the mourning after

i just ended it with my gf.
i decided that silence is enough closure.
it took me around two weeks to dust off the past
and the bad things that went with it.

after logical thinking with cursing here and there,
i learned that i deserve more than this and i can be even better.
life is so vast i just have to go out and enjoy it.
im just glad that it all ended.
and im now able to explore my full womynhood.
i've been sooo blessed that i can only be thankful for everything.
the whole experience enriched me as a person.
i discovered lots of stuff about myself.
and i realized that i don't want to stop here.
i simply can't.

as they say in basic web programming, "Hello World!"
I guess i'm back in the game.
recharged and fully driven! vrrrrrooooooommmmmmm!!!!!!

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