two men and a love

sometimes it is this simple. you find someone you love and want to spend every sleeping and waking moment with that person. you find a love you are so proud and happy of that sharing it, proclaiming it, sealing it is the next unstoppable thing to do.

and sometimes, we get lucky enough to be part and witness of such grand gesture of love. one that is sure and unafraid of whatever social restriction/law or lack of it.

if you love someone, show it. surprisingly, it's that simple. =)

Paolo and John’s Engagement Shoot

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Paolo and John are getting married today.

I’ve said it before about shooting weddings, we’re probably not going to change the world doing what we do, but we try to capture everything that is right and good about it for two specific people on one specific, special day. What we do matters to these people, and these photographs will be kept and treasured by their families forever. I’m not sure if covering Paolo and John’s wedding will change how some people still insist on narrow-mindedly seeing the world, but I do know that my husband and I will witness and document a union of two people in love with each other today. It’s as simple and wonderful as that for us, and really, what it’s all about.

I feel almost protective of these two. I have a son, and if he turned out to be gay, I would certainly hope he would be allowed to marry whomever he loves. I want him to see that when you love purely, honestly, with all your heart, and when every fiber of your being just sings with it, when you have found the one you want to spend the rest of your life waking next to, you can.
Paolo and John’s Wedding Day



Thank you Paolo and John for the inspiration. :)