piece 1

today is the first day of my new life. and i will treat each day like a newborn's every milestone - a miracle.

yesterday, i slept when i got sleepy and woke up. not because i had to, but because my eyes were ready. with this new eyes i realised that this new year's eve tradition of costly noise and massive pollution is like a bride's/groom's bachelorette/bachelor party. the last dirty/naughty act before the straight life.

when i woke up today, which was afternoon already *i lost sense of time and day since holiday vacation started* it was raining. i felt sad. because i couldn't go out. as i sulk and suck it all in, my tongue caught the air and it tasted sweet, a bit cold, and clean. that made me feel better. rain was needed to start the year cleansed.

so for this year, in the mold of resolutions, but not quite, i will buy less and create more. i won't buy the crap of what many people say no matter if they are of authority or of influence. it is so easy to ride on popular opinion and not think further or differently. opinion is cheap. wait, let me correct that. opinion is free. and it can go from senseless to baseless, insightful to inspirational.

creation is becoming a mother all over again. out of cerebral intercourse or pregnant pause. think of topics you've never thought of. create out of your imagination, deliver through your hands and raise from the desire of your good heart.

i'd like to write. because sharing just wells from me. as thoughts race in my head, my hands refuse to be idle. i'd like to speak. because my emotions need a tunnel to pass through and tongue fight in between. i'd like to read. because i need to learn. at how gifted people are. and experience from other people's experience.

and i'd also like to say thank you. for this space among other spaces in the whole wide outer space. because this space is free. and it frees me. the thoughts that escape me leave thought-prints here. and it makes me remember pieces of me.

i am whole. with so many changing pieces. not because i am broken patched together. but because i continue to be re/created. and that makes you part of my process. :)

happy day 1! =)

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Anonymous said...

Happy new year! =)

Anonymous said...

Keep the fire burning. Happy new year! =) -secret admirer

Anonymous said...

Yay! I really like that you spell it as womyn! Hahaha