piece 3

i want to do so many things. i’ll be a student again this Q2 for my post graduate, i want to do investing and business, i want to learn a third language, i want to do photography, travel, go out and just observe to take pictures and write. i want to quit job and commit to social work. i want to read until my eyes turn red and then dream about them and then think about them the moment i wake up. i want to have a sport and have kickass abs. i want to take dancing hip hop and pole dancing and fly with the sound of my whipping sweat. i want to get a big dog like a labrador and walk with him on weekends and take haircuts together. i want to have an indoor tree in my house and i want to have a garden. i want to buy an anti-flood car so that if i go ahead on a typhoon day, i wouldn't be caught on cam saying “I wasn't informed.” i want to elevate my macbook skills to ninja level so that i can write more often without having my written pieces suddenly get deleted for clicking a key that’s not a copy function. i want to paint some more and get drunk until i end up kissing who am with in drunken stupor. i want to stop attending endless meetings that suck the life out of me. i want to let this out while it is overwhelming me. i want to be no slave of time and just be one with my spontaneous self. i want to be. and i want this want to consume me so bad that i’ll spring jump to doing them the second i stop typing. 

*** exercise on writing non stop on whatever comes to mind, without edit.***

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Anonymous said...

Your stream of consciousness is so appealing.