black is the new luck

remember this tight black dress that i wore for my job interview last year? well, it's still tight and appears to be shorter now. i decided to wear it for work still because i needed something tight to hug my body, to quash any negative feelings, to flatten my tummy and to make my ass look tighter. hehe. seriously though, i needed something to perk me up. the dress got me the job, so maybe it'll do its magic again and give me something really nice.

so in a management meeting, wearing my stilletos that scream, i fashionably kick ass, i confidently sat and presented my deck. my boss questioned some of my entries. a first time. made me appear less super. in front of my team. and other managers. my ego can only mutter ouchie! fukc. fuk. cufk. fuck.

i stormed outside right after the meeting, back to my desk, fuming, quickly grabbed my wheeled and personally cushioned not-so-ergonomic chair, sat and then THUD! whattheF?! my wheeled and personally cushioned not-so-ergonomic chair at arm's length, my butt, missing it by a few inches. my tight sorry ass flat on the carpeted floor! putanaman o! *sorry, poise got crushed from where i fell*

when i tried to stand up, a sound of repeated r's came next... rrrrrriiip. ohno! my back slit! i hurriedly went to the restroom (and for the life of G, please stop calling it bathroom) to asess the damage. on my back, i can see  hint of my undies giving me the tsk tsk tsk look. i tried covering it with my winter jacket (it's THAT aircon cold in the office), but twas met with futility.

i asked for the opinion of our admin asst who has mastered the art of obscene corporate get up. even she mouthed tsk tsk tsk.

so off i went to the nearest clothes store at past 1pm. as i was walking outside the office past lunch time, i bumped into our CIO who gave me the why-are-you-going-out-on-office-hours look. i know it's just early afternoon and no stars on sight the smog covered sky, but i am convinced the stars have aligned to fuck with me the whole day.

i bought this nice printed pants for an incredulous price of P900! and a cheapo tank for P100+. P1k, the price to cover up shame. global warming toasted while crossing the street, i just pointlessly covered my head with my palm. as i was waiting for the traffic red light to shift to green, i envied the girl ahead of me who in all her feminine and poised ensemble was holding an umbrella. i stepped closer as preparation to cross the street. with my makeup melting and my palm covering my forehead from further skin damage, she turned my way and looked at me. smiled (and glowed too), with the sun behind her umbrella and in slow motion effect offered her rose smelling umbrella to me. i shyly (can you believe that?!) stood really close beside her, unsure if i should just hold the umbrella or just let her make a foolish looking girl out of me. we walked, but in my mind we were sashaying to the next street. she asked me which way i will go and turns out we're going on the same way. at that exact moment, the smog filled sky parted and revealed this clear, sunny (okay, scorching) bright sky, the birds started chirping or was it the buses honking? i swear our spirits were holding hands as we continued to walk.

she kept talking to me in English so I figured she's from elsewhere.

"are you Filipino?"
"no, i'm not from here. from thailand"
"oh that explains it. i haven't encountered one in Ayala who shares umbrellas with strangers"
"where's your office?"
*points to my office building*
"i live across yours." *tadadaan!*
"are you a BPO consultant?" *many foreign speaking consultants in BPOs*
"no, i'm a data analyst." *omg, she's not only kind, pretty, she's also smart*
"here's my business card. can i get your number? if you don't mind..."
*opportunity to get her name*
"what name do i put?" * i could have continued with - to the woman who just saved my day?*
"just put Nina. my last name is very long."
"ok." *giggles* *putsa! anglande!* "'hope we can have lunch or snacks if you're free."
"sure, that would be nice."

i glided back to my office, wearing my new set of clothes, my newly inflated self esteem and my suddenly giddy heart.

i won't deny that it tasted like sweets in the shape of a love story unfolding.


Stilettista said...

Hahaha! I missed you! And just to update you, it's my last day tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha nice one. =)


Anonymous said...

I clicked all the boxes. I'm that happy to hear from you again.

Fay said...

Out of the bad, came the good. Turned out to be a nice day after all. Maybe someday, it will be our turn to meet and have coffee, and yes, manlilibre ako :)