it's in the mint

a cup of Peppermint tea, a successful job interview over lunch, ears plugged to good music, and time to close my eyes and feel real good. By the time I opened my eyes a beautiful woman was looking at me from afar. When the elevator doors opened, we both entered, I first, she second. Am at her back and I saw her reflection from the elevator doors. Mygolly, she's one hot, beautiful woman, kinda looks like a taller brunette jodie foster. Chewing gum and looking suplada. Can I have your gum so I can taste you? I stood closer to her back,  and wanted more, but dang! My stop's next. I just slightly brushed myself to her back as I left just to feel her. I was so turned on I had to pee and wash my face. Because all my blood rushed to my face like teens on pandemonium at the sight of bieber. The waiter must have put some aphrodisiac in my tea. Maybe it's the mint! I was palpitating and not because of caffeine. It is on moments like this when I am definite I am tomgirl.Can I have another mint? :D

Back in the ofc and with that mood, I get this email from a girl friend -

"Btw, I'm having a little dilemma. This girl is sending me mixed signals and just baffles me. Maybe I really suck with women. NO PUN INTENDED AT ALL. I meant it in the literal sense."

My reply:
"so the literal meaning is you suck women. there's no maybe in that. hehe. so what is the dilemma, to suck her or not?"

Friend's reply :
"suck as in not good. not suck as in,  creating a vacuum with your mouth over the surface of the skin. (see how dorky i am?)"

My reply:
"adorkable :)"

Wahaha! Yep, I say it's all because of the mint!


Anonymous said...

i learn so much from this blog.. :))
this post made my day... and i find it funny that this is posted right after your very cheeeesy inlababo post.. :D

Anonymous said...

you know what, you're one of the connections i had with my past (my ex shared this site to me kasi)... and im really not sure if i want to let it go now, coz dang! im totally glued here!

i agree with the previous comment... cheers to that!

firewomyn said...

@Anonymous 1 - educational? :) thanks for the appreciation. i enjoyed the encounter so much i quickly blogged it. hehe.

@Anonymous 2 - do i know this ex? :) neat! abt the glue and dang thing. haha. thanks too for sticking with me ;)

Anonymous said...

nope...i dont think you know her...we're not out.. =)
i tried not to visit ur site na kasi namimiss ko lang siya and super inggit ako with you... hahaha
pero wala eh... ang galing mo! hahaha

Anonymous said...

educational? for me it is..:)
i found this blog about a month ago.. almost didn't go to school that day because i got so hooked i read almost everything..

everything in my life is so straight this blog is like an enlightenment.. so yup, this is educational! im really happy i found this blog.. :D
-ally (anonymous 1)

firewomyn said...

@Anonymous 2 - welcome to the closet society my friend! :) sa dami nating hindi out buti kasya pa tayo sa closet no? Hehe. I can imagine the Narnia closet.

Galing ba? Pinataba mo naman ang ego ko ng two inches. Haha. Hindi lahat ng rosas mabango at even paradise has troubles. Ergo, wag inggitera! Hihi. Seriously, hope we can be friends and may you continue to find any good/comfort/humor in this blog :)

@Ally aka Anonymous 1 - we are all straight until we're not. Been there. But bec everything is so fluid (except solid, haha), there's always this influx of change and challenging of the status quo. Not that it's forced or intentional, but simply because it's human and life's nature :) and lest I forget, enjoy your university/college life. It is the perfect time to explore and think w/o being bothered that much yet by economic & familial necessities. Learned that from teddy casino. :)

Sa lahat Ng anonymous, kwentuhan pa tayo! :)

Anonymous said...

@FW: And you mentioned Tedi Casino. He was a colleague and friend way back our CEGP years. Wala lang, na-catch lang ang attention ko nang ma mention mo ang pangalan nya.


Anonymous said...

"Ang iyong puna ay nai-save na at makikita matapos na pumayag ang may-ari ng blog."

Talaga ha. :p

Anonymous said...

im graduating this march.. didn't get to enjoy/explore university life as much.. too occupied with plates and being a masunuring anak..

i've been liking girls ever since i could remember.. but due to some issues, i straightened up and dated boys.. i don't think any of my friends would ever suspect that i like girls.. with my family, i think they sense it at times but since i'm dating boys and only talk to them about the suitors, i think it somehow "assures" them that im straight.. plenty of space in the closet.. sigh..-ally

Anonymous said...

hey firewomyn, actually, i've been commenting on your blogs na as anonymous and feeling ko close na tayo coz u never failed to reply hahaha

thanks for your time and i wish you and ur girl more love!

firewomyn said...

@borderlineunfriendly - wow! you personally know teddy? cool! :) abt the filipino verbiage, i dunno what happened why it turned that. but it's a welcome surprise though :)

@ally - nice, you're graduating :) plates - archi? there's nothing wrong abt being a masunuring anak. now that you're graduating, you can now re-learn what you really want/explore. on the closet space, closet is the new out! hehehe. meaning discreet is now the norm. equality means never feeling forced to out or anything. let us just be. am just here if you need to hang out and kwentuhan in the closet ha. maybe we can have like a party also in the closet. haha.

@anonymous na matagal nang nagcocomment - thank you naman at madalas ka magcomment :) ako din naman feeling close sa mga nagcocomment e. hehe. masaya ako na may nakakausap. there is strength in number, nakakalakas ng loob. kaya salamat! at sana pangalanan mo na sarili mo. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha oo nga naman pala... Call me nana! :)