let me

I will touch you and glide my fingertips to your velvety folds of skin
Raise my moistened fingers and bring them near my mouth
Smell your essence with subtle longing
I'll open my lips just a little bit to extend my tongue
So that through my fingertips flavored with your yearning
We can be introduced,
Like shaking hands for the first time.
I want to know you more and slowly taste all your desires.
I'll do this until just a thin film of your moisture is left on my skin.
Then swallow your fluid so that you become part of me and fuel my fervor
I'll take your tentative hands, bring them to me,
So you'll know me intimately.
I'll guide you to my inner longings
Make you understand the depth of my feelings
I'll flow with no rush, as if to say we have all the time
Let you pass by, even go back and forth if you like
Then when you're done,
I'll lift your hands so that I can kiss it
And be affirmed of how I feel for you.
Make me your lollipop candy,
Experience my sweet intentions and my firm convictions
I'll cup your face, kiss you deeply
Tongue you forcibly and delete your doubts
With each probe, I want you to trust me,
Let me go further
Until you submit.
Because I have long surrendered
To this force we are enslaved of


kimber p said...

oooohhhh myyyyyyyyyy. *fanning myself*..that is some white hot imagery there... :)

firewomyn said...

@kimber - haha :D i got inspired. thanks for dropping by. :)

kim said...

Okay, I need to find my girlfriend. NOW!

firewomyn said...

@kim - sorry if i published your comment just now. got busy. :) 'hope all is well.