the beautiful kevin balot

i was about to leave our house this morning for work, when i saw her for the first time. she is the kevin  balot, grand winner of the miss international queen 2012, the miss universe i think in transgenders. she has this beautiful, milky, rosy skin. she looks fresh and youthful. she doesn't look overly done unlike other biological women i see. she is charming and very happy with her own skin. *well, if i have that kind of skin who has the look of one bathing in fresh milk, i would be ecstatic with my own skin too! :D*

how can you  not love her? how can his father  not accept her? why do parents often  impose their dreams on their children as if some extension of their own unfinished, unfulfilled aspirations? if it is true that children are a gift from god, why do parents question what is natural to their children? how can parents abandon, hurt, despise, not accept, that which is a gift from the divine? indeed, kevin looks every inch divine.

even without her father's acceptance, kevin is tight hug loved. by her lgbt family and by the unjudging universe. kevin, we are proud of you! :) *sisterly hug*



Pinoy transgender crowned Miss International Queen

A 21-year-old transgender beauty from the Philippines — Kevin Balot — was crowned "Miss International Queen 2012" in Thailand's seaside resort Pattaya on Friday.

Miss International Queen is an annual beauty pageant for transgender people. It takes place annually since 2004 in Pattaya,in the Kingdom of Thailand. The pageant aims to create human rights awareness among international communities. The winner will receive the crown and also a 10,000 USD prize money and an apartment for a year in Pattaya. The election is organized by Tiffany's Show Pattaya Company

 One Filipino fan said that winning a transvestite contest in Thailand, the land of "lady boys," was like winning a soccer tournament in Brazil. An emotional Balot told reporters that she hoped the win would help her gain acceptance from her father.

"I'm very proud to be first here, and I hope my dad will accept me. Because in the family I'm the only boy, and my dad has big expectations of me. I made it. I won the International Queen Pageant, and I believe that my dad will accept me not only as his son but also as his daughter," she said.
Miss International Queen 2012: Kevin Balot (Philippines)
1st Runner up: Jessika Simoes (Brazil)
2nd Runner up: Panvilas Mongkol (Thailand)

Top 10

Philippines - Michelle Montecarlo
Philippines - Miriam Jimenez

Angola - Imanni da Silva
Japan - Beni Tukishima
Brazil - Bianca Gold
Guam - Matricia Mae Centino
United States - Sunny Dee-Lite

Special Awards
Best Evening Gown - Sunny Dee-Lite (United States)
Miss Photogenic - Kevin Balot (Philippines)
Miss Congeniality - Noah Herrera (Venezuela)
Miss National Costume - Yuki Tachibana (Japan)
The Angel Talent Competition - Beni Tukishima (Japan)
Miss Perfect Skin By Asoke Skin Hospital - Matricia Mae Centino (Guam)
Miss Ripley's Popular Vote - Stefania Cruz (Philippines)


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