gay and not over acting

how do i start with this. there's so many politically incorrect stuff in the piece below that made me realize, chauvinism still exists and are even allowed to speak and share their outdated thoughts in public. am torn if i should even bother correcting him (he's entitled to his sexist opinion anyway) or just dismissing him. but since he made this sexist remarks public, i think we should also make out thoughts public about it.

below are excerpts from the column piece in Inquirer this morning.

Transgenders who intrude
and junta generals who blink

By: Minyong OrdoƱez
Philippine Daily Inquirer
4:47 am | Sunday, April 22nd, 2012
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"...the intrusion of transgenders will bother me with a new criteria: the authenticity of the contestant’s sex organ." *excuse me, it's not intrusion. it's the freaking Ms Universe organization who announced they'd allow it.* 

"Together with many ordinary women, I am puzzled. Why can’t they leave a good thing alone? Why complicate our lives with one more puzzle to solve the insecurity and over-acting of gay people?" *sweeping statement and generalization/stereotyping*

"There are really no sex-related biases. Gays and transgenders in our society are a fact of life. I assume that men are the first sex, women the second sex, gays and lesbians the third sex. The androgynous are the possible fourth sex." *the only way you'd think of this hierarchy is when you believe in creation that God created man first, then women. obviously, gender equality is not part of his vocabulary*

"What most men like me presume, honor and expect in a Miss Universe contest is that all contestants have authentic child-bearing organs, such as a womb to produce ovum and breasts to lactate with baby’s milk." *please check the requirements. those were not listed in the contestant requirements. and news flash, women existence is more than, not just on giving kids.*

The womb is the ultimate physiological determinant of womanhood. The womb is the organ of femininity and maternal instinct. Without an ovum-producing organ, we have no woman to love, marry and have babies with. *poor first sexist you.*


Kumiko Mae said...

now reading the article. thanks for blogging about this

rz fortajada said...

So many uniformed and plainly bigoted people in the world. Nakakagalit.

Anonymous said...

t'was differently interesting!! :/ and this man is absolutely cerebrally challenged.



don ka sa planet of the IPIS!!


917.384.1669 said...

...and this minyong ordonez is half sexist, half chauvinist, and a whole bunch of nincompoop ass?!id love to slash his bleeping throat,if i dont find him already dead!

firewomyn said...

@Kumiko Mae - thanks for reading.

@RZ - hay, unfortunately. the more that lgbt activists should make some sensible noise and educate people.

@hoyden - chill! :) i hope we have heard the last of him

@917.384 - i love the visualization. very satisfying :)