Love Pole - an artistic experience

For those who missed the Love Pole show, I'm sharing the videos I took. Twas one great artistic experience, truly impressive and a first for me.

While I admit that it also inspired a gush of sexual emotions, their version of pole dancing is an elevated form for me based from the mediocre pole shows I've seen. Kudos to PoleCats! :)

Pardon the slightly blurred recording as my phone was lowbatt already when I started recording the show. Enjoy!

My top 3 performances:

1. PoleCats students

2. solo performance by Margaret - most lean (with ripped legs and abs to boot) performer. She's a star!

3. Girl vs Girl (GVG) - bravo!

The rest of the artistic pole dances:

Can't get enough of them?
Catch GirlVSGirl on www.facebook.com/girlvsgirl and www.facebook.com/polecatsmanila. Contact 0917-5356237 or call the Movement Dance Studio (Ortigas 9448075/4744283, and Makati 3926220) for details. They offer dance classes. I'm seriously considering it, maybe after I've toned down a bit. :)

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