hey, i'm back :)

I wasn’t able to write much after new work started. I guess I've been THAT busy. Everything is new, the technology, the smaller office, the smaller teams, my not so ergonomic chair, the mostly unprofessional people, the very small, European like elevator that takes forever to open and stops at each floor, the frustrated Asian boss who shouts at incompetent people and doesn't care if he offends anyone and whom I barely understood for months because of his heavy Chinese accent.  It was disarray, scary even, and I love it! =)

I got to be friends with almost everyone, even the boss. Despite people's incompetence, I enjoyed working with them. They treat me like we're peers. They don't seem to think/realize that I have a somewhat "boss" position similar to the people they call "sir".  *Most of the people here are men btw.* Maybe because I don't look as old as the others or simply, I don't look like a "ma'am". Haha.

I dress in skirts, dresses, colourful stockings, high heels, clunky accessories. One time I dressed in royal blue, green, maroon ensemble. Senior HR commented that I seem to have all the colours and mentioned about La Salle, Ateneo colors. I had to emphasize, that UP too since I have the maroon also. Senior HR's color is mostly gold. Because she has so  much gold from earrings, to necklace to bracelet to rings! Talk about show of wealth. Anyhoo, this lady is one peculiar, funny  thing which I may kwento some other time. :)

I got to be a regular employee after a couple of months and given wider work scope thru  change in position after another month. One of the incompetent "sirs" now reports to me. I guess I can say am doing great at work. Busy yes, but am having so much fun and being recognized too. I think I do thrive in chaos. Having lived it all my life.

Like all office Christmas Parties all over the Philippines, I gamely danced Gangnam Style with Eat Bulaga's Cha Cha as part of a newbie presentation with just 2hr practice the day before. Beat that. Hehehe. I survived by just enjoying the moment and infusing each step with enthusiasm (aka "project").

From the way I ranted about work for years, rare do you see me put "enjoy" and "work" in the same post. But here I am, doing it. And even mentioned "love".  I've also earned enough dough and confidence  to invest in a townhouse near Makati. So let me add, "wow!" to that. :)

Last quarter has been a colorful blast. So much good stuff in it. I am busy, exhausted at times, but I feel relaxed. I am still intense, but minus the anger.  It's like I'm in this swirl of pastel colored ease. It amazes me really how wonderful I feel these past few months which is very much in contrast to how difficult and emotional the prior year was. 

One important thing I learned this year is that just because a decision is difficult, doesn't mean it's wrong. I made three major decisions this year - came out to my two sisters, reunited with my eternal flame after a year-long hiatus, left my work of 6.5yrs to move to this interesting, yet fun chaos that I am in now.

I am happy, gay, full of love and energized.

Sabi nila, it's not the years that pass by that matter, but the moments that count. So let me just greet you Happy Moments! :)

just don't mind some of the incorrect lyrics. hehe
Some Power Thoughts for you to kick off the new year:




Anonymous said...

i'm happy for u fire...

cSETHi2 said...

Way to go fire!

I sure am happy to read such an entry from you.

I have been lurking here for quite some years now.

True enough this is the entry that has so much energy and vibrancy in every line you had written.

Thank you.

Happy and Gay here as well.