The Best Parts of Oscars 2013

after like a decade of not watcing Oscars live, i finally took a leave, woke up early and basked in the glory of The Oscars 2013. but of course, sharing to you only the best parts in Oscars 2013 ;)

1. The Boobs song -

2. if you have the boobs, of course you must have The Nipples, courtesy of Anne Hathaway -
3. The Skirt part of the gown, more importantly, what's underneath -
it's so voluminous, i can camp and live there!
BUT Charlize's is more inviting. hehehe.

5. Of course we can't mention Charlize without also mentioning Kirsten Stewart, who managed to  stilll flirt with Jennifer Lawrence even when in crutches. Apparently, crutch is the new pick up line.

7. Now going back to Boobs, Brandi Granville from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her pair is begging to be freed. This is beyond cleavage, because it's almost the entire package with a slight cover as an afterthought.

8. just to put back some class and everything beautiful in this post, let me end with a short hair from our most glamorous looking tomgirl, Charlize Theron.

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Gina Gao said...

I like Anne Hathaway very much. The Oscars were great!