In sickness and in health

I got sick last week. Had fears. Worried sick (redundant. Haha). Totally unnecessary, not helpful. Was exhausted and weak all over. Okay, it's just a freaking flu, but senseless worry and exaggerated drama made it feel carcinogenic. Overacting aside, supportive social system managed to take me out of that malady-rama.

Doctors have the power to hurt us and break our spirits. But we also have the innate weapon to counter that sans a medical degree. I dare call it faith. That mindset that things will be all right no matter how bad this doctor makes it sound or how awful our mind can magnify it as we grapple for our mortality.

I wonder why when we get sick, though physiological, the first thing it hits is our emotion. Our chests run amuck with anguish and negativity on the whys and how unfair life is of which no drug can ease.

Suddenly, the work we've been prioritizing for years where we mindlessly waste our bodies for doesn't seem that urgent or more important anymore. Wakeup call? More like waking from a bad case of hangover that will stick until ill. Ugh. Not good.

The best doctors I had last week were not in white coats but with true blue affection for me - my family, SO and my select friends. They didn't tire slapping me to logic and out of my over-top feeling of self-pity. Good thing was really week then thus didn't have the energy to slap back. Hehe. My turn will come when they too get sick. Huh! :D

Seriously though, I'm soo happy to finally be well. Well enough to at least write a few stuff. Tee hee. Thanks for all who wished me well. :)

Mor(t)al lessons:

1. Don't get sick when you have no one to pour your nonsense to.
2. Sickness starts with the mind, then the rest will follow.
3. To be weak is normal, to be sick - that's our fault


Anonymous said...

i agree to mor(t)al lesson #2, but sometimes when we push our body to the limit, it would break down. sabi nga, "the spirit is willing, but the body is weak."

hope you recovered fine :)

firewomyn said...

@Me - thank you! :) i;m now okay, but has been experiencing series of headaches. :(