Train Crush

I overslept this morning and was rushing to the train. Had to squeeze myself in and just stood the whole time of the ride. And from this, I discovered the joy of the train ride thru this pretty cool grrrl. :)

i'm soo digging the hair, the face with her beautiful profile and svelte figure. sigh. if only the ride would go on. from where she alighted, i figured she's a college student.

to pretty, cool grrl - please don't think i'm stalking you. you just stood out from the crowd and i wasn't able to help myself from staring (thru my phone) and had to capture that whimsical moment.

*click the pic for the full image*


Kim said...

omg u! stalker much... i think she's cool though!

firewomyn said...

yeah! soo agree with you! :)

Kim said...

she kinda looks like you. i think so.

Anonymous said...

umm, how do you do that? take the picture, in a crowded train? i wish i had your powers..hehehe -- twisted halo

firewomyn said...

@TwistedHalo - i guess i was just lucky at that time :)