magic rule

how come i most often come unprepared.
everytime i look shabby, i meet people i know, cute peeps i kinda want to impress.
so i gather, that the safe rule is to always be prepared.
always look your best!
it's a win-win thing, everything to gain.

i also went to a caribbean bikini watch.
and from there, i learned of rule #2.
it's all about projection!
yes. the external world will perceive what you want them to perceive of you.

we all have that power, the power of illusion.
we actually are magicians, continually pulling rabbits from the hat.
performing tricks here and there.
whether to our bosses, colleagues, teachers, friends, enemies, strangers even.

and the ones that triumph most are the ones who do the greatest trick.
by making others believe that the act/trick is real.
that's magic!
that's the secret.
that's life.

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