two seek out their sperm donor father and try to bring him into their family. The film revels in the awkwardness of the situation, playing out its scenes with often painful clarity, highlighting the complicated histories of the characters.


rz fortajada said...

I love The Kids Are Alright. Wish they'd make more movies like it. :D

firewomyn said...

@RZ - enjoyed it too! :) it's a small film that got noticed mainstream. so yey! and another lez-flavored film black swan is also reaping awards. good times :)