chaaat up!

it's been around four years since I last chatted via YM. i stopped since i transferred to a job that prohibits it. before, i can't imagine life sans YM, but then after years of not doing it, i unlearned the habit.

recently, i noticed that many people in the office are using YM. one idle moment, i tried to install one and use it. but i lost interest easily. weeks went by and i don't even think about it.

but i got idle again. so there.

Chat 1 - to a friend who's from the South and working now in Manila now.

Firewomyn: How long have you been staying in Manila now?
Southwomyn: It's been two years

Firewomyn: And how is it so far?
Southwomyn: It was hard toadjust at first, but now I'm okay. I learned a lot.

Firewomyn: Can you give me the top three things you learned?
Southwomyn: What is this, a beauty contest?

Firewomyn: Nope, it's a quiz contest
Southwomyn: Hahahaha

Firewomyn: So?
Southwomyn: Your question is tough

Firewomyn: I thought you said you learned a lot?
Southwomyn: …. *still thinking*

Firewomyn: *hay, bummer*

Chat 2 - to someone I thought I know

Firewomyn: Hi! 'Long time.
Overseaswomyn: Hello

Firewomyn: How have you been?
Overseaswomyn: I'm okay.

Firewomyn: Where are you now?
Overseaswomyn: In Jakarta.

Firewomyn: *starts to think* what are you doing there?
Southwomyn: pre-school teacher

Firewomyn: aah, are you X? (name of my friend)
Overseaswomyn: err, no.

Firewomyn: *oh gosh. bummer again*


well, at least it brought me a topic to share :D

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